What to Do When Friends Smoke, Gossip, or Push Their Beliefs on You

This clip—and the transcript below—is from Harold Klemp’s 2009 talk “The Secret Path to Heaven.”


Here’s a good one, the fourth and last question from one of our ECK youth: How do I enjoy the company of friends who do things which are against my personal code?

Now, these friends include a smoker, a gossip, and an atheist. Just like many ECKists, he has a real wide variety of friends. The quick and easy thing is to just get rid of them all! He can do that.

If you see somebody who has to settle for friends like this, you say, My gosh! What’s the matter with you?

No, I’m just joking. It shows that the ECK youth are out there and they’re willing to engage others who do not think exactly as they do. And believe me, there are a lot of people in the world who don’t think the way we do. It takes courage to go out there and find these people. But if you’re young, life goes on and you find that some of these friends fall by the wayside.

I had a lot of so-called friends. They’re years gone. I don’t think of them, and I’m sure they don’t think of me.

Well, the smoker. Smoking can have secondhand effects that are detrimental to health. Maybe you can ask, Hey, don’t smoke when we’re inside. Or if we’re outside, stand downwind of me if you would, if you’re a real friend. Then you find out.

So, the gossip. Gossip is poison. It’s just pure out-and-out poison. This is actually like a skunk walking around spraying things. And that’s like poison. I wouldn’t listen to gossip. I just wouldn’t listen to it, because it’ll pull you down. What kind of friends do we want?

And the atheist—that’s OK. Unless the atheist is going to argue all the time about Eckankar and how no God is better than your God. Things like this get old.

So when it comes to friends, you pay your nickel and take your chances. Do as you feel best. Listen to the Inner Master, and go from there.

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