A Smile or a Laugh to Serve All Life

By Harold Klemp

This story is about Mary. She was a volunteer emergency medical technician (EMT), working out in the country where there was a long drive to the hospital.

The EMTs have a difficult job. Their task is to figure out how they can help the patient. Sometimes the patients are in great pain. The EMTs get them aboard the ambulance and check the vital signs like temperature, pulse, and blood pressure.

Mary would chat with patients and try to cheer them up in some way, see if she could just help them feel better. Maybe they would think less about their own situation.

She noticed that if the patient smiled or laughed at some of her chatter, there was usually an improvement in the vital signs. Sometimes the pulse, the heartbeat, would go back toward normal. Sometimes even the pain would lessen.

And once in a while the patient would say, “OK, I feel pretty good now. I think we can go back home. Let’s turn around.” She said, “Of course we never did.” Once the wheels are set in motion, they’re not turning around for anything. There are people waiting on the other end.

Mary said the whole thing that she was involved with was love. She realized that laughter, smiling, and humor show love. All these things simply show love.

Excerpted from The Master’s Talks in The Year of Light and Sound—2013–14.

12 Responses to A Smile or a Laugh to Serve All Life

  1. Lovedales says:

    Smile, laughter, humor, gratitude etc. are all things that we do not need money to buy. I wonder why we do not constantly practice them. They open the heart wide for blessing to flow in. Stories like these keep reminding us always and they help us to be in tune. Thank you Mahanta for sharing.

  2. Fidele Comlan says:

    Smile, laughter, humour are priceless. They are special things we can give even if we have no money, no capacity, we can’t move ….we just need to be open to the holy spririt, the light and sound of ECK. Thank Mahanta to have choice me for this special adventure. I’m really on my way back home

  3. Enajite Orode says:

    I once noted that laughter has no language barrier because it is of all languages. It pays to smile and laugh.
    Thank you, Sri Harold. I love you!

  4. Karen says:

    Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing. I have always believed in the power of love, smiles and laughter.

  5. Giuliana Colella says:

    yes I will remind it. And I’ll remind to laughter to myself too. thank you huuuuuuuuu

  6. Beatrice Carroll says:

    Mary’s heartfelt actions well define what “ Love beyond words “ mean. Thank you for all you do!
    As a coworker with the Mahanta sometimes all you have are seconds to allow the ECK to flow. Reducing the patients stress ever so briefly allows the flow of love to come into their heart. It’s beautiful to see how divine love works!

  7. Carl Horton says:

    An ear to ear smile. This is my favorite gift! Whenever I get out in public, I try to give everyone my own heartfelt joy through my sincere smile as I catch their eye in passing. It is a conscious sharing of Sugmad’s love that flows through me always. I have seen the most dour faces, caught by surprise, suddenly change their visage and return my smile. Then, my heart soars!
    I have a picture of Harold Klemp sitting on my dresser. In that picture the hair on the sides of his head are just beginning to grey, he is wearing glasses and he has an almost Mona Lisa like smile. But, I see him actually smiling and laughing with me, laughing at the joy of our spiritual bond. I can’t help but to smile in that joyful moment and even to chuckle. Even now, just thinking of it. I am so fortunate to have this blessing.
    In my everyday thankful ritual at the start of the day, I not only thank Sugmad for all my gifts, and I try to name many of them and for calling me home, as I try to return that love. I also thank the Mahanta for showing me the way home, as well as the Order of the Varagi and everyone else who has been helping me, often naming particular masters, but I also thank the Eck Master, himself, for his choice to serve in that capacity, thankful for his own sacrifice and trials and for the smile his picture or presence puts on my face. Smile, and the whole world smiles with you. May the Blessings Be!

  8. Timi Bomodi says:

    Sometimes a smile, or a nod acknowledging the presence of another Soul. Simple things like opening doors for strangers in public places, helps us serve and uplift others.

  9. Jessica Reynolds says:

    I have noticed that an unsuspecting smile from a stranger can open my heart to pass on that love to another Soul.

  10. Favour says:

    Always give the the slightest service you can render.
    Mary gave laughter to her patient which helps a lot.
    Serving ECK through Service is a wonderful thing.

  11. ALFRED COKER says:


  12. Pamela says:

    Serving life with love, laughter and humour. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience

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