Forever Being

Photo by: Connie Kroskin

The mists dispersed.

The sun broke through.

The memories rolled back

to scene upon scene

that I once knew

a long time ago,

life upon life upon life.


I walked down a long, dim hall

and the people within

moved slowly along.

Wrapped up in their own worlds,

no one gave me a thought

and the ages rolled slowly on.


Endless cycles passed,

all was hidden

in the folds of the Universe.


There is nothing new under the sky.

And the scene keeps changing

till the lessons I sought

Have at last been learned

And Soul moves on

To other, higher spheres.


There is no death.

All is life.

And we move on,

wrapped in the love of God.

We live forever,

you and I.

—Mandy Barton


Awakening to Your Past Lives

Who have you been? Where have you lived? Whom have you known? Try this spiritual exercise, and see if you discover clues.

“If you want to look at your past lives, the word to sing (or chant) for a few minutes at bedtime is Mana (say MAH-nah). This word attunes you with the Causal Plane, the region of past-life memories. . . . Then go to sleep as usual. Write down any dreams or insights you wake up with. Look for clues in your daily life too. Remembering past lives takes practice. But others do it, and so can you.”

Excerpt from ECKANKAR’s Spiritual Experiences Guidebook.

8 Responses to Forever Being

  1. Pushpanjali says:

    No doubt its a soul touching poem… Thanks alot

  2. Oye ojike says:

    Life is sound and light

  3. Anna Finch says:

    Lovely poem and exercise to try. Thank you.

  4. David says:

    In elementary school the teacher asked if we remember our past lives. Back in the day, this was like Copernicus overthrowing the Earth centered universe or Galileo talking about mountains on the moon. But it was a crucial question for me… Why didn’t I remember anything?
    Years passed and the knowing came. I began to realize a reoccuring dream hinted at two important pastlives that affect me today. Then I met a person from a pastlfe and we became instant friends. That person was still angry about the war we fought in but I had moved on to love.
    Now and then a hint of a past life in Atlantis. So how do we know what is a pastlife and what is just a wild imagination?
    Imagination is like the surface of a deeper reality. A past life brings a deeper understanding yet we must never assume a past life is more important than the present. Sometimes past life memories will be an aid and so we remember them. At other times we need to focus more on the present and we may remember little of the past.
    Our brains have no memory of the before lives but Soul can inform our mind of who we were through dreams and then more clearly we piece it together. God is the reality we know when we wake from our daily dreams. The purpose of any past life recall is to help us express the bond of eternal love between God and Soul that never ends.

  5. Cordelia says:

    What a beautiful way to end 2018 and move into 2019. Thank you so much Mahanta for making me step back to have a closer look at life.

  6. Barbara Buckner says:

    Beautiful poem! Thank you.

  7. Angela Thomas says:

    I am Soul.l am wrapped in the Love of God.This gives me confidence on the journey back home.

  8. Ann says:

    I remember doing this exercise and seeing few of my past life images. Once when I was about to go to sleep,I closed my eyes and a picture appeared in my inner screen. I later realised that it was my past life.
    For me,2 of my past lives had appeared to me as images. Undoubtedly,I had done wrong for which I was suffering in this lifetime. But I had learnt so many lessons in the process for which I am grateful.
    The best thing about seeing my past life was now am more responsible. I always check if my actions,thoughts and words are in alignment with Eck. If not,I try to change for the better.

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