A Great Love for God

A Great Love for GodAs a student of Eckankar, you receive a yearlong study course written by the spiritual leader of Eckankar for your personal study. Each month you read one of the discourses to delve more deeply into aspects of the ECK teachings.

The discourses contain spiritual exercises and reflective activities that inspire you to contemplate on a topic. Answers to your questions may come through a dream, in written or spoken words, or from people and events in your daily life. Sri Harold writes in the article below about what happened after an ECKist contemplated on a question about love.


By Harold Klemp

An ECKist was reading her monthly discourses one evening. At the end I had written, “In contemplation, ask the Mahanta, ‘What does “a great love for God” mean?’ Then watch for the answer. It will come in either your outer life or your dreams, or both.”

When the ECKist woke up the next morning, her dreams made no sense whatsoever. She tried to piece them together without success.

Her seven-year-old daughter was leaving for school just then. As she leaned down to kiss her daughter, she shut her eyes, thinking of the great love she had in her life. Her family and her two daughters were a great blessing to her.

In that moment, the little girl looked up and said, “Open your eyes, Mommy.”

So the mother kissed her daughter with her eyes open, and they both laughed. In the next second the little girl ran out the door to school, and it hit the mother that she had gotten the answer to her question of the night before.

A great love for God means keeping your eyes open. The answer didn’t come in the dream state; it came from her daughter. It was: Keep your eyes open, and see the love of God that is all around you.

Look for the love of God in your everyday life.

Find joy in the little things, places other people would never stoop to look, but you do because you know this is where God has hidden the secret of love. Love is not in high positions, or riches, or having the esteem of many people, or being a great public figure.

God has hidden the secret of love in the lowly places. And too many people are too vain to stoop down to look for it.

They’re looking everywhere else—in the sky, in their wallets, in the electronics catalogs. But they can’t find love, they can’t find God, they can’t find anything. They haven’t bowed low enough to look for the love where God has put it. Love and awareness are in the most humble places. Look there.

Excerpt from What Is Spiritual Freedom? Mahanta Transcripts, Book 11.


For Your Contemplation 

Contemplate on the answer the ECKist received: “Keep your eyes open, and see the love of God that is all around you.”

6 Responses to A Great Love for God

  1. Beatrice May says:

    May the blessings be

    There is so much love to feel and see

  2. Bi V.N says:

    Thank you so much Mahanta for this article.
    Thanks also for the gift of this Blog and the joy and love we all share in the stories and experiences posted in it.
    Coming back to the contemplation seed, “Keep your eyes open, and see the love of God that is all around you.”
    I have been helping a patient to come out of depression inflicted by her state of health lately. The depression has been gradually taking away all her love for everything, and this was expressed in her looks and the choice of words she uses at any given time on people, sometimes reproaching and insulting.
    When I first met her, she looked so demoralized, and to her life was soon ending, so why bother herself at all with anything?
    It was so difficult to convince her that all was not lost. I tried through different ways to introduce her to the HU Song, the most beautiful prayer, and couldn’t.
    Realizing she would not even take a closer look at the HU Card I’d earlier given her, I decided to let go. Then I had this awareness that HU is love. Why don’t I just give her love in anyway else rather than trying to displease her with the HU song card.
    I then started to do some volunteer services for her. This caught her attention. She started getting closer to me. It was time for me to open my eyes to see God’slove in action. Then I started using some of the ECK Principles to help her see God’s hand in everything we go through in life. She’s gained so much awareness on God’s love and blessings in disguise regarding her state of health. Now she’s able to see among many other things her old mother’s deep love for her, choosing to put up with her just for companion during this tough time. When at first she was seeing her as a burden.
    God’s love is all around us, if only we can stop blaming others for our predicaments and truly open our eyes, we would see .
    Thank you Mahanta for your love in using me as a channel for the ECK.
    May The Blessings be..

  3. Paul Finch says:

    Thank you Mahanta for reminding us to see. We are so conditioned by karma to focus only on the negative and emotionally dramatic and difficult that we take for granted and often don’t even register the positive, the beautiful, subtle, exquisite gifts of love strewn all around us.

  4. Geff. Popejoy says:

    Lovely, timely post. It is Experiencial. When you are open, with a pure heart, spirit (the Eck), will present astonishing forecasts – bracing you for a clearer path. That has been my truth on many occasions.

    • Addyf says:

      Thank you Harji , for this eye-opening story that also illustrates the Golden-tongued wisdom and the waking dream all in one, showcasing the encompassing love of God; if we have the awareness to hear, see, feel and know. There is so much in the offering.

  5. David says:

    Yesterday I had this same realization, to look at experiences all around me. It came by way of what someone online said.
    He went into a psychiatric institution because the rapidly of the pace of life was overwhelming. He then was overwhelmed by the people who responded to his post and supported him.
    I wondered how best to respond, to help him make the connection to the Mahanta. It took me a very long time to write a response.
    The response was to sing HU. Then look for the help available all around him as this would close the gap between his life and his dreams. Good character evolves out of these struggles.
    One of the most fascinating aspects of the spiritual teachngs of Eckankar is this marvelous connection to the Mahanta which proves that we can get the inner messages before reading about it here on the blog a day later. The connection to the Mahanta is more precious than life itself. The man felt unworthy and guilty of what he was putting other people through. My response was to say that as he gains from his struggle so does all of lfe. There is no need to feel unworthy or guilty. Just do your best. (As I will too.)

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