Spiritual Grace

By Harold Klemp

Everything in the right amount brings an abundance of life and fulfillment.

Nature reflects the laws of ECK. Therefore, observe its workings in the habits of birds, the cycles of plants, and the instincts of the reptiles and mammals.

All sing the glory of ECK; all teach the secrets of life.

Watch the coming and going of clouds, the waxing and waning of the moon, and the rising and setting of the sun. They reveal the natural order of creation.

Everything is right when there is neither too much nor too little for the time and place. So is it also with your spiritual life.

Eat foods that are good for you, because they build and restore the temple where Soul resides. Accept your emotions. Permit your mind to study, explore, and grow. Give yourself time for rest and contemplation. Love God.

Give thanks for life, for it blesses you with revelations.

Life gives and takes, but always gives again. Be thankful for wisdom, be grateful for existence.

Life is precious. Love it, and it will return unfoldment to you a thousand times. We live in a time of unequaled spiritual opportunity.

This world and the things in it are for exploration, study, and joy.

Immerse yourself in living. Pet a cat, hug a child, or love a dog. Eat an ice-cream cone, have some pie—but do all things in moderation.

Ask yourself, What is for my highest good?

Take a walk by yourself or with a loved one. Listen for the Voice of God in the sounds of nature.

There is a plan to living; there is order. Love, and let God love you.

Excerpted from The Sound of Soul.

27 Responses to Spiritual Grace

  1. Lovedales says:

    I am truly grateful. This is direct talk to SOUL. I felt it in the core of my heart. Thank you Mahanta.

  2. Gladys Orupabo says:

    Thank you Mahanta for the love and blessings. Also the inner and outer guidance. Love you Wah Z.

  3. Giuliana Colella says:

    Thank you Mahanta! I really need these, your words very much!
    With all my love

  4. Kogilavani Raman says:

    Thank you Z for the wonderful lines that blessed my day….
    Thank you so much for being so close to my heart every day and night.

  5. Diallo I. Amadou says:

    Merci , MAHANTA
    De m’avoir enseigné l’amour de la vie , Baraka bashad.

  6. Albert Ireoma says:

    Thank you so helpful

  7. Cindy Carson says:

    This brought tears to my eyes, which meant I needed to read this today. Thank you. Thank you.

  8. Ameerat says:

    Thanks everyone for your beautiful comments and lovely stories.

  9. Alicia Russell says:

    Thank you Mahanta for the reminder of staying in balance and that the ECK is ever present with reflections of it’s love

  10. Matt Tyler says:

    Thank you my mahanta for always being there with your love and support and always supplying the right answer just when I need it! And for your lessons of love and light to know how to realize when the essence of God is surrounding you speaking to you through the beauty of a bird singing are gentle breeze blowing and and the gentle sunlight shining on you even when it’s cloudy outside but most of all how to love myself and others.

  11. ExpatinKorea says:

    I went to a Tiger Shrimp Festival in Anmyoungdo in South Korea with my wife today. In the past I have avoided crowded festivals in Korea but today I was determined to go with the Eck flow, so on we went. It was a lovely drive to the southwestern part of Korea that we have not been to. It was a good day trip. There weren’t any huge crowds, the fried shrimp was good but expensive. On the way back we stopped off at a nearby Jurassic dinosaur park which was really a kids play park with some dinosaur skeletons. When we got home, I checked my email and I found this email from the Blog team. Awesome. I did not hug an animal or eat an ice cream cone but I went there as an Eckist with my Korean wife who loves shrimp. Thank you, Mahanta for today’s special experience and affirmation to love and live life. 감사합니다 (Thank you in Korean.)

  12. Rex Gborglah says:

    Life is simple if you do everything in moderation. Thank you Z for always showing the way.

  13. Gershon Teku says:

    Very lovely and beautiful to enrich my Soul l really admire nature and it is always amazing, thanks Mahanta

  14. Linda says:

    Thank you, Sri Harold, for heart opening article. May the Blessings Be!

  15. Nwabugo Onyemagwam says:

    Each paragraph here is a contemplation seed.
    Love it.

  16. Austin Okonkwo says:

    Thank you so much for this piece of love in form of an advice. It’s been very difficult for me to just live life. But breaking it down has shown me the little things i can still do to live life with the love of the Mahanta. Thank you Wah Z.


    Thanks Z, my take away is Spiritual Grace is about finding the rhythm of life and this brings balance, harmony and Grace.

  18. Loretta Cantu Rothstein says:

    Thank you, Mahanta, for your sweet words of encouragement. I will keep them in my heart and use them to guide my day.

  19. André Ngoie Kibambe says:

    Merci Mahanta pour l’amour.

  20. Elizabeth, Germany says:

    “Observe its workings in the habits of birds…All sing the glory of ECK”
    This summer a tiny little bird had fallen out of its nest and tried to find its mother while sitting in my garden.
    It was able to flatter about but this made it even worse, because the flight went downstairs to the cellar.
    Inwardly I asked the Mahanta: What can I do? Well, chanting HU is always a good way to give support.
    Mother bird found her little one “shouting” and showed the way back up into the garden. The stairs seemed so high.
    Tiny bird was confused. So mother bird tried it again until her little one followed all the way back up into the garden.
    I observed how mothers love overcame the obstacle and courage of the little one brought the solution.
    Finally they chirped together and flew away. Well, never give up even when your way brought you dowstairs!
    Just try again to fly up high! Then you are able to sing this glory of ECK.

  21. Iruegbukpe FADEKEMI says:

    I love this piece so much. Thank you Mahanta for your love and advice… May the blessings be.

  22. Niels-Jul Yrvin says:

    Reading this words from the Master I was thinking how my life has improved over the years. What came to mind was that, “Good thoughts are the detergent of Soul. It cleans, polishes, repairs Soul, and makes it shine.”

  23. Pamela Dockstader says:

    Thank you for allowing me to see the beauty of spiritual grace.

    • Ayodele Fagbemi says:

      Thank you Wah Z. My recent readings have stressed the importance of doing things that are good for the greatest number. With this corroborating blog I believe that the ECK is speaking to me to watch my decisions and actions.

  24. Omolumo Mojisola says:

    Just what I needed at the moment!

  25. Passion MATONDO says:

    La force de ce poste montre bien que le pouvoir se renouvelle avec le nouveau cycle qui commence le 22 octobre prochain.
    Merci Mahanta c’est le Eck qui m’a touché.
    Chaque phrase est hautement spirituelle.
    Ce sera ma contemplation de ce soir.
    Rejoins moi z.

  26. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very Wah Z for all that you’ve said.

    If we can keep to all that you’ve mentioned, we may be able to stay in balance.

    However, I think we still need your guidance to know when its “the right amount of anything.”
    Instinctively, we could, BUT who gives the INSTINCT..

    Thanks very much, Z.

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