Love Should Be the Smile You Wear

By Emeka, Nigeria

As a member of Eckankar, you can study monthly spiritual discourses that come from the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. ECK members (chelas) plant their feet on a direct path to draw ever closer to the heart of God through the ECK initiations, which include receiving a sacred personal word. Sri Harold says this secret word “fine-tunes you to the life stream of God, Divine Spirit.”

In Emeka’s story below, she describes a spiritual exercise that began with reading her ECK discourse and chanting her personal word, then developed into a Soul Travel experience where the Mahanta, her spiritual guide, led her to an inner volume of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Eckankar’s sacred scriptures. It expanded her awareness with blessings of love and spiritual wisdom.


One morning just before chanting my personal word, I read my discourse, lesson 11 of Letters of Light & Sound 1. The companion text was chapter 33, “Jewels of Wisdom,” in Stranger by the River.

Normally during my morning spiritual exercise I visualize myself entering a blue light that appears on my door and takes me to the ECK Temple in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. At the center of the Temple’s entrance to the sanctuary a body of white light pours from above. I usually enter the light and float high into the light above the building, then into a room of light where I meet with the Mahanta. But on this occasion, as I got to the point where I would meet with the Mahanta, the scene changed.

The Mahanta and I walked through a passage with candlelight that was not very bright. The walls of the place seemed quite old. We walked down a few small staircases and into a room. At that point I said, “This is different from the imaginative technique I normally do every morning.”

The Mahanta stopped walking and asked me to go forward. I did, and I came to a book and told myself that this must be the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. But it wasn’t shining the way other people have described the Shariyat in their experiences. I got close to read from it, but instead of seeing writing, I began to feel and hear reading inside of me. It was like the content was made for me. And it was on wisdom, understanding, and love.

This is what I gathered from my Soul Travel experience during contemplation:


Concentrate on love.

Start by knowing your flaws, accepting your mistakes, and

learning to forgive yourself.

Send much love to your heart, and replace those

flaws and mistakes with love.

Let this love overflow and reach out to people around you.

Learn to consciously give this love to everyone you meet.

Love should be the gaze when you look at people.

Love should be the handshake you exchange with people.

Love should be the smile you wear as you walk on the street.

Love should be the hug you share

and the consciousness you dwell in all day.

It continued:

When you do this, you’ll begin to feel lighter, because all the grudges and mental vices begin to melt away. And you enter the inner worlds much easier and become more open to the Light and Sound.

The love you give is the Light and Sound you carry. The more you give, the more you have to give; you can never exhaust it. When the heart is open and filled with love, compassion comes in, and you begin to see and accept life for what it is. That’s how understanding comes. Love will open you to the Light and Sound, and that’s how you can get wisdom too.

* * *

This was my Soul Travel experience!

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