How to Stay Grateful During Hard Times—Sing “HU”

This clip—and the transcript below—is from Harold Klemp’s 2009 talk “The Secret Path to Heaven.”


Question three is: What can stimulate us to be grateful for what we have when life is hard?

I would say simply, the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. It goes back to that time and again: Do the spiritual exercises. Sing HU.

We get so many letters from people around the world who tell of how singing HU or one of the other spiritualized, sacred words has helped them through danger, misunderstandings, illness, and all kinds of things.

People say it’s a wonderful thing, this word HU. And it is, very much so. So do your spiritual exercises. That’ll stimulate you to be more grateful for what you have when life is hard.

2 Responses to How to Stay Grateful During Hard Times—Sing “HU”

  1. Ameerat says:

    “…to be more grateful for what you have when life is hard.” Mtbb

  2. John Ebadan says:

    Thank you Mahanta for your loving care and wisdom, after all if our suffering is the price we pay for our miss did in the past, then we should accept it as our purifier, and by singing Hu and doing our spiritual exercises losing the burden.

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