Simplicity of Love


Simplicity of Love


something touched so deep

that it redeemed the good in me and

let the good in others shine.



the opener of hearts healed the heart and

spoke of greatness in small things.



a tide of kindness came in and

filled me with ease.



forgiveness lifted me out of myself,

refreshing in the simplicity of its love.

Charles Cavanaugh


Next Steps

How can you have an open heart that constantly experiences the simplicity of love?


The Open Heart

By Harold Klemp

In this spiritual exercise, you practice keeping an open heart throughout everyday life. It’s very tough; I have to work at it all the time too.

No one technique will work for everyone, but there are ways to keep your attention on having an open heart. Start with something you can love, even a pet or a plant, and just love it a lot. As the love comes, let it pour through you.

The habit of love is catching: it builds, gains momentum, and becomes easier. But like a plant that needs watering and loving care every day, the habit of love takes constant attention.

Love won’t come through unless the heart is open. To work with an open heart is to love or care for something or someone more than you do for yourself. This is the first step to the divine love that we are looking for.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, where more than 130 spiritual exercises like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.

13 Responses to Simplicity of Love

  1. Omokri Eseoghene says:

    The Spiritual Execise- An Open Heart Helps One To See The Face Of God In Everything / Every Creation,& Understand That Every Moment Count.

  2. Enajite Orode says:

    I love this Spiritual Exercise of ECK. Keeping my heart open to Divine Love is a practice I always love to do and will continue working at it for daily improvement. Thank you, Sri Harold, for your continuous love, guidance and protection.
    I Love You!

  3. Sheila Dixon says:

    Thank you Charles Cavanagh, for your touching words. Indeed, the simplicity of love. I have a blue glass heart like the one in the photo so now it has a new association! Each time I see it I will think of this delicate lovely poem, our hearts open to the Love of the Mahanta with the blessings, some joyous and some difficult, as our path opens before us.

  4. Anna Finch says:

    Lovely! Gratitude helps open my heart- being grateful for loved ones, this life, time to learn and give service.

  5. Mary Ann Boe says:

    Thank you, Sri Harold. Yes it is sometimes tough to keep an open heart, my ego can shut the door to love’s flow. Here is a little prayer that helps me:

    “Make of me a pure heart, Oh Lord;
    Your will and mine in one accord.”

  6. Ameerat says:

    This week I’ve been singing Children of the Light and Sound and it’s first line ‘Please teach my heart how to stay open…’ is something I’ve been repeating. Thanks so much for this. ….start with one thing and just love it a lot. MTBB

  7. Peter E Akpokodje says:

    Right now in my country, there is the need to care for something or someone more one does oneself.

    A lovely poem.

  8. Carol says:

    Enjoying the birds and squirrels we feed daily is always heart opening. Seeing small children with their parents when I’m out and about is also a great heart opener. This morning I witnessed folks carrying in what appeared to be food goodies to a fire station that I was parked close to. I could tell this was a special event for these people, and I caught some of their happiness. These sorts of experiences help me keep my heart open in a complex and sped up world. Lately, I’ve developed a practice of looking at the Master’s photo when I lunch in my car. I call it “Lunch with Harold.” I also read a small passage from one of the ECK books I keep in my car. Ever grateful for all the wonderful ECK tools on this path.

  9. lisa chater says:

    Beautiful poem, and spiritual exercise for opening the heart.

  10. Debbie Joy says:

    Thank you for the loving reminder, that having an open heart, experiencing love, is an active, conscious choice. It is not to sit passively hoping love will come one day. “But like a plant that needs watering and loving care every day, the habit of love takes constant attention.”

  11. Dimče says:

    “To work with an open heart is to love or care for something or someone more than you do for yourself.”

    In a nutshell the secret of the ages. Whereas the negative force tries to keep the attention on our own discontent, turning the energy inward, love keeps us open and clean as ‘conduits’ for the ECK. More than enough love for all, something always remains for us as Soul, some small beautiful gift. Thank you for the lovely poem, Charles. Hi from Australia.

  12. Moses Nduekhe says:

    What needs to be understood by all in doing this spiritual exercise is that the HEART never lies.

  13. Nyero Dedekuma says:

    Upon practice, an open heart brings me so much joy. It puts a smile on my face randomly, and it makes me feel weightless (without burden).
    Thank you.

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