A Dream Reunion Heals a Grieving Heart

By Kathleen, Illinois

A few years ago, my friend Jim passed away suddenly. He’d been a companion with whom I lived for many years. Like me, he was a longtime member of Eckankar. His passing left me feeling shocked, lonely, bereft—and unaccountably angry.

Over the next month or two, I kept thinking of things he did that really annoyed me. I shifted between anger and missing him terribly.

Then one morning I had a fantastic dream. I was walking down a white marble hall and sensed Jim coming up behind me. I felt his right arm wrap around my shoulders and gather me to him, my cheek against his chest. Without looking up, I sobbed, “I miss you so much!” I felt his kiss on the very top of my head, and he breathed two compassionate, loving words, “I know.”

Instantly I felt my emotional pain lift. I felt understood. This Soul, who knew me so deeply, saw exactly what I was going through. He’d come to ease my grief. It was so real.

His T-shirt smelled like it had just come out of the dryer. I could also pick up the minty scent of his favorite shower soap. The shock and anger over his death drained out of me, never to return.

Then he stepped back so I could get a good look at him. He was sixty-six when he translated (died). But now he looked to be in his early thirties, as he was when I first met him.

“I’ve got to get back,” he said gently. I nodded in agreement and threw him a kiss as he stepped into an elevator several others were also boarding. The door closed.

As I awoke from this dream, I felt elated, loved, relieved, and filled with gratitude. I instantly looked to my inner screen and saw the broadly smiling face of the Mahanta, my dear inner friend, teacher, and guide. I thanked him over and over for his help in arranging this dream reunion. Gratitude and a sense of peaceful love filled my life for many days.

There is a book by the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, Harold Klemp, called ECK Wisdom on Life after Death. In it he writes of a conversation he had with an eye doctor he was visiting professionally. The doctor was a Christian and had recently lost his father. At the end of the visit, the doctor began to question Harold about the reality of other spiritual planes.

Harold replied that love is stronger than fear or even death. Whenever there is a strong bond of love between two people, they can meet again in their dreams or by Soul Travel.

I had not overtly requested a dream connection with Jim. I trusted that Divine Spirit would take care of whatever was best in that regard. I had simply turned everything over to the Inner Master on a daily basis during that difficult period, surrendering my sad, confused feelings to Spirit.

This precious dream experience demonstrated for me, more than ever, that Soul is eternal. My inner awarenesses—those spiritual experiences and understandings in my contemplations, dreams, and intuitive perceptions—are as real as anything I have ever experienced in my outer life and show me the best way to live.

This amazing, loving inner spiritual guidance transforms my life.

Love is the only thing that can replace a loss of the heart, and Soul Travel (which is an expansion of spiritual awareness) is the gateway to love…. Soul, knowing of Its divine nature, sees beyond the ends of eternity and knows It can never be extinguished like a candle’s flame.

—Sri Harold Klemp
    ECK Wisdom on Life after Death


For Your Contemplation 

Before going to sleep tonight, ask the Mahanta to show you a glimpse of life in the inner worlds. Look for a dream experience showing Soul is eternal.

11 Responses to A Dream Reunion Heals a Grieving Heart

  1. Dimče says:

    How truly profound and edifying to know that the continuation of life is a living, breathing reality that we are all a part of! In spite of the overwhelming nature of ‘this dream we’re in’, ie; the Pinda ( Physical ) Universe, Soul does indeed survive death of the physical body as we all sooner or later experience through experiences just like the wonderful story above. Soul ‘lives, moves and breathes’ within the Life Stream known as the ECK, through Seeing, Knowing and Being, and is not bound or contained by the borders of one world or another! Keeping those doors open is as simple as maintaining our spiritual practices on a daily basis as taught by Eckankar.

  2. Nnena says:

    What a wonderful spiritual relief. Great teachings of Eckankar.

  3. Mary Cooney says:

    Thank you for the reminder of the power of love and the Mahanta’s presence. What a beautiful story!

