To Love All Life

To Love All LifeBy Harold Klemp

“One becomes the bhakti, the devotee, who loves all life more than he loves himself. He discards all rites and ceremonies and seeks to follow the Living ECK Master through the force of love only. When one reaches this stage of spiritual development he finds the Living ECK Master always in his inner vision, waiting to meet him at a point between the Sun Worlds and the Moon Worlds. This is the pure astral zone, where the lover of God enters a zone called the Ashta-dal-Kanwal. At this point the whole course of his life is changed.”

The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book One, p. 137

Silently sing the word bhakti (BAHK-tee), one syllable on the in breath and one on the out breath. Imagine gentle waves of love issuing from your heart, first slowly and gently, then gradually growing in strength and scope.

You may suddenly find yourself at the ocean in the company of Wah Z.


Look for one thing you can think, say, or do differently today to show your love for all life.

You will receive a blessing.

From Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat, Book One.

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  1. James Modera says:

    Recognizing the presence of the Mahanta and then bringing forth the love that the ECK (Holy Spirit) has for the Souls in life brings meaning and purpose to each day. A miracle is having the opportunity to observe how the ECK manifests the love of God to uplift all Souls. Miracles happen everyday. Having the open heart and awareness to recognize them and gratitude for each blessing allows you to show your love for all life.

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