The Mahanta Knows My Number

By Peri, Alberta, Canada

The phone rang one day as I was on my way to work in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Normally I do not answer the phone while driving, especially if the call is from an unknown number. But on this occasion I felt compelled to pick it up. The voice at the other end said, “Is this the correct number? A white man gave me this number in a dream last night and said I should call it this morning. Is this the correct number?”

“Yes,” I said, sensing the white man he mentioned must be the Mahanta. Then he began telling me his story, but I had to stop him. “I am driving,” I said. “I’ll call you back in two hours.”

Upon reaching my destination, I returned his call. What happened, I asked, and why was my mobile phone number given to him?

“Life has been very hard for me,” he said. “After graduating from trade school, I could not get a job. I was advised to train as a construction-equipment operator, so I did that but still couldn’t find a job. Following further advice, I qualified as an overhead-crane operator. Still I remained unemployed, no matter how hard I tried. I was getting very tired of acquiring new skills that could not secure me a job.

“I am an orphan, alone in this world. The house my parents left behind is almost collapsed because I couldn’t maintain it. I thought to myself, There’s no point in continuing to suffer and making no headway in life. Last night, I made up my mind to take my own life by hanging myself. I planned to get what I needed today and go into the forest tonight to execute my plan.

“As I slept last night, I had a dream where I saw myself in the forest where I had planned to go. I had set up everything and was about to put the rope over my head, when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. When I looked, I saw a white man standing behind me. I asked him what he was doing there—a white man in a lonely African forest at night.

“‘Don’t do it. What is your problem?’ the white man said to me.

“I told him life was not worth living if I couldn’t get a job. At that point the white man gave me a telephone number and told me to call it first thing in the morning. I told him, ‘I do not want a lot of talk. All I want is a job so I can live a normal life. I do not want to talk to anyone who cannot give me a job.’

“The white man said, ‘Call the number, and your problems will be solved.’

“So that is why I called your number. Is it the right number? Can you give me a job?”

“OK,” I told him. “Come to my office, and let’s talk.”

“I have no money to travel into town. It is almost a two-hour bus ride,” he said.

“No problem,” I said to him. “Borrow money from whomever you can. I will refund your bus fare when we meet.”

The following day, he came to meet me as agreed.

He was about five feet four inches tall and looked to be in his midtwenties. As he entered my office he saw Sri Harold Klemp’s photo on the wall. He pointed at it and screamed, “That’s him! That’s him! The white man that met me in the forest.”

After repeating his story, he paused for a moment while looking at the Master’s photo. Shaking his head, he said, “How could I remember that long telephone number when I woke up?” It was an eleven-digit number. Then he asked me again, “Will you give me a job?”

I told him the white man he saw in his dream is Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. He is the spiritual leader of Eckankar. I introduced the Mahanta to him and briefly explained to him the basic teaching of Eckankar. I taught him how to sing HU, that wonderful, healing love song to God. I shared with him how HU has helped me in very difficult times. We sang HU together, and I gave him some reading material to take home. Also, I put a call through to the local director of Eckankar in his hometown. They exchanged contact information and agreed to meet when he got back home.

When he came to my office, all he wanted was a job. I assured him, “The most important thing in life is not a job. If you have the Mahanta in your life, everything gets sorted out.” He left my office happy and very grateful for the special gifts he had gotten that day.

27 Responses to The Mahanta Knows My Number

  1. Lugard Okechukwu says:

    It was an amazing story…. Mahanta have done lots of things for for me, if I have ten thousand tongues, I can not say it all… Nara ekele’m oo. ( Take My Gratitude)

  2. Jean-Paulin Irung says:

    Nous ne réalisons pas combien nous sommes fortunés d’avoir un guide comme le Mahanta. Là est la preuve que le Mahanta est l’Homme-Dieu est que rien dans notre vie lui écharpe. Il nous couvre de son amour infini à chaque instant et son amour est la solution à tous nos problèmes !

  3. Forbes Chikosi says:

    The story has uplifted me as I am presently going through my own bout of challenges and has reminded me to always rely on the Mahanta and remember to chant HU thank you very much

  4. Stéphane Prince says:

    How many life time, how many century, how many cosmic years, does it take for soul to accept the love of SUGMAD?
    It does not matter; because we are SOUL and when the time as come the call of the MAHANTA, of SUGMAD in fact,
    will spure acceptence and gratittude and change water into wine, famine to plenty. Yes, all we need is LOVE.
    Thank you Wah Z.

  5. Peter E Akpokodje says:

    These are remarkable times. HU is the balm for Soul as the Kali Yuga slowly winds down.

  6. Ndu Greg says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z for being there for all Soul.
    May the blessings be

  7. Serge ALLODEOU says:

    Beautiful! Very amazing story. May the blessing be!!!


