ECKANKAR: Inner Guidance—Listening to Your Intuition Can Help Others

This clip—and the transcript below—is from Harold Klemp’s 1994 talk “Just Keep Moving Ahead.”


Often people are afraid to follow their inner guidance. It sounds like such a foolish thing to do, especially if they have to face other people and explain why they are doing what they are doing.

One of the very strong pressures in a seeker’s life is the social consciousness: What will people think? What will people say?

The social consciousness is so strong that it keeps people in religions that they have outgrown years ago. But they’re afraid to leave because they worry about what the neighbors will say. It is a very strong force that the negative power uses to keep people in line.

It keeps them trapped in their present life, in their state of futility, in their state of hopelessness and unhappiness. Most people do not have the spiritual strength to muster the courage to take a step away from the crowd.

Most of you just didn’t fit in with the groups you were in before ECK. You said, “There has to be more to life than what I have now.”

These forces in life—pain, unhappiness, joys—were the motivating factors, and you came to ECK. The Mahanta or the ECK used these factors to bring you to your next step.

People come to ECK and stay here for a while. And after a while they may have gotten as much as they can take in this lifetime. Perhaps they just came for an introductory tour. So after a few years, they may say, “I’ve gotten as much from the path of ECK as I can. I want to go back to my other religion.” Or they follow some other teaching for a while.

It’s perfectly all right with me. If someone is ready for ECK, they’ll want to be in Eckankar.

If they feel that it’s not right for them, it means that their inner direction is showing them a need to move somewhere else. It’s telling them to go to some other teaching to fill in their spiritual understanding.

Once they’ve plugged the holes and filled in the potholes in their pathway to God, they’ll come back to the path of ECK.

7 Responses to ECKANKAR: Inner Guidance—Listening to Your Intuition Can Help Others

  1. Lucie Payette says:

    Social consciousness can be very insidious. I moved to a home for retired people. Wealthier people than me. And much older. Eveybody very well dressed. In order to be accepted I started to buy new clothes and jewelry that I would never use being in my house alone or with friends. It was interesting at first since I never had much clothes to put on and why not looking better for once. Nothing wrong with this. This was taking place mainly in the dining room for supper time. Recently a very rich woman took an appartement in the Residence. Covered with gold jewellery and well dressed she looked at me and talked with me because I was wearing jewellry that she liked. I thought I had made a friend. How wrong was I. Now this talk from Sri Harold points to a very important issue. How well are we prepared to leave the social consciousness and to what extend should we do it? I can now see my own foolishness and said to myself yesterday “Well, I will dress like I please.” And for the woman who see only the material gold, I prefered the Spiritual Gold that is showered to me every day by the ECK and the love of other resiodent who have the golden heart.

  2. Mary Stout says:

    More than anything else in my life, I hate being confused about what to say or do or think. I always thought it was due to others trying to control me. But after reading this transcript I think I sense another angle that I missed in my life. I’m thinking maybe there is a spiritual lesson for me in my confusion and constant need to be all things to all people. I think maybe the Mahanta is saying for me to acknowledge and trust my inner guidance, because I’m aware of it just beyond consciousness, but ignore it for fear of displeasing others. Funny how I came across this just as I needed it. But that happens a lot in Eckankar. Thank you.

  3. Karen says:

    Everything that Tony expressed is my opinion as well. Thank you so very much for sharing.

  4. Tony Dimegwu says:

    Nothing to add. Eckankar is like a very beautiful product. It sells without hassles. The outstanding simplicity of the teachings coupled with an unprecedented sincerity of the Master himself are its winning characteristics. How can you beat a teaching that does not condemn the other teachings but rather accepts all as coming from the same source, God? I am excited.

  5. Dimče says:

    Sri Harold makes a salient point. After becoming ECKists, we tend to want to think that we’re “above the social consciousness,” but even a simple thing, like a change of hairstyle for example, will bring a response from well meaning friends, and the hidden message is… don’t change.
    My own family are not ECKists (outwardly), and my most important lessons have been with and through them. Perhaps most importantly, the Law of Silence.

    • Peter ilunga says:

      Vraiment ceci me fais plaisir en tout je n’ai jamais vue une religion qui enseigne la liberté spirituelle a par l’eckankar, le chemin d’amour merci Mahanta d’avoir me donner du courage d’aimer ma voie

  6. Anna says:

    Thank you- I love this path- the path of spiritual freedom- it is our choice to be on this path or another path. I love how we recognize we have choices! A lot of folks don’t realize that. It is a great gift.

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