How to Soul Travel: Beyond Astral Projection and Out-of-Body Experiences

This clip—and the transcript below—is from Harold Klemp‘s 2013 talk “Just Keep Trying.”


This story is about “Uba,” who’s currently living in the United States. In an African language, “Uba” means rich.

Way back when he was a Second Initiate, Uba wanted to Soul Travel more than anything. Because as far as he was concerned, if he could Soul Travel, this would prove that Eckankar was real, and that the ECK teachings were what they said they were.

He was so desperate to learn to Soul Travel. He tried a three-day, dry fasting technique that his Christian father had taught him before he died. Yet the deceased can come in dreams and tell you all kinds of things.

So Uba left the quiet and calm of his village, and he went off by himself. He sat there for three days, and absolutely nothing happened. Nothing at all. So he came back.

But what kept his faith in ECK, when he got back to town, was that this complete stranger came up to him and said, “Your friend wants me to be introduced to your religion.” Uba said, “What friend?” And the stranger said, “The one who goes with you everywhere in town.”

Then this stranger described perfectly the ECK Master Rebazar Tarzs. A long time ago he served as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master in Tibet.

Uba was looking at this. Here he was: he just lost his father, he had two toddlers at home, and he didn’t have a job. Yet he had the company of an ECK Master.

Sometimes people wonder, If someone else can see the Master, why can’t I? Because it isn’t necessary. Sometimes it would detract you from your true goal, which is going home to God. In some way, spiritually, it’s better for you that you just know that the Master—or one of the ECK Masters—is always with you.

But when Uba got the news that he had this friend, this invisible friend, going everywhere he did, he became more active in ECK activities and also the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. This is a recurring theme of those people who just keep trying in ECK. You double down.

Then one night after doing his spiritual exercises, Uba went back to bed. Before he knew it, he was out of the body, just as smooth and easy as you please. There was such ecstasy, so much ecstasy in this state.

Uba felt so good, he put his fist in the air and said, “It works, Mahanta, it works!” That was when he was still out of the body. He said, “ECK works! Thank you, Mahanta.”

These Soul Travel experiences went on for many more nights. Then slowly, ever so slowly, they began to let up. Years later, Uba wondered, Why can’t I Soul Travel now? Because usually when people Soul Travel, it’s in one of the lower worlds, where they are spiritually. And that’s where Uba had been as a Second Initiate.

But as you get into the higher areas, you no longer Soul Travel. As you move toward your goal—returning to the Kingdom of God—your expansion and your maturation take other forms.

Now, it will be different for each one of you. Some of you will have guidance through intuition, much more than before, or some other way. You’ll just know. At a certain level, it’s Seeing, Knowing, and Being. If you’re not there yet, just keep trying.

8 Responses to How to Soul Travel: Beyond Astral Projection and Out-of-Body Experiences

  1. Diallo I. Amadou says:

    Bonjour soir MAHANTA ,
    Je suis ravie de votre conseille , que les bénédictions soient.

  2. Rob Ilechuku says:

    This story reminds of the days when I was desperate to leave the body under my own volition as often as I could. One day I realised that most of my out of body trips were taking place on Friday. What was special about Fridays? On those days I did a mental-fast. Armed with this new knowledge, I would intentionally mental-fast on any day I wanted to Soul Travel.

    Once, when I was working in Scotland for 6 months, my then wife and I made a pact to meet each other in full awareness every single Wednesday. Each Wednesday I would mental-fast and ask the Inner Master at bedtime to let me Soul Travel to meet my wife. On a number of Wednesdays my request was granted. Tiring of this eventually, I expanded my requests to meet ECK Masters in full consciousness.

  3. randhir singh says:

    I thank you Mahanta for your presence with me whether I am aware of or not, but in someway through subsequent events your presence gets known to me and my heart gets filled with gratitude and love, divine love. So very grateful

  4. André Ngoie Kibambe says:

    Tout ce que le Mahanta nous donne n’est que bénédiction.

  5. Evelyn Moyer says:

    I do depend on the guidance and protection of the Mahanta and other ECK Masters, but if one showed up in my kitchen it would probably freak me out!

  6. Emma Enakpotobor says:

    Thank You Mahanta,
    I am happy that I’m privileged to read about this. Before now, I kept wondering what have I not been doing right that have stopped me from enjoying myself again as Soul. Now I know.
    I appreciate your Love.

  7. Leia McKellian says:

    Thank you, Mahanta,
    I really needed to hear this. I do not have the words to explain, but I know I needed to hear this, and because of this story I know it is fine that I do not know.
    May the Blessings Be

  8. Passion MATONDO says:

    Merci Mahanta: voir, savoir et être.
    Baraka bashad

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