Heart Surgery: A Spiritual Transformation

By Norine, Ontario, Canada

Right before my heart surgery, I sang HU as I was given the anesthetic and felt myself fading away. I remember being in a place where all was blue.

The operation went very well, and on my way back to the cardiac intensive care unit, the word Mahanta flashed into my semiconscious state. Each passing hallway light seemed to sing Mahanta to me! I didn’t even have much pain, although everyone had told me it would hurt a lot.

Going into the hospital, I knew for certain all would be well. A few weeks prior, I had already seen my surgeon on the inner. And it had been the Mahanta!

He sat behind a desk in an office. There was a beautiful and soothing painting on the wall behind him, and the colors were alive. I waited outside his door, in a wheelchair that I had driven myself. He made changes to several strands of colors, which I knew to be life energies.

During my hospital stay, I tried to be a vehicle for the ECK and sang HU when I could. I am also deeply grateful for the strength and love I received.

I thank the Mahanta for his love, presence, and protection during such a challenging time. I feel like a new person.

8 Responses to Heart Surgery: A Spiritual Transformation

  1. Tchaou says:

    Belle expérience. Merci Mahanta d’être toujours là à nos côté.

  2. Huseina says:

    Wonderful story!
    Having the Mahanta in my life, has been a joy, a gift, and tons of blessings like you experienced. Some, I did not see, some I did not appreciate then. BUT in many, I could feel his love, hand and presence without doubt. And I’m very grateful for them.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Gaye Bruce says:

    Thank you Norine for sharing your beautiful spiritual experience
    I also had a 4 By Pass 7 years ago and I am very grateful for being a Chela in Eckankar as I know the Mahanata was with me
    May The Blessing Be
    With Love In Eck Gaye Bruce

  4. Cassandra Allard-Souter says:

    This is beautiful❤

  5. Comfort says:

    The love and protection of the Mahanta is always near. Always guiding, guarding, and providing for us. Thank you for sharing your experience dear one and May the blessings be.

  6. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z for being there.
    Thanks also Norine for sharing your experience.
    This experience is pretty much reassuring of The MAHANTA’s love, protection and guidance.
    Everyone can tap into this eternal blessing.

  7. Candy Robles says:

    Awesome! I love how the Mahanta adjusted the light strands! I know you were protected 💗

  8. Akpobome Ogbon says:

    More than ever I know that the Mahanta is always there. Always guiding, providing, and bringing so much love.
    Thank you Mahanta

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