To Love All Life

To Love All LifeBy Harold Klemp

“One becomes the bhakti, the devotee, who loves all life more than he loves himself. He discards all rites and ceremonies and seeks to follow the Living ECK Master through the force of love only. When one reaches this stage of spiritual development he finds the Living ECK Master always in his inner vision, waiting to meet him at a point between the Sun Worlds and the Moon Worlds. This is the pure astral zone, where the lover of God enters a zone called the Ashta-dal-Kanwal. At this point the whole course of his life is changed.”

The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book One, p. 137

Silently sing the word bhakti (BAHK-tee), one syllable on the in breath and one on the out breath. Imagine gentle waves of love issuing from your heart, first slowly and gently, then gradually growing in strength and scope.

You may suddenly find yourself at the ocean in the company of Wah Z.


Look for one thing you can think, say, or do differently today to show your love for all life.

You will receive a blessing.

From Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat, Book One.

7 Responses to To Love All Life

  1. safari says:

    gratitude, i begin singing HU today really i feel so happy now in my heart. may blessing be

  2. Ameerat says:

    This spiritual exercise helped bring love to my college room. May the blessings be

  3. deanna strahl says:

    Chanting words like bhakti throughout the day has such a calming effect for me. Especially when I am doing laundry or do not want to be caught up in a crowd. I chant the word softly inside my head and everything clears up in regards to the discomfort I may be feeling in the crown or while doing laundry. That to me is a spiritual miracle in eck.

  4. Dorothy Weiss says:

    I sing Bhakti all day wherever I am, mostly silently to myself and occasionally softly out loud. Today, an employee helped me get to my car safely with groceries I just purchased. He asked me, “Dorothy, sometimes people are mean to me, especially some of the managers here. Tell me what do you see when you look at me?” I replied, “Well you always help me and my husband and other seniors who shop here and I know you help all customers the same way. I see you as a spark of God. Remember God loves you; you exist because God loves you. Just do your job the very best that you can and go your way in peace.” I gave him a hug and a HU card. He is a special needs young man, stutters when he talks, wears heavy orthopedic shoes, limps slowly along as he walks pushing grocery carts, bagging groceries and working diligently at our local grocery store. Back at home, at the community mailbox kiosk, I met my neighbor also retrieving his mail. He shared his anger at unfair workplace practices, the cliques, the politics, and the games people play. He had to work, he liked his job, but everyday was filled with work-place stress. I listened to him, let him vent without interruption and when he finally took a breath and paused, I gave him a HU card which he recognized. He said his grandmother used to sing HU to him. He had forgotten, but now he would begin again. A pest control worker spraying our community lawns stopped and shared with me his recent loss of his down syndrome son. That blessed Soul was with him for four years only. He and his family were heavy with grief and sorrow. I listened to him and just let him talk. “My son was an angel, he brought our family together with so much love,” he cried. I pressed a HU card into his hands. “Over time, it will get better,” I said, “Maybe your son had a mission, and needed only four years to complete it. Your baby is Soul. You are Soul. Give my love to your family and sing this word. It is a holy word. It will bring you comfort and much more.” I surrendered the outcome of these three encounters to the ECK, the Holy Spirit and resumed my own solitary singing, silently Bhakti, and returned to my own house.. Thank you Mahanta for your presence and your guidance.

  5. Sylvia says:

    What a journey it has been for me to work with the Spiritual Exercises of ECK and my inner teacher, the Mahanta; and to notice my view of life here gradually shift from one of suffering and struggle to the wonder of realising everyday spiritual gifts and the joy of living fully. Coming to understand the nature of Soul and the purpose of life in a physical body, has helped me to relax, to truly know that all things are as they need to be, and to let go of the effort of love, to giving from myself. At some point, as I realised the truth…that all Souls, all of life, exist because of God’s love; then that love was free to flow through me rather than from me. I am grateful beyond expression for the gifts of the Mahanta’s patient presence and these simple, powerful spiritual techniques of Eckankar that have healed and opened my heart.

  6. David says:

    So often we try to work from the attitude of things we lack. Try working from what what you do have and you’ll have a completely different attitude about giving from the heart.
    In Spiritual Wisdom on Health and Healing, Sri Harold gives an exercise on pages 13-14. Gratitude opens the heart. Give from your spiritual abundance.

  7. James Modera says:

    Recognizing the presence of the Mahanta and then bringing forth the love that the ECK (Holy Spirit) has for the Souls in life brings meaning and purpose to each day. A miracle is having the opportunity to observe how the ECK manifests the love of God to uplift all Souls. Miracles happen everyday. Having the open heart and awareness to recognize them and gratitude for each blessing allows you to show your love for all life.

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