Finding Hidden Treasure—Giving Service and Being Served

By Benny, Minnesota

Twice a year there is a special service day at the ECKANKAR Spiritual Campus. Volunteers come from all over to help beautify the Temple of ECK through gardening, cleaning, and working on the contemplation trails—just for love.

I was working with a team to renew an old garden. Our job was to dig up the top layer of rocks and then the soil to prepare the garden bed for new growth. Before commencing, I invited our team to do a spiritual exercise to look for spiritual meaning behind our task.

Together we sang HU, and then in contemplation we each inwardly asked to be shown the significance of what we were about to do. On the inner screen I saw that the garden we were digging was far deeper than it appeared in the physical plane. I kept digging through the many layers until I found treasure.

After the contemplation we each shared our experiences and then moved on to the task at hand. Despite its being physically arduous, we enjoyed the process of shoveling rocks for three hours. The camaraderie and conversation made the job a joy. And seeing our task as a sacred one made everything go so much more smoothly than I would have ever imagined.

A couple of hours into digging, I noticed something shining in the light beneath a rock. I bent down and picked up a tiny silver plaque, then brushed the dirt off to reveal a hidden message: Perfect Home.

On the surface, it was such an odd little plaque to find there. We were baffled by how it could have gotten there in the first place, yet spiritually it made perfect sense. This is an example of a waking dream—where the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds disappears, and truth is revealed through some kind of symbol or message.

There are often many layers of meaning to an experience. On one level, this confirmed for me that the spiritual campus is the perfect home for ECKANKAR.

On a personal level, it showed me the power of digging deeper in my own life. When I look at “rough rocks” or a “barren garden” in some aspect of my life, inwardly there is much more to it. By singing HU and putting attention inwardly on the task at hand, I can see hidden meanings. And if I keep digging deeper, I will eventually find treasure.

It was such a joy to serve in this way. And through service, the blessings of Divine Spirit reveal themselves in the most miraculous of ways.

You’re Invited!

Beautify Day has been a special biannual event in the Temple of ECK calendar for many years. It is a joyful occasion where the ECK community comes together to garden, weed, wash windows, and groom the Temple, Eckankar Spiritual Center, and contemplation trails. Volunteers also enjoy fellowship and stories over a good meal.

The event is held in May and September each year. The next Beautify Day at the Temple of ECK is Saturday, September 21, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You are welcome to join us if you are in the area!

Beautify Day is now a worldwide ECK tradition. Look for other upcoming events in an ECK community near you!

8 Responses to Finding Hidden Treasure—Giving Service and Being Served

  1. Patricia Mannix says:

    I joined Eckankar in its early time on Earth. The books available were by Paul Twitchell. There wasn’t a book filled with wonderful spiritual exercises for chelas tomturn to. There was a handful exercises from Paul and the Eck books, so I created my own. This story about the garden reminded me of one I used and built on. I would enter a area with natures beauty all around including a bright sunny day with puffy white clouds and birds flying above. Off in one area was a large garden that stretched over the land. Sri Harold, the Mahanta would always be tending to the flowers, fruits and vegetables growing in abundance there. I would walk to him and say hello. The flowers, fruits and veggies he tended I imagined to be the souls in his care. Then I would walk about five minutes through a forest area that came onto a beach with the ocean waves gently rolling onto the white sand. A short ways further sat my cottage with a dock and large blue and white roe boat.
    Sometimes the Mahanta or one of the many other masters would take me out for a ride. Most times I entered the cottage to prepare some tea and cookies, veggie plate with dip. A fire was going in the large stone fireplace. After heating water for tea the guests arrived. They were many of the Eck Masters that arrived to talk business over some goodies. We would sit around the table that sat in front of a large open window. This was a time I could ask them questions and listen to them exchange ideas. The garden, forest and cottage are still there.

  2. Annie says:

    Great story!

  3. Jean-Claude Konan says:

    Truth has no Secrets. Yeah it’s a Perfect Home !

  4. Huseina says:

    In ECK, you learn in the most profound way that even the simplest of things matter.

    Benny, thank you for this reminder!

  5. Ameerat Bello says:

    I’ll definitely be there! Thank you for the enlightenment and invite and, thank HU Benny for sharing your beautiful story. MTBB.

  6. Debra Eggleston says:

    Grateful just what I needed 💛

  7. Ntomchukwu Ukachukwu says:

    Beautify Day! I thank you for opening me to the awareness of this program. Now I am happy to know where I have always been gardening and growing flowers in the Inner

    I consciously look forward to completion of this exercise out here. Expect me!

  8. Marty C says:

    Terrific experience. “Perfect,” absolutely, a sign indeed with multiple meanings. Physically as well as within the inner worlds.

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