Near Death but Not Nearly Dying

comfort, courage, Harold Klemp, SoulBy Linda Anderson, Minnesota

A woman we’ll call Cindy faced a life-threatening medical condition. After Cindy fell asleep in her hospital bed, the Mahanta, her spiritual guide, took her into another dimension to view what was really happening.

Cindy found herself in a Roman coliseum where gladiators fought each other. The sound of clashing blades and the sight of dust and blood convinced her that she was facing a battle for her life.

One night while she was still in the hospital, Cindy moved into a higher state of consciousness. The Mahanta took her to a meeting with several ECK Masters

One of the ECK Masters said to Cindy, “Your body’s very sick. And we’re looking at what your spiritual duties can be in the other worlds.”

He asked, “What is your goal in life?”

Cindy answered, “To serve God.”

The ECK Master said, “You’re ready to drop this body. You can go on into the other planes.”

Cindy thought about her life on earth. Her daughter was in her early twenties and would grieve over losing her mother. So Cindy said, “I would like to go back.”

The ECK Master told Cindy that she had earned the right of choice. She’d grown spiritually and was becoming a Co-worker with the Mahanta and at some point would become a Co-worker with God. Cindy had earned the right to choose where she wanted to serve God.

When she faced death, Cindy had a firsthand experience with the benefits of expanded awareness. She knew that her experiences were real.

Unlike most people who have near-death experiences, this ECKist knew where she was, who she was with, and that she had the freedom to make this important choice. She even knew the consequences. She’d only be dropping the physical body. As Soul she’d live on in the heavens to learn, serve, and love some more.

What a gift this awareness is!

Excerpted from 35 Golden Keys to Who You Are & Why You’re Here, by Linda Anderson.


Contemplation Seed

“When we leave the physical body permanently—if we are advanced to any degree at all—there need be no concern for this life on earth, for we have moved into a far greater expression of it. Our divine evolution is a wonderful thing. . . .

“There will be a lightness and spaciousness about the body that you wear there. Soul is once again wearing a body, but It is on a higher plane. It is so natural that generally you don’t give it a second thought. And you are always greeted by someone you know and love.”

Excerpt from ECK Wisdom on Life after Death, by Harold Klemp.


7 Responses to Near Death but Not Nearly Dying

  1. Verna Mryglod says:

    I was taken in a dream by an Eck Master to see my pet Freckles, she had translated and left a void in my life and sadness. When the Eck Master took me to her, she was walking along with another Eck Master. Her coat had changed to a white/crystal color but Soul recognized her. I called her name and she ran up to me and wrapped herself around my legs, rubbing her head and showing love. The Eck Master called her back to him and I left with the Eck Master that had taken me to her.

    So gentle and loving was this experience that I was lifted from mourning her absence to recognizing the gift of love that was given to me and opened my heart even more to the HU.

  2. Stephen Giacouzzi says:

    One way that I enjoy sharing the message of Eck with others is leaving a HU card with the tip at a restaurant. Another way is by offering a couple of dollars to a person asking for money at the stop sign or while walking past them, I also include a HU card and oftentimes an explanation of how to use the HU and what it is good for and how it can benefit them.

  3. Ameerat says:

    I wanted to read about life after death in the book “35 Golden Keys to Who You Are and Why You’re Here” more than a week ago but there was no time to, that day. I had had questions about life after death and now here is an answer in my palms. Thank you so much Wah Z. Thank you so much to everyone who helped put this here 😀
    May the blessings be.

  4. Peter J Santsaver says:

    I have had the priviledge of visiting the heavens. Each visit was to prove what I knew to be facts despite the teachings of my church. I have also been visited by Fubi Quantz and Gopal Das. whle I worked in Az. Sri Harold Klemp also came to see me as a form of assurance all was and will be well. I also met Paul T while he was on a trip to Boston. I was introduced by the friend that eventuall became RESA for Rhode Island. I also knew of Paul T as a contributor to Fate Mag. It took a trip to Chicago for me to find ECKANKAR via a PTA meeting. I have posted some of my travels on Facebook. One was publishe in the ECK Journal some time ago. Shamus I Tabriz cane to Escort My wife when she translated.

  5. David says:

    The art work is amazing.

  6. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    ECKANKAR is revolutionary and full of truths. This religion removes the veil on truths not known or hidden elsewhere. Your right to choose. Very few are aware of it, ignoring their true identities and/or their relation with God. This reflection is revealing, and leads to a profound transformation of oneself.

    This spot gives me, once again, the opportunity to retrospect the departure of a friend to me who kindly told me, among other things, that there is no need to worry about leaving the physical world, she was already welcomed by the Masters of Vairagi (the ECK Masters). At times, she returned for a while—as if she forgot—to point out some specific directives, including the management of her funeral. For instance, she recommended that one should not dwell too much on the body she was leaving, nor give much importance to it.

    Yes, Soul has the choice. One need to keep up the connection with God from now. The ECK Spiritual Exercises are very useful for realizing this right to know, the right of choice.

    I feel happy to be ECKist. Thanks Linda for sharing.

  7. Banji Akinrelere says:

    The blog is good for easy access of information on Eckankar.
    Thank you

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