The Essence of All Truth

By Harold Klemp

A Higher Initiate had been in Eckankar a long time. She had recently lost a younger sister to cancer. In the final days before the sister died—we say translated—her condition grew worse and worse. Finally the doctors decided to do an emergency operation. The sister was terrified of the operation. The ECKist wondered if she should have acted as more of a guardian for her sister against the intrusions of medicine. Her sister wasn’t going to live anyway.

As the operation was about to begin, the sick woman said to the doctors, “Leave my body alone, and let me die.” They kept interfering and interfering. All she wanted was peace. So she slipped into a coma, and the life-support systems were hooked up to her. After a few days, this younger sister finally died. The ECKist felt badly that she hadn’t protected her sister more in the final days of her life on earth.

Several weeks later, the ECKist was sleeping in bed. In the middle of the night, she suddenly woke up in the Soul body. This feels more alive than waking up in the physical body or the dream state. If you are so lucky ever to awake in the Soul body, you find that you are more alive and more aware than you have ever been in your life.

Suddenly the woman heard a whirring sound. In experiences like this, there’s usually some kind of a sound, which is one of the actions of the Holy Spirit. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit working through Sound and Light. The woman went through an enormous black space. Little specks of light were moving past at a very great speed. She knew that the Mahanta was taking her to see her departed sister.

All movement stopped. Suddenly she was with her sister. They came toward each other. She could feel her sister’s arms around her as surely as she had felt them in everyday life. “I love you, I love you,” the sister said. And the ECKist said in return, “I love you, I love you.”

When the first joyous meeting was over, the ECKist stood back and looked at her sister. She was thinking, I wonder if she’s going to some spiritual classes now that she’s in heaven.

She said to her sister, “By the way, are you taking any classes?” And her sister said, “Yes, cooking classes.”

This caught the ECKist completely by surprise. She realized that her sister was probably getting ready for her next lifetime when good food and nutrition would be even more important than it is today.

As our planet goes along, it’s using up its resources. There will be a time we will find ourselves having to leave this planet. That is why there is this movement in scientific circles to go out into space and explore different planets. They have this instruction, this knowingness. They know we’d better go out there and start looking, because gradually this place is going to become truly a garbage can. It won’t support life anymore. Its resources will have been all used up and wasted. Not real soon; don’t expect it in your lifetime. These are long-range plans.

This woman was finding wisdom from the heart. She knew that her sister was all right. Whatever happened in the operating room in the last week of her sister’s life really had no more bearing on anything. Her sister was happy. She was in heaven; she was doing what she liked to do. That’s all that mattered.

She realized that surmounting all of this were the simple words, “I love you, I love you. I love you, I love you.” This is all there is. If you can understand this with your heart and not with your mind, then you will have the essence of all truth that can ever be taught in any religion, including Eckankar.

Excerpt from Our Spiritual Wake-Up Calls, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 15.

24 Responses to The Essence of All Truth

  1. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Love is all that matters! Thanks Harji for sharing this lovely experience.

  2. Jean Kelly says:

    NIce! Isn’t neat how questions we don’t even focus on are answered by another’s story.

  3. Lukeman says:

    Enlightened story. I feel highly, spiritually educated. God bless you.

  4. Zandro says:

    Very inspiring and uplifting…gratitude
    May the blessings be

  5. Niels-Jul Yrvin says:

    My girl friend, a teacher in her past life was 4 year old standing bent over her little brother, a former Norwegian, teaching him Hungarian needed for his next life. She loved him so much.

  6. Ajuchi William Azubike says:

    This is an indication that as Soul we live for eternity, as an Eckist we can access the inner planes with the help of Mahanta. Eckankar is the best choice.

  7. Ibraheem says:

    I love this story, it’s highly inspiring

  8. Victor D. Ben-Kalio says:

    Mahanta’s story came when I was having a dialogue with a club friend. This man walked up to me and said he was afraid he would die because he is an ulcer patient. I said to him that life is a continuum and so there is no death. We agreed to talk further at next meeting since both of us were in a hurry to leave. That is when a vahana presentation will take place. Thank you Harji.

  9. deanna strahl says:

    Cooking classes. What a wonderous thing to do in heavan. I believe what Harold says about us using up our resources and having a way to live on another planet. There are times when I think everyone thinks about this. I wonder if I will be alive when these changes occur. Yet in my heart I know the ocean of love and mercy, the inner master will protect me and guide me to a better place.
    May the blessings be.

