Should I Give Her My Money?

Should I give Her My Money?In The Book of ECK Parables, Volume 3, Sri Harold Klemp tells the following story of an ECK initiate (member of Eckankar) who faces a dilemma after an unexpected request for her hard-earned money. In sharing this story, Sri Harold offers spiritual gold for all of us.


The Panhandler

By Harold Klemp

A young mother carrying a baby approached an ECK initiate in a parking lot. She had the typical sob story. “I don’t have any money,” the young mother said, “and my baby is sick. Would you give me some money for groceries?”

The ECKist worked hard as a waitress, and she didn’t have much money herself. But she gave the woman twenty dollars. The ECKist thought later that maybe she should’ve asked for an accounting of what would be done with the money; the young mother might have used it for alcohol or even drugs. Is this the right way to be an ECKist? she asked inwardly. She didn’t want to cement anyone else’s bad habits.

The ECKist spent quite a bit of time pondering this, thinking of all the different ways the woman might have lied to her. Then she had a realization. Her money, and all money, was of the ECK [the Holy Spirit]. How it was used by another person was that person’s responsibility. If she had it to give, and gave with a loving heart, that was what was important.

When the waitress went to work the next night, for some reason her customers were more than generous with their tips. She made back the twenty dollars she had given and much more.

All the things that we have in hand at this moment are from the ECK. But also from the ECK are many more things we cannot see which are just waiting for us if we have an open and grateful heart to receive them.


A Question to Contemplate

What have you learned about giving with a loving heart?

20 Responses to Should I Give Her My Money?


    I am humbled by the Master’s take and all the beautiful experiences shared here. For me, I receive, so I give. Many times, I have been hard up myself; but guess what! Chanting the HU and surrendering to the Mahanta or the Eck has brought miracles without fail. I observe that in such instaces, my exact needs at that time are met! Even as the Mahanta is always with his chelas, I believe he is too with all creatures. After learning that money is the least of spiritual gifts to another, I found the self declaration as a vehicle for the SUGMAD, the ECK and the MAHANTA before leaving the house each day very useful in preparation for giving some form of love to others – all life – that I may encounter. I regard this (giving what I can) to be one of the simple ways to be a co worker with the Mahanta and ultimately the SUGMAD.

  2. Jackie Allen says:

    I have a similar story. I’d had a very busy year at my work where I am self-employed. Surprisingly I realized that as I was busy with my work load, several people had defaulted on their accounts, to the tune of several thousand dollars. That is a lot for my small business. When I attempted to collect I was met with resistance and even anger. I thought about all this and asked myself, Do you want to be angry about this? Do you want to consider fighting these folks in small claims court? Instead, I attempted to collect and I made sure they had the info they needed to pay the bills. Then I let it go, saying to myself: I’m sure the ECK will balance out all in the end. Now, because of this wonderful story, I have something else to add to my thoughts: “Everything I am blessed to have is from the ECK. What difference does it make to me how the divine source uses it: to me, away from me, to others.” A wonderful lesson indeed about all the opportunities money or its loss can present, and how we can learn detachment and grace instead.

  3. Tony Dimegwu says:

    There is another idea in giving that is revealed in this story.The thing you are giving out has been placed in your hands for that purpose of helping somebody at that moment. If we can accept really that what we have actually has been deposited with us by the divine spirit for Its purposes we will not have problems giving. The moral of this story for all I care is for us to see the necessity for co-working with God and not to allow unnecessary considerations to hinder us. I am thankful that the spirit gives me opportunity to see avenues I could be useful to it even as in commenting on this story. May the blessings be.

  4. Okome evelyne says:

    J’ai l’habitude de le faire, cela me fait un bien fou, de servir le Eck ainsi, comme toujours.
    Merci, mahanta.

  5. James I. Aguwa says:

    The lesson here is to have compassion and give out when Divine Spirit prompts us to give. No need of consideration for the way of using it by the receiver. Just give in the name of the ECK, the Mahanta and the Sugmad without thinking of reward. A giver is always happier than a receiver.

  6. Anna says:

    Thank you for this blog post. I often have this dilemma to give or not to give. It is up to the individual we give to what they will do with the money- but we are choosing to give in this act of love- so I should stop worrying about what they will do with it- and surrender and know it all works out some way or another or balances out in the end.

  7. Justice essel says:

    My name is justice essel, from tema eck center,

    I am much happy about the topic i read and i enjoy the comments my brothers and sister share here,

    I have lean a lot from all the comments share here,
    I wish people could keep on share their mind all the time here and teach us more here, is a wonderful website been created, i know this life time is all about giving,

    I once meet a man who ask me money but i give the man very small because the man didn’t ask me the amount he needed, but after the man left i state thinking about the money i give him, just because i know what i give him can’t help him to buy a food once he ask me to give him money for food, in fat i have think about it till today, because i was having enough at that time which i can give him more then what i give him for his food, so later i came to think that next time if someone ask me money or anything at all i will look at what i should give to help the person buy what he or she wont to buy if only i have enough to give,

    May the blessed be.