  4. Karen says:

    Lovely story!!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Bi V.N says:

    Thanks so much for your story Kathleen. It touched the core of my heart and I was almost tearing.

    This reminds me of the loss of my younger brother back in 2017. We had a family reunion in December 2016 when I took some days of vacation. He has been sick for a while, but had gotten quite better before our reunion. We cracked jokes and reviewed some of our interesting teenage stories like our moonlight plays with neighboring friends, and how some even got their future couples from there. It was really a memorable moment for us all. We all went back to our various homes and cities after this happy moment. About a month and half later I was woken up by a call from the last of my siblings announcing that our brother was no more.

    It was so shocking and terrifying to me. He and the wife had four kids. The wife had just lost her job and they were facing some financial difficulties at that moment. What about the children? How were they going to survive and what about their education. I was worried and depressed from the loss and with all of these. Asking The Mahanta for guidance and support was what I needed to think about then, the rest will definitely be taken care of subsequently.

    Some few days later as we were making preparations for his burial I had an experience. Standing tall and huge was this tropical plume tree directly in front of our living room
    This huge dark creature hide within its branches and lives other living creatures. But this new stranger was so imposing.

    It was about 7pm, and the darkness surrounding the tree gave it a frightening stillness. I heard from its depth a very strange snoring sound. I couldn’t imagine what animal that was. It was so strange, I noticed. Birds have been visiting and eating the fruits, but I never taken note of this sound. The next day about 9pm as I stood out at the door again to get some freshness, here comes this mooing sound again, much louder than the previous day’s. I called to my husband’s attention. He too said it’s strange, he’s never heard it. About 5am the following day I was up getting ready for work. There comes this sound again much stronger and clearer. Suddenly I felt this cold and numbness through my whole body. Then I could hear with my inner ears the voice of my late brother saying “sister, are you not hearing me? I have come to thank you for your love and help, but it was just time for me to go, so I have come to say, bye!”

    I felt like we were actually standing together and discussing. I felt sad losing him, but just had to accept and respect his decision, so said “ok, bye brother, I love you too.”
    Then inwardly I started singing the HU song and directing my love to him and asking the Mahanta’s will to be done on him.

    I felt some inner calm and became more relaxed after this experience. When I told my husband my experience, he didn’t even think, but immediately said “your brother loves you so much that he’s came to bid you farewell.”

    We never heard that strange mooing Sound on that tree again. It stopped after my experience.

    Love comes in very strange ways and in unexpected places.

  6. Afrouz says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. David R Ogletree says:

    A wonderful story, Kathleen, that expresses the love bond between Soul’s. It also shows the precious gift that has been given to us through our experiences and growth in Eckankar. That is the surrender we have given ECK to take us into the Inner Worlds and give us that which we need to live and love in this physical incarnation. It seems it is always difficult to lose our loved ones from this life, but your story, and many more like it, show us that this physical existence is only one part of Sugmad’s creation. And the Mahanta is the gateway to all. May The Blessing’s Be.

  8. Ife Silva says:

    Great story. Really enjoyed reading it!

  9. Ameerat says:

    I love this story. It’s really beautiful. More love to your healing heart Kathleen. Thank HU

  10. David Gardner says:

    Terrific story, Kathleen. We recently lost one of our beloved “fur babies.” The Mahanta let her visit us in the night a few days after her death. My Mother and I both heard her signature “whump” when she plopped on the floor. We knew she was visiting to tell us she was alright. Later, I had an experience with her and my sister’s dog, who also passed. They were in a park as puppies playing and romping with their new family.
    These moments are treasures we take with us. They are proof that life here in the physical is just one facet of our existence–one place in a myriad of places that Soul occupies to gain experience and get a greater footing on the path back home.
    Thanks so much for your story. It touched my heart.

  11. Connie Bowden says:

    Lovely….thank you for sharing this with us.

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