How Can I Be in Alignment with Divine Spirit?

This clip—and the transcript below—is from Harold Klemp’s 2009 talk “The Secret Path to Heaven.”


I’d like to start with some questions from the youth, because they’re always challenging.

The first question is: When everything is going right, I begin to take my spiritual life and connection with the Mahanta, the Inner Master, for granted. How can I keep my inner fire alive?

Well, life has a wonderful way of nudging us back on track. The mind has a very natural tendency to want to go back to the track it came from. That’s the mind. So the experiences in life will see us having a good time—easy going, easy rolling. Then suddenly things will turn around and go wrong.

All of a sudden an individual says, Help, Master, I want to get out of this.

The Master says, Pay your dues and stick around. Put your attention where it belongs again. Try to get those habits back on the right track, and all things shall be well with thee.

And so it goes. We get bumped off track. Then we have to go climbing back up. It’s like a long, high grade to get back on the track.

Finally we get there, and everything is going well. We’re dancing along, moving, and having quite a good time. And all of a sudden, we slip off. It’s like slipping off a mountain road and landing, luckily, on a road beneath us. And the long, painful climb starts over again.

So, how can you keep your inner fire alive?

I would say, Don’t worry about it. Life will take care of it. The Mahanta’s working with you. Whenever you get too far off track, you’ll get nudged right back on. It’s just the way life is.

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  1. David Coldwell says:

    We must have the grace to allow the ECK and the Mahanta to pick us up again when we fail at some spiritual task. As we grow spiritually, the challenges increase but also the means to handle them. As we do spiritual exercises and sing HU, the ECK magnifies the impurities we see so that we can be free of all spiritual imperfections in this lifetime. Then we are free of the fixed states that bring misery and flow like water into every crook and cranny where love is needed.

  2. Lucie Payette says:

    This post is a relief for me. I was getting off the track, not because everything was going well, but because everything was going wrong. I was doing my exercises with diligence but I had experienced many losses in the past months. Friends were gone, all family had passed away, and I was now alone, so It seemed. My companions in an elderly home for retirement were angry at all the changes and the bad news of taking from us what had made us happy. A new company was taking over and now changing all the rules and it did not sit well for us. I am in charge of the theater. Did not fell like doing it anymore on a volunteer basis. Then I read a passage of Shri Harold, it said “Life should be a celebration…..” I was close to a nervous breakdown. So, that saturday night, I decided to show a comedy, a very light one. For the first time, no opera. It was beautiful. We all laughed. It was a relieve for all of us. I felt better immediately. A change was happening for the better. In me. I was getting back on track. And the reason was that I was letting go of the past. I thank you Mahanta for your protection. Yes, life has its up and low. We must try to deal with this, to ride the crest of life in a gracious way.

  3. EMEKA NWOSU says:


  4. EMEKA NWOSU says:


  5. veronica says:

    Thank you Mahanta, for you are always there to bring us back on track.
    Thank you all for your rich contributions on this blog.
    May The Blessings be.

  6. Dimče says:

    Contained within the HU is the image of that which I am! Whenever I am at a loss, whenever I am found wanting, whenever I need an enlargement on the situation at hand, whenever I am looking for inspiration I sing HU. The answer, or seed of an answer is then “sent on its way.” I cannot imagine a life without the HU, and wonder how people manage without it, yet understand the spiritual law that Soul’s freedom is sacred, and that IT must come to ITs realizations in ITs own way, ITs own good time. Everything is well in the endless worlds of HU. May the Blessings Be!

  7. Ameerat says:

    Guiding. Providing. Protecting. and Teaching. Your words ring true Akpobome

  8. Akpobome Ogbon says:

    Thank you Mahanta.
    This is very true, I have had first had experiences with slipping off and coming back on track. Somehow the Master always nudges me to come back on track. Too many experience. The Master is always guiding, providing, protecting and teaching us.

    Much Love.

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