  8. Lucille says:

    I always give from the heart, and never expect anything in return, because of all the love i receive from the Mahanta i have

    learn to give with a loving heart weather its money or just a listening ear. LOVE IN AND LOVE OUT. Thank You Mahanta such

    a wonderful story.


    We really do not own anything in this world. We are just custodians of the things we think we own. We are to learn about giving and receiving. Thank you MAHANTA.

  10. Oppong says:

    This story has a lot of lessons to ponder. The lesson learned here is that we have to give wholeheartedly without ever thinking of reward or what the recipient is going to use it for. The key note here is that abundance grace flourishes in a graceful heart. And with true surrender, we act as channels for Eck in every circumstances.
    May The Blessings Be.

  11. Chukwuemeka Ozukwe says:

    This is so comforting and straight to the point. Give with an open/loving heart and the responsibility lies with the receipt how it is spent.

    Thank you always Wah Z

  12. David says:

    There are few times when I have given money to others because I believe people need to take responsibility for their finances as I had done when in very difficult financial situations. In one case I was asked for $20 at Disney Land to a guy who said he needed it for his car. He may have used it to get admission to Disney Land instead but how was I to know? I felt generous (because I attended an ECK Seminar). I realized that some people gain karma from expecting other people to pay their way and sometimes because they are in a difficult situation so I gave up concern for it. If they have a habit of expecting other people to pay their way, there will be karma for it. If they really were stuck, then it is a blessing. It is really between the Mahanta and the one asking for money. Are they unknowingly creating more karma or receiving a spiritual gift?

    Another time a person did reap immediate karma after asking for money. Reluctantly I gave him a few bucks because of his insistence and because I wasn’t sure if he might be an ECK Master come to test me. Right afterward, a security officer asked what the guy wanted so I told him. The security officer immediately radioed ahead to someone else to apprehend him and that answered my concern as to whether he might be an ECK Master. Life in ECK is certainly interesting but we do get our answers.

  13. Josue Rubi says:

    What I have learned about giving with a loving heart? For me is the essence of my life, the sense of my existence. As a channel of love, everyday I’m receiving that wonderful God’s love, experiences and understanding, no matter what I will be giving without expecting a return. May the blessings be

  14. Fred Udeh Okum says:

    Give if you want to give and whatever happens thereafter is no longer your business. May the blessings be.

  15. Kinikanwo D. Wachukwu says:

    I had an experience similar to that, in work place a colleague asked for a lunch and I gave him the money meant for my lunch. I went to another eatery got food on credit before I`m done someone said don`t bother, I paid for you. When an act of love is done with an open heart the reward is enormous. Give what you can give and surrender to ECK is the best way of giving.

  16. Janice Ortiz says:

    Thank you so much for this Loving Story, I think it helps clear up a lot of misconceptions of the mind✨

  17. Tony says:

    Nice however is God all Love, or is there something Evil in his Nature.

  18. Shiva says:

    Thank you very much MAHANTA; this is the best birthday gift for me. Today I got very important message and learned a lot by this story.
    Be the blessing be.

  19. Carol says:

    This is a timely topic; I appreciate the general guidance provided. Ann’s comment is also thoughtful and helpful. Giving when and what I can makes me feel connected to life in this world in a positive way. Having received some needed assistance in recent years, I try to manage the gifts as responsibly as possible. How the givers consider their gift ultimately rebounds back to them, spiritually. In the very best way, gifts received have helped me continue growing on this wonderful spiritual path. As I grow, I share in a loving circle of giving and receiving God’s blessings.

  20. Ann says:

    I think giving with a loving heart means we give what we can to others considering them as fellow Souls. Often those who give fall into this trap of thinking they are bigger than those who recieve things from them.
    Helping others is very important just like the waitress in the story but it is also very important to understand that we are serving Eck, not uplifting humanity. This requires melting all the ego within us.
    Also when we give, we should expect nothing in return, not even happiness. Because that makes the love selfish. When we give, all we should think, see and do is to be a pure channel for God’s Love. Never should it cross our mind what we might get out of doing this. Because that in itself is a trap too.
    I am grateful to have understood this being an Eckist.
    I have noticed I am now more giving to people because I see that real happiness lies in giving and sharing love with all, enemies and betrayers included.
    Nowadays, even when some people hurt me, I make sure I give love to them in the inner. Love is the answer.
    I look forward to being a channel for Eck at my work place, home and community.
    Love to all.

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