    Wow!!!The Mahanta just spoke to me through this , I recently relocated to UK with my kids , so busy looking for a job that I started neglecting my spiritual exercises and stopped looking for an Eck centre to continue my Satsang classes.
    ‘The most important thing in life is not a job if I have the Mahanta with me I have Everything, and Everything will be sorted out in due time. Thank you Wah Z for this reassurance. MTBB.

  9. Amaka Idoko says:

    Wah Z never ceases to be faithful. Such a beautiful story of God’s Love. Always grateful Mahanta for your guidance and protection. Thank you 🙏🏾 Sugmad.

  10. Josue Rubi says:

    Beautiful story proving that the love of God is everywhere. I love you Mahanta ❤️

  11. Kirk Williams says:

    Truly amazing!
    May the blessings be!

  12. Kogilavani Raman says:

    Thank you for sharing dear Peri. I had goose bumps while reading your story. Truly I’m gifted too, to have the Mahanta’s love in my life, which has no boundaries whatsoever.

  13. Ameerat says:

    Thank you everybody for your love. This is what happens when one is a channel for the SUGMAD (God), the ECK (Holy Spirit) and the Mahanta (my bestest friend ever). This is what happens when one is a cup for the living water. May the blessings be

  14. Cindy Carson says:

    Such a lovely tale of the inner presence of the Mahanta at the perfect moment. As always.

  15. Sylvia Gordon says:

    I, too, was at the end of my rope (not literally but in my seeking). One day I threw my arms over
    my head, cried out, “If this is all there is you can take me now!!” Suddenly a telephone number
    started to go over and over in my head. I had no idea whose it was. I was desperate so I called
    immediately…it was a lady I had known years before when we both attended a Christian church.
    The first thing I asked was “do you still go to???. She said “no Darling, I go to ECKANKAR.”
    The next day I traveled to see her, she told me about HU which I chanted when I returned home
    and instantly heard the sound of hundreds of bells! I had instant proof that ECKANKAR was the
    Spiritual path for me. Yes, the Inner Master is real, Loving us, Guiding us ALWAYS!!

  16. Trudy Millman says:

    How wonderful. We are truly blessed with the ECK teachings.

  17. Ndubuisi Okereke says:

    This story confirms the reality of The MAHANTA and that The MAHANTA is for all Souls in form irrespective of belief or religion. We are lucky to have the MAHANTA. May The Blessings Be.

  18. Sarah Apau says:

    This is amazing story. Thanks for sharing
    This really shows The Mahanta is for all Souls who are ready. May the blessing

  19. Ozoemena boniface says:

    Wow, Mahanta is wonderful; comes in when we need most help, may the blessings be!

  20. Bonny says:

    Just don’t forget to always sing the HU. This is the most powerful prayer I have ever known.
    Thank you Mahanta.

  21. Kelli Kollanda says:

    Excellent EXCELLENT story Of the Mahanta’s love! Knowing & having the Mahanta in my life oh yeah!! Awesome awesome awesome

  22. Austin Okonkwo says:

    This proves that the Mahanta is for every Soul in form regardless of ones spiritual beliefs. Thank you Z

  23. HUSEINA says:

    Dear Peri, thanks for sharing.

    Your experience goes to show me that experiences I have had that are similar to yours are as real as my backyard garden I see through my window.

    What a treasure to have the MAHANTA in our lives!

  24. Zacchaeus Akighir says:

    We thank you Wah Z for being there for all Souls. Thank you also, Peri for sharing your experience with us. It is reassuring that Wah Z could use you as a vehicle to convey the message of Divine Grace to an almost helpless individual. I also agree with Moses Nduekhe that the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master is not just for those of us lucky enough to be ECKists, but is the Spiritual Master for all Souls as demonstrated in the affairs of this young man in the story. Indeed, most of us, have been brought to the path of Eckankar by the intervention of the Mahanta in our lives. It may not have been out of such desperation, as in this story; it could just be out of trying to find answers to our faiths, as must ave been vested in a previous path; but the Mahanta was there to help.
    May the blessings be.

  25. Iruegbukpe FADEKEMI says:

    Woooow! The ECK is so real and true. I made up my mind that the ECK is going to be my ALL in all life’s trial. I thank you Mahanta for this golden opportunity in this lifetime. It’s really a privilege to be an ECKIST in this my present life. May the blessings be!!

  26. Nemi says:

    This is so beautiful. The Mahanta’s love For us truly knows no bounds!

  27. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z for this wonderful story.
    What a great story you shared Peri.
    This story perfectly demonstrates the reality of The inner Master’s existence.
    It also shows that although HE is The Living ECK Master as it is known in ECKANKAR, HE is also in a way a Spiritual Master for all SOUL in form.

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