To Bring Joy and Wonder to Your Life

By Harold Klemp

Here’s a spiritual exercise to try if you want to experience the Light or Sound of God:

Shut your eyes and look into the Spiritual Eye. (It’s between your eyebrows, in the center of your forehead.) Sing HU, an ancient name for God, one of the most powerful words for spiritual upliftment.

As you sing HU, listen for a holy Sound. It may come in any number of ways: like the sound of a rumbling train, a singing bird, buzzing bees, a mellow flute, or even soothing guitars.

It brings joy and wonder.

The holy sounds are the creative action of the Life Force, the ECK, as It moves atoms in the invisible worlds. The Sound to reach your ears resonates with your state of consciousness.

While singing HU, imagine the holy Sound of God cascading over you, like a waterfall of sparkling pure waters. It is cleansing the blemishes of spirit.

The Sound opens a secret path to the joys of love and grace. You find peace, joy, and spiritual freedom.

From The Sound of Soul.

7 Responses to To Bring Joy and Wonder to Your Life

  1. Joy Queen says:

    I’m new to this and am exploring all spiritual avenues to enlightenment. As soon as I read this I did the exercise and almost instantaneously a chill ran down my body and I felt so much love. It was almost euphoric. Thank you so much for this easy exercise it was a beautiful experience I can repeat over and over! 🙂 🙏❤️

  2. Donald Goulet says:

    A vivid experience…

    As usualy, I got in bed, prepared my self for my nigthly spritual exercise, being So, I shut my eyes getting my attention on the inner spiritual eye and started to sing HU. Very sudenly (no time notion), I fond my self intensly vibrating trought all of my being, while being both aware of a immence deep space white circular disk, I was being it, as it was being the source of all (to make it short), while being So, and as soon as I started to be more and more aware of thy over all contexte, I began to simultaneoustly be aware of both the inner space white disk experience, and thy self that was sitting in my bed. As quickly as I was to analyse what I was going trought, the more swiftly I got back (aware of), in my physical form (body).

    Gratitude. Donald!

  3. Josue Rubi says:

    I really like being with the Eck. Just a minute ago, I was reading that wonderful exercise and the same time listening to the wonderful song, HU. I feel like it’s inside of me. May the blessings be

  4. David says:

    Do we identify only with the title of being an ECKist? Or do we identify with the understanding that accepting responsibility for our actions reveals our level of experience?

    In the past I have said that I never want to forget God and this is still true despite difficult challenges I had to go through. Once Soul glimpses God, even from far off, it is drawn towards God from that moment forth and forever more. We find that leaving attachment to who we were is a turning point to becoming more of who we are. Although we may misgivings about commitments to God from time to time, expectation becomes important in overcoming doubts. Doubts create roadblocks. Experience will teach us how to overcome those roadblocks.

    A quiet expectation of wanting to know God bears more fruit than being too critical of our commitment. The commitment will come when we are ready. Like a pot of soup that tastes better the longer it is simmered, every Soul will mature in God’s own time and way. Such are the blessings of God that we can always grow beyond our current understanding and doubts.

    All life wants us to be successful yet we must be patient and grow steadily, not missing the opportunities that are before us today. We let ourselves be drawn to God for what good could come from forcing Soul to grow faster than it is able to grow? In the end, we will find that we rebel not against God, but against the illusions we once held dear about ourselves and which are no longer true today.

  5. EzoleKangah says:

    HU a Love song to God. A sound with in the universe. HU a great sound.

  6. Moses Nduekhe says:

    The Sound of HU is the Sound of life itself.
    Its part of our being. Its everywhere around us. The Sound being with us 24/7 is an indication that GOD is with us always.
    I have been singing HU for the past 30 years plus. Every passing day feels like i am just stepping onto path of ECKANKAR.
    By the way HU is not the property of ECKANKAR. IT belongs to all. Anyone, irrespective of his path can sing HU and have experiences with GOD.
    You are all invited to sing HU today. You will be glad you did.

  7. Tammy Attama says:

    Singing HU over 15+ years has had tremendous transformative effects in myself and in my life. It has opened my eyes to the divine power within that we all hold and strengthened my connection with the ECK (Spirit). The HU has brought me an increased awareness, Divine Love, and a capacity to love and serve more. I am so grateful for this beautiful name for God and the gifts of love it has brought into my life that I share it every opportunity I receive. I would like everyone to have the opportunity to sing or hear the HU because I know, firsthand, the miracles it brings to light that are scattered like diamonds in our lives, waiting to be discovered, polished, and shared. If I could recommend one thing someone could do to change their life for the better, I would say, without a doubt, “Sing HU! You’ll never be the same!” and you won’t be. The Sound of Soul is HU! HUuuuuuu……..

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