Finding Your Own Spiritual Path to God

By Harold Klemp

Someone sent me a poem. The title was “The Calf Path,” and one of the lines in it was “the calf-paths of the mind.” It tells an interesting story.

Three hundred years ago there was a little calf on its way home. It meandered as it made its way along a path that led through the forest, and as the calf wandered and made its trail, it disappeared into history. The next day, along came a dog. He was just out for a walk when he smelled these tracks, and he decided to follow the path of the calf. A few days later there came a bellwether, the sheep that leads the flock, and by some coincidence this sheep followed the trail made by the calf and the dog.

After a couple of years, men started to track along this same path, and though they bitterly cursed its crookedness, still they followed it. Time went on, many years passed, and this animal trail became a country road. A few more decades saw it evolve into a city thoroughfare, and finally, after more years, it became the main street of a metropolis. But it was still so crooked that you had to travel three miles to advance one mile.

The people drove down this crooked street by the thousands, by the hundreds of thousands, day after day, year after year. Because they had to travel three times farther than the actual distance, they cursed it, and yet they continued to follow this crooked path of the calf from centuries past.

Eckankar is not the only path to God, but it is the most direct. It is the direct path home. There are other paths, but they are trodden and driven through the centuries by those who can’t get off them, who will curse the crookedness, who will curse the darkness but not turn on a light.

In ECK, we understand that the mind runs in a rut. We pick up habits as children, which carry into the teen years and become hardened and solidified as we grow older. Anger and other attitudes of the mind stem from these habits. The only thing that is greater than mind is Soul. It is above the power of the mind, and It is the only thing able to nudge the mind out of its rut….

I invite you, then, to look at the path of ECK with an open mind. Whether it’s for you or not, recognize that something greater than walking any particular path is to be able to exercise the freedom to choose for yourself the path to God that is right for you, and furthermore, to allow the same freedom for others.

Excerpt from How to Find God, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 2.

5 Responses to Finding Your Own Spiritual Path to God

  1. William N. Coleman says:

    Yes, the truth is but one has to experience it.

  2. Eulalie Anokoi says:

    I am about to step on a turning point of my life. This article has a signification to me.
    Thank you Mahanta for the Opportunity to grow spiritually.
    I am Soul I am free

  3. Rama says:

    I enjoyed seeing the beautiful photo along with wonderful article. It is God’s wonderful reflection. I appreciate the beautiful letters you send. I got a wonderful gift by being an Eckist and great full.

    Thank you Wah Z.

  4. Savannah A. Graham says:

    I have followed the path of ECK since the 1980’s; as I look back over my life I was lost in this fast moving world, the ECK has changed my life in so many ways. Thank you Mahanta.

  5. Ogboji Chidiebere Jonathan says:

    I started my journey on/with Eckankar, on 26th May, 2019. I’ll officially register in a week time.
    For these two days, am glad for the golden step, I have taken, for my Spiritual unfoldment. I must embark on the journey, wholly for my self -realization and God-realization.

    I’ll be so glad, and have myself ready, through the guidance of Mahanta, to reach the desired goal.
    All Eck newsletters and other materials will be appreciated, by me.
    Thanks, my Mahanta.

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