An ECK Master Helps Out During a Trying Time

Kata Daki.  An ECK Master in the Ancient Order of the Vairagi Adepts…. Although her true age is beyond belief, she appears to be in her midtwenties to early thirties. She is five and a half feet tall. Her light-brown (honey-blond) hair often falls to her shoulders, but she changes hairstyles to fit her duties. Like all the ECK Masters, she serves Sugmad (God) by helping others find the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. Her pet project is to help people get back on their feet during hardship.

By Ann, Virginia

Two months after my young husband translated (died), I was shopping in a department store with my eighteen-month-old son. I was not an ECKist at the time. When the shopping was finished, my son did not want to leave the store. He went into a temper tantrum, and I was beside myself.

My husband’s death had overwhelmed me. I was still deeply grieving, and even the simple task of taking my son out of the stroller and out of the store while he was screaming was a chore. My arms were laden with bundles, and I couldn’t figure out how to carry him too. It was too much.

Suddenly, a young, pretty woman with light-brown hair and delicate features was standing beside me. She said, “You take your infant. I’ll take your bundles, and we’ll go outside.” In my surprise, I stared at her for a few seconds longer than I probably should have, not only because she was a stranger who was willing to help, but also because there was something different about her that I could not pinpoint.

We walked out to my car, and I profusely thanked this woman because I was so grateful for her assistance. She said nothing more. I placed my son in his car seat, then looked back to see her go, but she was not there any longer. She couldn’t have gone back into the store that quickly. I looked around the parking lot, but I could not see her anywhere. All that day, and for months afterward, I thought a lot about the mysterious woman who was so kind to me. Following my husband’s death, there were many who assisted me in various ways, and I was truly grateful to them all. But the mysterious woman stood out. There was something special about her that I could not forget, and for many years afterward, I could still see her face.

Years passed, and I discovered Eckankar. One Sunday while attending an Eckankar service, I saw the mysterious woman’s face among the drawings of the ECK Masters. It had been the ECK Master Kata Daki who assisted me that day. What a wonderful surprise it was to discover that the ECK Masters are real and among us, willing to offer assistance when we need it most.



A Spiritual Exercise for You to Try

Meet Kata Daki

Would you like to learn the secret of love? Note these words from The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book One: “Love does not come to those who seek it, but to those who give love.”

Shut your eyes in quiet contemplation. Then sing the word seva (see-VAH), a spiritual word that means a service of love. Ask Kata Daki to show how to give love to others. You’ll think of ways you’ve never imagined. She may begin by reminding you of a time you received divine love when you were once in need too.

Sri Harold Klemp, Those Wonderful ECK Masters

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