  10. Jo Jo says:

    I love this story specially being able to understand with the heart and not the mind. The skills that I am learning as a student of this path are helping me see life as Soul. What a gift it would be to see life that way!

  11. Bob says:

    My wife and I had disagreeable words and feelings over an error in a work project last night. This story has opened my heart to love such that I see how petty it was for us to be upset. Now I feel that forgiveness, tolerance, and love are the only thing that is important. Thanks for the timing of this wonderful story.

  12. Nanci says:

    So reassuring and uplifting…

  13. Gabi says:

    Very moving and beautiful. We should more often say “I love you.”

  14. Elizabeth Hartmann says:

    “I love you” – in the end it´s all that matters.
    Sri Harold, Thank you so much for this inspiring story!

    Elizabeth, Germany

  15. Mary Beth Little says:

    I was with my dearest sister when she was dying day by day from breast cancer. There was hardly anything left of her except a few slow breaths. I looked deeply into her eyes and saw the universe with spinning solar gases and planets and millions of stars. It was so magical; something I will neve forget. I will always love you, Margaret.

  16. Liz Bomodi says:

    Soul never dies, it leaves on….in the Sound and Light of God.

  17. Pita Ezu says:

    Love is all there is.

  18. Gabriel Ezutah says:

    The love of the Mahanta holds the key to the greatest truth of God: Divine love. The love that is beyond all understanding. My mother recently translated or died after enjoying a long fruitful life of work and joy of her family. Although she was not devout in her belief in God, yet she was spiritual in her own unique ways. We shared so much in common, especially the gift of active conscious dreaming. Many times, I shared the HU with her several years ago and she sang it often. But she had a deeper link with the Mahanta than i realised. The following three experiences are testament to the fact:

    Around 2012, i had a dream where i was at the Worldwide of ECK Seminar. I went into the elevator and met my mother, now a young woman in her early twenties. She wore a dark blue skirt and an orange top. Seeing my surprise to see her there, she said, “The flight was too long and i am very tired.” I thought of taking her to my hotel room to rest as i woke up. The experience was all the more intriguing because my mother had never travelled by air before. I knew the Mahanta was showing me a glimpse of her future life as an Eckist.

    In the second dream four years ago, i saw her walking across a crude bridge of tree trunks and it had just rained heavily. She slipped and fell into a raging flood of water, which carried her down the slope. Alarmed, I stood helplessly and watched. But my mother ran like a lizard on the wavy current and climbed up the banks of the waterways, back to solid ground. Now she had shrunk into the size of a five-year-old girl. I made to remove her heavy clothing as she was now shivering, but she would slap my hand with embarrassment. I tried two more times and she did the same thing. We both laughed at the comical experience until I awoke. Once again, the Dream Master was only preparing me for her impending shedding of her current, worn-out body.

    In the final inner encounter with my mother, i came into my house on the inner planes one day and saw her as a teenage girl lying down in bed and reading the book, ‘The Spiritual Laws of Life’ by Harold Klemp. Immense joy filled my heart to see my mum starting her study of the golden ECK teachings in earnest. Even though i was not around during her last days on earth, i am glad with the knowledge that her spiritual life is in excellent hands with the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. Thank you Wah Z, for also loving my dearest mother even as you love me.

  19. Ntomchukwu Ukachukwu says:

    This reminds me of an experience I had recently with my beloved friend. She died after taking a certain injection. That was years ago. When I met her she was packing bag and baggage. She was getting ready for a trip. She is most likely staging a come back.

  20. Kitty says:

    I have very similar experience with my husband that passed away couple years ago. I have come into terms and understanding for his sudden death yet I cannot comprehend, it is because that mind kicking in from time to time.
    However, when Soul speaks and act such pure and beauty, all is well. Sometimes I am in awe!
    Whenever I remember and thought of him I send my love and say, I love you and I love you and I love you… in any moment of time I received a response from him in the most whimsical and magical way.
    All I could say, “Thank you, How did you do it? then, I say, I love you and I love you and I love you!
    Our love together has no boundaries…. he is very much alive in my heart!

  21. Dave Ogletree says:

    I have found that often Soul’s we know in this life are very different when we see and meet them after translation. We have to remember that this existence is a training ground for Soul, not only for us, but for those around us. And yes, love is the bond that keeps it all together.

  22. Rama says:

    This is a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing . Love is the most essential in life. With love we can achieve any thing.

  23. Jill says:

    Beautiful story!

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