HU, a Frog, and a Precious Stone

By Harold Klemp

“The Jade Master” is a story in a book by Ed Seykota called The Trader’s Window. It’s about a young man who didn’t know what to do with his life.

He had heard about a man known as the jade master who lived about five miles away. One day the young man said to himself, Even though it’s winter, I’m going to visit the jade master and learn all about jade.

So he walks five miles through the snow and bitter cold. Finally he comes to the jade master’s house and knocks on the door. An old man with a broom in his hand opens it. “Yes? What can I do for you?”

The young man says, “I’ve come to learn about jade. Would you take me as your student?”

“Sure,” the old man says. “Come on in.”

Inside the house the jade master makes the young man a cup of green tea, then presses a green stone into his hand. “Hold that while we talk,” he says. And as they sip their tea on this cold winter day, the old man begins telling a story about a green tree frog.

The young man becomes very impatient. He doesn’t want to hear about tree frogs. “Excuse me,” he says, “I came here to learn about jade.”

“Oh, excuse me,” the old man says. “Why don’t you come back next week?”

Puzzled, the young man heads for home. The following week he trudges all the way back through five miles of cold snow. The old man opens the door and lets him in. He makes the hot tea, presses this green stone into the student’s hand, and again begins to talk about a green tree frog.

This time the young man is able to listen a little bit longer. Finally he says, “Excuse me, but I came here to learn about jade.” He thinks the old man is going senile on him.

“Oh, excuse me,” the jade master says. “Maybe you’d better just go home now and come back next week.”

This went on all winter long, and each time the young man returned, he would interrupt the jade master less and less. In the meantime, he learned a few things. He now knew how to make green tea and how to sweep the kitchen floor with the broom. As he and the old man became friends, he began to make himself useful and help with the things that needed to be done.

As always, the old man would sit down and start talking about the green tree frog. The young man just listened now, never interrupting until the old man got tired. Then he would trudge home through five miles of snow and come back the following week.

One day he arrived for his weekly visit. It was spring now, much easier to make the five-mile walk. The jade master opened the door and told him to come in. As the student sat down, the old man pressed the green stone into his hand and gave him a cup of green tea. Again he began to tell the story of the green tree frog.

“Wait a minute,” the young man said. “This isn’t jade.” Suddenly he knew that the green stone in his hand wasn’t jade.

Priceless Gem

Maybe I shouldn’t explain it. Maybe I shouldn’t say that the green stone is truth. Maybe the stories I tell you have no more to do with anything than the old man’s story about the green tree frog. Yet what is it that I put in your hand? The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, the word HU.

What you need to realize is that HU is a priceless gem, the most beautiful of prayers, a love song to God.

And how do you do it? You just sing HU every day. Just as the jade master pressed this green stone into the young man’s hand, the Mahanta, the Inner Master, presses the spiritual exercise with the word HU to your heart every day. But you have to take it to heart, and then go about your business.

Go about your daily life. Drink the green tea, listen to people tell their stories about the green tree frog. And wherever you are, do the things that are necessary: bring in the wood, bring home the groceries, sweep the floor. Do these things, and someday you will find that you have the secret of truth in your hand, but better: you will have the secret of truth in your heart.

I tell stories like “The Jade Master” because you can take the principle home with you. It will come back to you over the weeks, I guarantee it, and probably when you least expect it. Someone at work will tell you to do this or that, and you’ll find yourself trying to do it gracefully.

At the same time, if you remember to sing HU, you will realize that you have that precious gem in your hand that can show you truth and help you realize God.

This is all I have to give you, but I can’t do it for you. I can only press this in your hand and upon your heart.

Excerpt from How the Inner Master Works, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 12.


For Your Contemplation 

Imagine the Mahanta has invited you over for tea and to sing this song of HU with him—just you and the Master.

14 Responses to HU, a Frog, and a Precious Stone

  1. Soryatthe MAGNONGUI says:

    Merci MAHANTA pour tout ton Amour.
    Cette histoire vient juste à pic dans ma vie.
    A wake up call from you Wah Z.
    Thank you very much Wah Z

  2. Passion MATONDO says:

    Merci wah-z, pour le jade et le Hu.

