A Meeting with an ECK Master in Tibet

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Rebazar Tarzs. The torchbearer of Eckankar in the lower worlds; the spiritual teacher of many ECK Masters including Peddar Zaskq, or Paul Twitchell, to whom he handed the Rod of ECK Power in 1965; said to be over five hundred years old, Rebazar Tarzs lives in a hut in the Hindu Kush mountains and appears to many as he helps the present Living ECK Master in the works of Eckankar. He served as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

By Charles, California

An ECKist I knew had recently been to Tibet. He’d had such an amazing experience that he invited a few friends to return there with him. So I went to Tibet!

After we arrived in the country, whenever I interacted with Tibetans, I noticed they seemed to have a natural attitude of devotion and spirituality.

Our little group of friends hired tour guides, and they took us to visit temples. Not many tourists knew about a Tibetan Buddhist temple located in a large square area in the city of Lhasa. Only a few people milled around while my friends and I stood on its roof, admiring the 360-degree view of the surrounding Himalayas.

A Familiar Stranger

Still immersed in my mountain experience, I was surprised to hear a man’s deep baritone voice. I hadn’t noticed him standing next to me. “You look very cool,” he said.

His voice and comment were so friendly that I turned around to get a better look. He was about six feet tall, clean-shaven, and casually but impeccably dressed in native Tibetan clothing.

I immediately thanked him for his compliment. Then a thought popped into my mind: This stranger’s voice had sounded as if he somehow knew I looked different than usual. Before the trip I had made what for me was a bold decision—I would let my beard grow even if it showed some gray. This man seemed to be implying, “Oh, yeah. The new gray beard is cool.”

When I started chatting with him, the man asked, “Where are you from?”

“California,” I told him.

“Oh, California is a long way away. What brought you here?”

“I’ve always been curious about Tibet.”

During our short conversation, I noticed that although the man clearly looked to be Tibetan, he had no native accent and spoke English perfectly.

The man’s awareness, experience, and mastery of language didn’t make sense. His questions and friendly banter engaged me as he continued to ask questions about casual topics. We kept talking on the temple rooftop, in an easy exchange that didn’t leave space for me to ask probing questions about him. It felt as if we were in a little bubble, suspended in a moment of time. No one approached or interrupted us, even though one of the people in my traveling group was nearby.

A Strange Reluctance to Leave

From the bottom of the temple staircase, one of our tour guides finally called, “Charles, we need to go.”

I felt disappointed at leaving because I was having such an interesting conversation with this guy. And I still wanted to ask him, “What do you do? How is it you have no Tibetan accent?” I wanted to ask if he had a business card. Does he lead tours, I wondered. But I left the roof with my questions unanswered and trudged down the temple stairs to street level.

As my tour group and I walked away, I suddenly thought, I feel really lit, really good. Then I recalled that I’d started feeling lit up as soon as that guy on the temple roof had said, “You look very cool.”

An awareness opened for me that something unusual must have happened. What was it about this guy? I’d never had this kind of reaction to meeting a stranger.

During the entire rest of the time I visited Tibet, I wanted to see the stranger again. But returning to the temple didn’t feel like the right thing to do. It wouldn’t have been in keeping with the natural flow of the rooftop experience.

Who Was That Man?

Shortly after returning from my amazing Tibetan adventure, it was time to facilitate the book discussion of Autobiography of a Modern Prophet by Sri Harold Klemp. Sri Harold’s autobiography shows it’s possible to achieve God-Realization in a Western, modern culture. I find his journey accessible and relatable to me or to anyone seriously interested in reaching full spiritual potential.

The chapter we were studying that month recounted a Soul Travel experience with Rebazar Tarzs when Sri Harold was a Second Initiate. He described his encounter by saying, “Rebazar was clean-shaven. So I did not recognize him until he spoke, for there is no way to mistake his crisp baritone voice once you hear it.”

Stories in other parts of the book tell of Sri Harold’s additional experiences with Rebazar Tarzs. He’d described the ECK Master’s appearance as “almost six feet in height” and said, “his beard is as thick as black wool and neatly trimmed.” He called him “a striking figure” with coal-black hair and eyes. At an inner-world temple he wore a maroon robe but dressed in ordinary clothing when in public, so as not to draw undue attention to himself.

To be honest, a part of me wanted to doubt that I could have met an ECK Master. What had I done to deserve such an encounter? However, with Sri Harold’s description fresh in my mind, the full realization came through. Oh my God, that was Rebazar. OK, I had a beautiful experience with the famed Tibetan ECK Master.

Now I recalled that not only had the stranger spoken with perfect English diction and no accent, but he’d had an unusually resonant and assured baritone voice. The man’s manner was so easy and engaging that his unique voice hadn’t registered with me. I’d never heard one quite like it before—and haven’t since. I felt grateful Sri Harold had included the crucial detail about Rebazar’s voice in his book. Then I thought, If I’d known I was meeting Rebazar Tarzs, I probably would not have left Tibet until he told me to go.

I’ve always felt that reading spiritual biographies is a powerful vehicle to inspire your own spiritual growth. Autobiography of a Modern Prophet enabled me to realize that I, too, had been blessed in this world, in this lifetime, with a visit from an ECK Master.

