How to Be Most Like God

By Harold Klemp

A search for happiness is the pursuit of God. Yet the reason so many people fail to find happiness is because they look for it in the wrong place—at the market instead of in their hearts.

It takes discipline to pursue God.

There is no mystery to finding God: just follow the Sound of the divine Voice back home. Could anything be easier? Not so for most people, for whom the pursuit of God is as unlikely as the phenomenon of a flying rabbit. And why? It’s simply not in their consciousness yet to know that the destiny of each Soul is to become a Co-worker with God, who expects more of us than an eternity of eating and play.

For many, life is much like a trip to a casino. They place all their talents and dreams on the gaming table then bet the outcome of this life upon a turn of the wheel of fortune. That is the sum of their spiritual life in pursuit of God.

Happiness, to them, is blind luck.

People want happiness, but they go about it backward. They keep looking for happiness. And then they spend their money on things: new computer toys, new cars, new clothes, and the like. Trying to find happiness. If they’d only look for freedom first—maybe meditate like the Buddhists or contemplate as we do in Eckankar, which is a lighter form of going within than meditation.

Yet some individuals do have a true desire for God and use some form of prayer or worship to better understand the Creator. Mostly, however, their prayer is like traffic on a one-way street: They do all the talking. It never occurs to them to stop for a moment and listen. God may want to speak.

Often, God doesn’t get a word in at all.

How, then, does God communicate with us? God speaks to all life with the voice of divine Light and Sound. The Christian name for these dual aspects of God is the Holy Spirit, or the Holy Ghost, which in Eckankar we refer to by the age-old name ECK.

The range of vibration in the universe spans from infinity to infinity. And while the primal cause of vibration is the Light and Sound of God, the human voice is a mere speck on the full scale of vibration. Why would God only speak in a whisper? Yet people who believe that God speaks chiefly in the frequency range of the human voice forget that the human voice, in comparison to the universe of sound, is but a tiny whisper.

So the idea that God only speaks to life within the narrow field of human sound is an attempt to reduce the might of God.

The Light and Sound of God are the food and drink of saints. Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus was struck to the earth by the Light of God. Martin Luther, the great reformer, was also fortunate to see It. Then there was Genghis Khan, the Mongol conqueror of the thirteenth century, who every so often would fall into a swoon for days, able only to chant HU, an ancient name for God. In those trance states, he saw and heard the majestic Light and Sound of God. The Divine One spoke through the Holy Spirit.

So the highest form of speech from God to the more spiritually advanced of the human race is the Light and Sound.

Who, then, does God talk to?

In fact, everyone who has made a contribution to the human race has heard or seen the True Voice. The ways of God are many. God often speaks in a less direct manner to dreamers, poets, visionaries, and prophets—in part, through visions or dreams, daydreams, prayer (the listening kind), or intuition.

History tells of many such people.

Brother Lawrence was a Carmelite monk in Paris around 1666. He was the monk whose duty it was to wash the pots and pans. Brother Lawrence found a way to practice the presence of God while washing the pots and pans, doing even the very lowly jobs. The people around him couldn’t really understand how he could be so happy while doing the dirty work. It was because he saw God in everything he did.

A list of other famous people who have been a mouthpiece for the Voice of God includes the likes of Socrates, Plato, Elijah, King David, Mozart, Beethoven, Jung, Einstein, Shelley, Edison, Michelangelo, and thousands more. Each does his best to render the divine will into human terms, using a natural genius as the tool of communication.

The Sound and Light carry out God’s scheme of creation. So the highest anyone can aspire to is a life of creativity, but always guided by the force of divine love.

That is how to be most like God.

Excerpt from The Call of Soul.

16 Responses to How to Be Most Like God

  1. Lovedales says:

    Great!!!. This is a deeper introduction to the Light and Sound of God. Thank you very Wah Z for making everything so simple for us. Having this deeper understanding will help me give a better talk on the subject. I am deeply grateful.

  2. Morten Hallangen says:

    I talk to God and IT responds, but I sing HU Mahanta throughout the day, to be aware when IT speaks, it is never a booming voice from the sky. Yesterday, the advice to drive slow, came through a flock of sparrows. I was driving heavy loaded, as I am moving to a new apartment. As I started, a flock of sparrows landed in front of my car. That was odd, I thought. Green acres on both sides, but they choose this? Now? I slowly moved my car, and they took off, and landed again, just 5 yards up ahead. Again I moved, slowly..and the same thing happened. Then I understood. Got it. Drive slowly today. At that point, the birds took off, at the green acres. I drowe under the speed limit, thinking if I need to know why, then I will find out, if not, that’s okay. Just happy and grateful to be warned. 2 hours later, I passed 4 police cars, they used a hidden camera to check our speed. At a point where I usually are way above the limit. But by listening to God, I was not stopped. I went on, happily singing a love song to the Sugmad.

