It Has Changed My Life

It Has Changed my LifeBy Jody, Saskatchewan, Canada

I’m so grateful for the Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat, Book One. It gives all who read it and try the spiritual exercises a unique opportunity to move ahead spiritually.

I believe the reason it is so powerful and effective is that most of the exercises have three parts: a quote from the holy book—The Shariyat; the actual spiritual exercise—each one unique; and guidance on what to look for in your outer life—changes being made by the ECK, the Holy Spirit.

Practicing the exercises, a person might gain an insight into a problem, receive divine protection, feel more relaxed with the flow of life, see the coincidences and divine timing happening all around, or experience the ECK-Vidya in the form of Golden-tongued Wisdom or a waking dream. The list of possibilities goes on.

For me personally, the wonder of this book is found on page 61, in a single sentence that has changed my life and brought me into a closer relationship with God. It states simply, “Each time you think of the Mahanta, Soul is in touch with God.”

This is the reason I came on the path of ECK in the first place!

Spiritual Exercises for The Shariyat, Book One is available at and at your favorite online booksellers.

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