How God’s Love Enters the Human Heart

By Harold Klemp

An agnostic joined Eckankar. He stayed an agnostic for a long time, but he developed a great respect for life.

He used to love to go fishing. He’s from the midwestern United States, and he’d go out to the western part of Colorado to do his trout fishing.

This man used a special hook that had no barbs so that he could unhook the fish with the smallest amount of injury and throw the fish back into the stream. He’d thank the fish, the way the Native Americans used to. They always gave thanks for any food that they needed to take from the theater of life because they realized that to survive one must eat another, whether it’s animal or plant. It’s a part of living.

Today we have people who are very self-righteous about being vegetarians. They feel they are more righteous because they don’t eat meat. They are eating plants, as if plants don’t have life or consciousness.

It’s an attitude that says, “I am better than you because I’m a vegetarian.”

I have to say, “Oops, you just slid right back to where you started.”

Self-righteousness is a very heavy anchor to drag around in life—whether it’s because of your belief system, your religion, or your dietary practice. Whatever you eat, it’s important to give thanks for what you take and not waste it.

This is the nature of life, and it’s especially important as more of us crowd onto this little planet, polluting it in every way.

May the Blessings Be

This man went up into the mountains of Colorado. He was an agnostic, but he gave thanks. He appreciated life. But he still didn’t know whether there was a God, and he wanted proof about God’s existence.

He was walking along the edge of a stream to a spot where he thought the fishing would be better. Suddenly he saw a very large trout. The trout looked sick; it had a fungus on its head. The man knew the fish wasn’t going to last much longer. A great deal of compassion flowed from his heart to the fish. He gave the blessing of the Vairagi Adepts, the ECK Masters who are given the duty of bringing the message of truth, of Light and Sound, to the people of earth who are ready for it.

The man said, “May the blessings be.”

Not “I hope you get better, fish,” or “God, please make this fish better” or something like this. We don’t tell God what to do. God has enough things to do without our help—actually God has more things to do because of our help!

Suddenly inside the fisherman’s heart, love began to grow. He had opened his heart by the simple blessing, and this divine love began to flow through him to the fish. And as the love of God came into the heart of the fisherman, he knelt beside the stream, and the fish swam up close to him. The love just grew and grew.

The fisherman wanted to reach down and rub the stomach of this fish. Then he thought, No, it’ll break the magic of the moment. And as he thought this, his heart center began to close again. The love began to diminish, and the trout swam away.

This is an example of how sometimes God’s love enters the human heart. It doesn’t necessarily happen in a cathedral—that may be the last place it happens, because a cathedral is a creation of man’s mind. There’s a rightful place for temples, a place to come together and sing the holy name of God and study God’s word. We have a Temple of ECK, and there will be more of them. But there is also a time to go inside in silence, to a quiet place, and just listen to the Voice of God. This is what you do in contemplation, in your fifteen to twenty minutes a day. You listen for the Voice of God and watch for some appearance of the Light of God.

When the Light and Sound come into the inner vision, the Spiritual Eye, or the heart, you’ll be filled with a joy and love you’ve never felt before.

Excerpt from The Slow Burning Love of God, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 13.

22 Responses to How God’s Love Enters the Human Heart

  1. Becky Osiah says:

    God’s Love is a wonderful thing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jan Krause says:

    Thank you for sharing! A beautiful story!

  3. Jean-Pierre Gregoire says:

    This post is so beautiful, inspirational and true, May the Blessings Be 🙂

  4. Diallo I. Amadou says:

    Merci Mahanta
    L’amour des aminaux nous permet, de comprendre le donné, et le recevoir. Que les bénédictions soient.

    • Dieu-donné HODOMIHOU says:

      Merci MAHANTA pour ce merveilleux cadeau.
      Les âmes se communiquent entre eux, il suffit d’avoir le coeur rempli d’amour.

  5. Karen says:

    Thank you for this beautiful story!
    May The Blessings Be!

  6. Viknesuvaran Parumal says:

    Yes totally agree the more you give the more you received without any expectation.

  7. Dale R. Cariveau says:

    Enjoyed this article, because it generated more Love for all life as never before. What a Blessing!