  3. Henriette Marleau Guimond says:

    I know you are always with me. in my dream one night you came walk with me, and i understood what you show me: 2 girls leaving school, letters flying around the moon and suddenly we were in a bar, men sitting and you made me see my husband on a wall T.V. playing hockey. It remind me how I loved him at that time in t he 50s and you looked at me so deeply, lovingly. I understood the message. I had to take more care of my husband, our mariage was slipping away. So when I woke up I knew exactly what I had to do. Thank you Mahanta for every sign you made me understand and when I follow my inner voice, I’m still with me dear husband. after 68 years of marriage, during my 32years in Eckankar studying and giving lessons, I received so much love from masters. Thank you all so much.

  4. John Ebadan says:

    It is very true wat the Mahanta is telling us, it is much easier to find our way back to God, if we are ready than finding our way around a big city on earth.
    This became very clear to me a few weeks ago while taking my children for a day out to Amsterdam the biggest city in Holland where we live.
    Driving from the south to the north was about half an hour which was easy, but as soon as we got into the city it is almost imposable to find your way around, I finally got a parking garage that had space, we did some sightseeing and had a good day, then we decided to go back home, our car had a navigation system but because of the continues constructions and reconstruction on the city this was not very helpful, then it occurred to me that finding our way around this city was more difficult than
    dream travel, or Soul Travel to outer planes of God.
    Well after a few days from the visit to Amsterdam I got a very expensive ticket from the city authorities for biting a traffic red light which none of us in the car noticed at the time.

    Thank you Mahanta

  5. David says:

    I have noticed the term “primal cause” appearing frequently in my life lately. Other terms like “Originator of Life” have also shown up.

    Terms like these offer a greater understanding and insight than using a generic term like “God.”

    Thank you for using these terms.

  6. Josue Rubi says:

    Wonderful lesson that I learned. I love you Mahanta

  7. Ibrahim T Sadi says:

    Thank you Mahanta for this great insight and wonderful explanation on How to be most like God. A great teacher, mentor you are. I love you

  8. Diallo I. Amadou says:

    Merci Mahanta,
    Pour le conseil, c’est vrai que dans la recherche de Dieu, il faut toujours de la discipline et savoir écouter Dieu. Que les bénédictions soient.

  9. Damon Davies says:

    So Beautiful.


    A masterpiece! My take always are happiness is found within. Secondly to be like God is a state of consciousness where I can see God in every thing. Thanks Z for sharing.

  11. Randhir Singh says:

    I thank you Mahanta for this explanation that God speaks to us but we forget and keep on talking ourselves and asking. Also your explanation of human speach and its place in the spectrum of sound of God. Gratefully always

  12. Neil Redsell says:

    I have found that the Eck has contacted me mostly when I was least expecting it. For example one day while filling my pickup with gas I saw this tiny spider crawling down a display. It came to me that Soul has no size it can be in a tiny little spider or in an animal like an Elephant. And the amazing thing about the Soul in the spider’s body is he wasn’t concerned about what was going to happen in the next little while. He was just living in the now. Thank you Wah Z for that opportunity.

  13. david baron says:

    True Words of Beauty!

  14. Adekunle says:

    Dear Sri Harold.
    This is most refreshing for Soul . Showing me the way back home to God
    I Thank you .

  15. Zacchaeus Akighir says:

    Thank you Mahanta for this piece of advice “That we do most of the talking”, without allowing God to have a word. It is true tat when we come to God with a problem, we forget that God may even be talking to us through that very problem. Maybe we ave forgotten that God exists, and loves us. Maybe we have gone smelling the flowers along the path, and God wants to draw our attention towards love for others than ourselves.
    Thank you Mahanta, for this reminder: that we should talk, but also listen to God through contemplation on issues we have brought to Him to handle.

  16. Huseina says:

    Wonderful, plain and honest truths from you, Wah Z!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Each time, you make me understand my mission in life more profoundly in they way you communicate things to me. What a teacher! What a friend! I LOVE YOU

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