  3. Chijioke Nwazuoke Ukwuoma says:

    As beautiful as its incomparable works, Mahanta has taught me that, HU can also be used as soap to wash inner bodies when one feels he is not making any progress, suffer any form of ill-health or any spiritual related problems. HU is just all there is, for Lovers of the Sugmad, the ECK, the Mahanta. May the Blessings Be!!!

  4. Haggai says:

    Thank you Wah Z for this beautiful story. HU is such a priceless Gem that we use to explore our universe.

  5. Rama Suryam says:

    Eck spiritual exercises and Hu never interfears with your daily life because this precious hem you are holding it in your heart with patience.
    Thank you for the enlightened storrie.

  6. James Mary says:

    This was one of the most beautiful, poignant stories I have ever read. It’s wisdom is beyond all measure.

  7. Richard Okagbare says:

    As a young officer in my country’s road safety agency about three decades ago, I read a piece of writing about the difference between a routine and a habit in road safety matters by an enlightened soul (not an Eckist). This Soul explained that routine road safety checks by road users are random, fleeting, robotic or mechanical and lacks feeling or depth whereas habitual road safety checks by road users carry a lot of vibes, give attention to details and gets you involved. Using the example of basic car safety checks: water/oil/fuel/tyre and belt, this Soul expressed the belief that routine checks, being mechanical and devoid of feeling, miss out on details and often fail to alert the road user to hidden dangers. On the other hand, habitual checks while seemingly time consuming and tedious, teaches patience, and throws up hitherto unseen defects that can save lives.
    Looking back, I wonder whether this enlightened soul read the story of the Jade master then. The Mahanta gave us a simple but priceless gift, HU. It’s simplicity tempts routine but huge benefits lie in making it a habit. Thank you, dear Mahanta.

  8. Games says:

    Thanks Wah Z. I am more a new comer in Eckankar. I try singing the HU song in the mornings and believe me i feel much in control of each day having sang the HU song. I am beginning to consider it as one of the best gifts to humanity. I hope to do this daily. May the Blessing be.

  9. Tony Dimegwu says:

    We all have our own problems. We may take the teachings of the Eck sometimes for granted because of its simplicity. I have learnt that not even a comma of the Eck is out of place. Every word of the Mahanta has weight, meaning.

  10. charles says:

    Thank Wah Z for this story. It reminds me the power of HU, of Mahanta and of spiritual exercises.

  11. John Ebadan says:

    Thank you Mahanta, this story is a lesson on how to work with the outer and inner master, very inspiring to new comers and old timers alike, in Eck. After all it will and has taken us creatures thousands and millions of life times to fiend our true guide to guide us back to our creator. And when we do find the Mahanta our true guide we still need a whole lot of patience to understand his message of walking with him the outer master and his inner self, the inner master.

  12. Teena Oarue-Itseuwa says:

    I learnt to listen more to the inner Master, be patient and learn the lessons that come with singing the HU on a daily basis. I get better with every experience. Patience is a great virtue on the path to God.

  13. Richard A Dillon says:

    I love the story of the jade master. I have been an Eckest for many years on an off like the young man. I became an initiate about 30 years ago but then left after two years. I was at my second year where I was supposed to get my new word, I could not hear what the word was so I asked again what it was still no word came to me. I don’t know what happened I just quit, It hurt and felt like I was not accepted. Now lately I have been getting the Eck blog and it feels right. The Jade Master really rang a bell for me, it has reminded me that I really do need to slow down and listen and to do more contemplation. I need to talk more to the Mahanta and listen to what He says. I need to quit fighting my instincts and just be with Him. Thank you for this truth, may the blessing be.

  14. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks you so very much Wah Z for this story.
    What an incredible to story that teaches so much about the need to cultivate patience and to experience the magnificence of The Word HU.
    Truth be told, HU is indeed greater than anything i’ve ever tried.
    It is the ”green stone” pressed into our heart.
    Why not give it a try today and tomorrow and maybe the next day and the next day and keep doing it.
    Its not a weapon or a magical word but simply a tool to bring us a lot more closer to GOD.
    I have my own personal stories. maybe, some other time. Keep reading

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