  8. Adedeji Adelodun says:

    Mere reading this beautiful story opens my heart to the ECK love.
    I thank Z for sharing.
    Recently, I got a prompt healing as my heart opened to an ECKist (through a phone call) who had released some beautiful ECK songs. She was so happy for the call as she listened to her songs in the background of my environment. Before then, I had been managing a sudden eye ailment over the week. And it never seemed like relenting. I then decided to visit an optician the following morning. That evening, after calling the woman to acknowledge the beauty of her songs, my heart started to open. It was so rapid, that it was somehow painful. I leaned against a slab, held my chest, as tears on joy rolled down my cheeks. I was ecstatic with the flow of ECK love coming through, yet, in a confused state I moaned: “Mahanta, please, this is too much. Make it stop! I never knew love could be that painful, until I read what Sri Harold said in The Slow Burning Love of God, page 19: “Sometimes the love of God burns so deeply and painfully that we feel life is too much to bear. We find ourselves in a paradoxical dilemma: having so much divine love that we don’t know where to turn. People say they just want the love of God, but when it comes—when it truly comes—it burns deep, burns slow, and burns long.” Within a minute, the pain was gone, and with it was the ailment. I felt refreshed and renewed.
    Thank you, Wah Z.

  9. Carl Horton says:

    I love to the start each morning sitting on our deck out back, it is surrounded by tall black gums and crepe myrtles. Squirrels run about, one of them had come to us awhile back when it was young and overpowered seeking shelter until the day he felt he was big and strong enough to go back to his squirrel life and asked to be let out. He and his mate romp in the trees and occasionally he rests in a lower bough of a black gum and just looks over at me. The crows fly over and caw, I know their calls and when I fee they are desperate, I call them over and toss them bread and they are grateful. A pair of wrens has settled in those trees and one of them likes to come over to the porch and in is little chortle talks to me and I tell him how pretty he is and how wonderful he chirps. This just part of my morning exercise that begins with thanking the Sugmad, the Mahanta, the living Eck Master, the Order of the Vairagi and everyone else who’s is helping me; I try to go through the list of my gifts: my clothes, my food, my family, listing them, our pets, listing them, my friends, the beautiful sky, the trees, the bushes and flowers, the wildlife, the gentle breeze, the warm sun, my home, this country, the fact that I am not in a war-torn nation and so on. I thank them all for their energy and patience and I sing Hu as part of that stream that rolls through and around me, focused on returning that force of energy back in unconditioned love. My disposition changes and improves everyday, my life improves everyday and I feel the force flowing through me for the rest of the day. That’s just another of the many gifts I receive from participating in this world of life. For everyone: my the blessings be!

  10. Crystal Doyle says:

    My sister used to tell me that she was agnostic and I was comforted by the idea that she was willing to except the possibility of God. She said, “I don’t know if there is, and I don’t know if there isn’t, but I’m willing to learn.” The Divine’s presence has proven itself to me. I love to feel compassion flow through my heart to life. So many little ways, it happens throughout the day. This was the perfect story for me today as I’m sitting with someone in hospice care, giving care to this wonderful lady who knows her time is limited on this Earth. Thank you.

  11. Pamela says:

    Thank you for sharing. Love indeed is beautiful

  12. Zak says:

    Commune with the “Master Within” and you won’t go wrong. Light, Life and Love!

  13. James says:

    This timely story speaks to me, as I just followed a new 2 week old rule to release all Chinook Salmon (over 80cm, 31.5 inches). Three days ago I released 96cm, about 30 pounds fish back into the wild. Others around me were shocked at how at ease I was with this, but knowing of a rock slide partially blocking B.C.’s Fraser River and that it has been determined the larger fish have a better chance of fulfilling their mission to spawn and have the species continue, it was a breeze, the ECK master taught me this respect for life.

  14. FA says:

    It was a raining and a cold Friday, but most importantly it was Friday fast with book discussion class and group HU chant, and also my birthday. So I was bent on attending the discussion class all cost. As the Arahata opened a chapter of the book, lo and behold I saw Happy Birthday. The Mahanta’s Love entered my whole being immediately. I was excited with wonder, love and gratitude to the Master.

  15. Kathy Ayeh says:

    So true! When you love from the Divine Spirit All life forms feel this love ECK.

  16. Kathy Ayeh says:

    So true! I noticed how the birds would peer over on my patio roof reminding me to feed them..It filled me gratitude. Knowing that these birds appreciated their morning meal.

  17. Carol says:

    Our daily peanut sharing with the jays, squirrels, and rabbits in our little urban canyon keeps our hearts open while extending our circle of family to the trees, sky, bushes, and grasses. May the Blessings Be

  18. Dimče says:

    Truly a blessing, coming here to the Blog every day. Without exception, I find inspiration! The words of the Mahanta never grow old and are always relevant.

  19. Steve says:

    Good words about taking another step.

  20. Jill says:

    A truly beautiful story!

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