ECKANKAR—The Path of Spiritual Freedom

The Hero’s Journey

By Sri Harold Klemp

Have you ever felt a hunger for something you can’t even put words to?

What if you are actually on a journey—a quest—that has spanned the ages, continents, lifetimes? It has survived victories, tragedies, wealth and poverty, unimaginable gains and losses. Death and rebirth time and again.

The journey is worth everything. Because you are the hero, and your saga continues until the quest is fulfilled.

A hero?

Yes. You are Soul—an eternal, unique, divine spark of God. And you exist because God loves you. You are on an ancient quest for Self-Discovery and God-Discovery. Soul hungers to reclaim Its true purpose.

To love as God loves. To be a Co-worker with God. To serve all life in your own unique way.

ECKANKAR is a companion and road map on the hero’s journey. It offers an experienced guide—a teacher of the highest order—the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. The way is then smoothed with inner and outer guidance you can access at any time.

And then there’s an essential sacred word.

The word is HU, an ancient carrier of love between Soul and God. This word is a tuning fork that aligns you with the Source of All Life—the ECK—the Life Force, the Holy Spirit. It instantly connects you to the Divine Source which is always working on your behalf.

ECKANKAR addresses all aspects of life—the inner spiritual yearnings and the strength and poise it takes to meet daily life. No issue of life is outside the journey.

True spiritual freedom awaits you. And you, the hero, travel on. . . .

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Become all that you truly are with a dynamic program for advanced spiritual living. Every day brings fresh steps to explore the wonders of God’s unconditional love for you.


29 Responses to ECKANKAR—The Path of Spiritual Freedom

  1. Kokoette Bassey says:

    Yes, I’m an hero on a far country’s trip. It reminds me of my purpose in life, how to fulfill it this life time. Every challenge that comes serves as lesson of an adventure. I love it so much. May the blessings be!!!

  2. Atulaegwu Nwoke says:

    We’re the Hero, The Mahanta is our guide on this journey, take advantage of His help, for the Sugmad await you back home. Baraka Bashad

  3. Yenia Tetekpor says:

    “No issue of life is outside the journey” It’s stronger than me. 5 days ago i cried again after a strong emotion. But, what to do then! Just surrender and sing HU because i’m glad to know that i’m a Hero, a real warrior. Thank you Mahanta. Love you!

  4. John Marikos says:

    “To love as God loves.” Wow!

  5. Marilynn Van Grunsven says:

    I really love this article. I do feel like I am on a journey. I don’t always feel that heroic though. It is comforting to know that the inner guide is there to pick me up when I feel like quitting. When the journey isn’t that easy and when I feel like I can’t make myself go any further, you come in and surprise me with something that just catches my attention. I just can’t ignore the gifts and then the journey is on again. Thank you.

  6. Arman says:

    Thank you real great hero wonderful z … 💛💛

  7. Geetha Mani says:

    So beautifully written. Thank you Mahanta. I feel like a Hero now 🙂

  8. Fabia Novak says:

    Thank you Mahanta for enhancing my capacity to love daily. This unique Path Home to God has sorted the puzzle pieces of my life through Satsang classes (study group, spiritual exercises, Seminars etc). For me the “HU” unlocks the potential of each special meeting… Soul to Soul *** where time stands still as Love is All*** be they HUman, animal or plant we are all connected to God via this sacred sound of HU : one Sound fits All

  9. Dieu-donné HODOMIHOU says:


  10. Peter ilunga says:

    Merci Mahanta pour ton amour envers toutes les âmes
    Baraka bashad

  11. Margaret Penney says:

    You inspire me to thankfully rejoice in the growing and being of life, Mahanta. So many opportunities to learn the power of unconditional love.
    This is simply beautiful. Thank you so much, Wah Z for showing us the Path of Spiritual Freedom. It means everything to me.

  12. okechukwu chima says:

    I love to do astral travel. to project. open my third eye, if so I will be a member.

  13. Ameerat says:

    Have a love filled journey as you be the source of love to others.

  14. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Soul comes into any incarnation meeting with The MAHANTA.
    The Master is the undisputed guide that Soul needs for this journey through the worlds.
    The Master has the most effective HANDOUT – HU.
    Using this tool helps Soul get along.
    Little wonder the statement – ECKANKAR addresses all aspects of life – the inner spiritual yearnings and the strength and poise it takes to meet daily life. No issue of life is outside the journey.
    Sing HU. IT works..

  15. Dimče says:

    We have the HU, the spiritual exercises, and the words and guidance of the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master, along with the rest of the Vairagi to assist us in our goal of “loving as God loves”. Thank you Sri Harold, for sketching in the simplest of strokes what our purpose here truly is. May the Blessings Be!

  16. EMEKA NWOSU says:

    This is another reminder to whom I am and assurance of that, I am in the right path Eckankar back home to God. the Write up is informative and uplifting spiritually.

  17. PETER PAGLIARO says:




  18. Sharon says:

    I am a leader of church mostly women .
    I know through personal experiences that there is so much more … there seems to be so many self limiting thoughts and actions based on fear in the church today.
    I wake up every morning wanting more, feeling that I should be reaching deeper in love and that I should be somewhere I’m yearning and looking for the part of me that is calling.

  19. Paul Akpokodje says:

    Every time I read your explanation of the spiritual life, I am happy to have found the path of love as it finds me daily in life’s experiences.
    Such clarity.

    Thanks Z

  20. Nanci Rogers says:

    The struggles in this life are real and difficult, yet what a beautiful gift to know there is a Guide, the Mahanta. He is always present to help us find the answers, inner strength, and greater love in order to experience greater freedom and love here and now.

  21. Richard Martin says:

    It is so beautiful thé way it is explain. What an opportunité to follow this Guide and this spiritual path.

  22. April Tweddell says:

    Each day during my spiritual exercise I express my gratitude for finding this path of Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom. How many lifetimes has it taken me? Being an Eckist has helped me be a happier, more conscious person. I have far to go yet I am becoming a better listener and a kinder human being. I am able to remind myself during the day to be more loving by simply chanting the word HU (pronounced hue) quietly to myself. I actually prefer this sound to radio music while in the car! When I sing HU, a sacred name for God, I can align myself with Spirit. I can feel and BE love.

  23. Linda, Canada says:

    This article is a true and beautiful Vahana tool, thank you, Sri Harold.

  24. Anne Archer Butcher says:

    What an absolutely gorgeous explanation of Soul’s journey—the hero’s journey home to God. Thank you so much!

  25. Vianca J Cedeño de Amat says:

    Gracias Mahanta, es lo unico que te puedo decir

  26. Niels-Jul Yrcin says:

    17th of may is Norway’s independens day. The article about the Path of Spiritual freedom opens even new doors.

  27. Huseina says:

    My true purpose in life.

    “To love as God loves. To be a Co-worker with God. To serve all life in your own unique way.”

    What a revelation!

    Thank you Wah Z! Thanks for your constant reminders. Thank you!

    • Isaac Ndubisi says:

      It really feels good to know that I am on a spiritual journey going home to serve God in my own unique way. With my foot on the right path, a universal password on my mouth and a spiritual guide always present guiding me to reach my spiritual destination.
      I am grateful to you Mahanta, thank you WahZ.

  28. Ameerat says:

    This is so beautiful. Thank you Mahanta. Seeker of truth, why don’t you search here too? You might just find all you’ve been searching for. May the blessings be:)

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