The e-book edition of Autobiography of a Modern Prophet won the “American Book Fest 2017 Best Book Awards” for New Age: Non-Fiction. It was selected by a distinguished panel of industry judges from 2,000 entries. The book is also a Bronze winner in the “2018 eLit Book Awards” for Autobiography/Memoir—one of the categories that received the year’s most entries.

Autobiography of a Modern Prophet (print edition) is now available at a special discount of $9.95 exclusively at the Eckankar Online Bookstore.

14 Responses to A Meeting with an ECK Master in Tibet

  1. Richard Okagbare says:

    Chills, tears and a plunge into spiritual wakefulness and longing for deeper spiritual experiences as I became acutely aware of the Sound around me while reading your account and the responses. To confess, I have met perfect strangers whose brief contact brought illumination before I became an Eckist. Sadly, I can’t recall who they are. As an Eckist, I have had really amazing visits from persons I believe are Spiritual Masters at very critical moments of ill health. One actually gave me some pills in the dream state which I took! I have no doubts that my seemingly miraculous recovery (according to the doctors) afterwards and continuous well being was due to their benevolence. Thank you, dear Charles and all respondees, for sharing.

  2. Jim Perry says:

    I have always felt an affinity with Rebazar Tarz. The night before this article was posted, I dreamed about growing a beard, which at my age would certainly have streaks of gray. I wondered, what was that all about? Then I read you article about meeting Rebar Tarz —without the beard. With or without our beards, cool, very cool.

  3. Paul Finch says:

    Thank you for sharing. We know the ECK Masters are here helping us to become Co-workers with God. This reminds us to be aware of the out of the ordinary or unusual but subtle experiences we have with others who come into our lives, often briefly.

  4. Lucie Payette says:

    Is it imagination or fantasy? In this new Golden years of Eckankar, I have noticed that my spiritual journeys are more vivid than before. The Light has expanded my imagination to a new level. A few days ago, during a contemplation, I visited the Temple of Gare Hira and was welcomed by the Master Yaubl Sacabi. We sat casually on a blue sofa. we spoke about my desire to grow spiritually. Through the wide windows of the living room, I could see the high mountains of the Indu Kush covered with snow. He showed me a little Golden Temple on one of the many peaks of the mountain and asked me if I wanted to go that high to get a new piece of wisdom, I said “Yes.” So I went there and got what I had asked for. It all seemed so easy that I thought: “I must have made this up.” Coming out of my contemplation, I perused through the images of Eckankar on internet and found the exact image of the welcoming room of the Temple. So it was very real, and I thank the Eck Masters for their love for Soul. And the Mahanta for guiding me there.

  5. Linda Walker says:

    Thank you Charles for sharing this beautiful encounter with an ECK Master. I love how you describe your mind’s reluctance to accept your interaction with Rebazar Tarz as an authentic meeting with an ECK Master. While reading your story, I was deeply touched by your experience. The divine love and peace you experienced, and feeling “lit,” while talking with Rebazar Tarz permeated my being. It also reinforced, for me, how doing a daily spiritual exercise is so important to keep the doorway open for spiritual experiences and insights. The mind is very useful and important in this physical world but is not our true source of love and wisdom.

  6. Laurence Cruz says:

    What a transportative story. I feel pretty lit just from reading it! Thank you for sharing it, Charles. MTBB

  7. Kate Finn says:

    Thank you so much for relating this fabulous experience with Rebazar! It gave me chills and tears, in gratitude for your sharing and love of Rebazar!

  8. Savannah A. Graham says:

    What a great blessing. Thanks for sharing.


    Is always very cool and fantastic when one have an encounter with an ECK MASTER. Is always a remarkable, joyous and sacred moment.

  10. Debbie says:

    You indeed are blessed to have met this extraordinary Being. He can split atoms apart and rebuild you just through his presence and Sound. The focus on his voice is not an accident. There is more there than meets the eye. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  11. David says:

    I met someone who I would describe as an ECK Master in my teen years. I still have no idea who this man was other than he was the bus driver for our group. And yes, there was a bubble visible around him that I could sense even though it wasn’t visible physically. Perhaps he is one of the unknown ECK Masters?
    Also met Pedar Zaskq before joining Eckankar and again I did not know who he was until I saw his photo on his book. Also met Wah Z in a dream once.
    Have also met ECK Masters in dreams but again, they are not ones that I see photos of and I don’t know who they are. Most puzzling. Regardless, it does prove they exist. They seem to be paradoxes to the mind, something that cannot exist and yet does exist. There must be a reason I’m learning about paradoxes. I would like to be more aware of the ECK Masters.

  12. lisa says:

    I love how you describe the experience as feeling like there was a bubble around the two of you as you spoke. Thanks for sharing your story.

  13. Jane says:

    Lovely story. Thanks for sharing.
    I too have met ECK Masters in the physical, and I too was unable to speak. The experiences gave me direction for my spiritual explorations.

  14. Anne says:

    Sometimes experiences in Eck feel like a fantasy and it feels that way because our minds just cannot make sense of what goes against it’s logic. It feels impractical to mind. But Soul Knows. Soul knows the truth of the experiences in Eck. That is why it is important to do all we can to stay connected to our true divine self all the time.

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