Afraid to Follow Your Inner Guidance?

By Harold Klemp

Often people are afraid to follow their inner guidance. It sounds like such a foolish thing to do, especially if they have to face other people and explain why they are doing what they are doing.

One of the very strong pressures in life is the social consciousness: What will people think? What will people say?

The social consciousness is so strong that it keeps people in religions that they have outgrown years ago. But they’re afraid to leave because they worry about what the neighbors will say. It is a very strong force that the negative power uses to keep people in line.

It keeps them trapped in their present life, in their state of futility, in their state of hopelessness and unhappiness. Most people do not have the spiritual strength to muster the courage to take a step away from the crowd.

Yet showers of love rain down upon us simply because we are Soul, a divine spark of God. Its Voice, which showers the love, is the pure Light and Sound.

The Creator, the Highest Being, speaks to creation through the Holy Spirit, the ECK. This voice of divine love is very real.

Those who enter the higher reaches of heaven here and now in their states of consciousness see the holy Light and hear the divine Sound of God clearly in everyday life.

The Light and Sound are God’s way to communicate directly with us. They help develop our creativity, which makes us godlike.

Excerpt from ECK Wisdom on Inner Guidance.

24 Responses to Afraid to Follow Your Inner Guidance?

  1. Peter Akpokodje says:

    It has been a while. I have missed these lovely post and inspiring comments. Food for Soul.
    Thanks Jane for the reminder. Thanks Z for sending Jane and thanks too for inner guidance and divine protection.
    Love is all there is.


    I finally found where I belong,
    Glad I found the Eck.

  3. Timi Akanyo says:

    Thank you Mahanta for the beautiful piece. This has further inspired me to face life with courage, knowing that you are always with me in all situation.

  4. Manoochehr Habibi says:

    Thank you for this note, its help us to know the path we choose.
    Thank you Mahanta
    Baraka Bashad

  5. Doug Conner says:

    For as long as I can remember, I have been teetering on the top of a tidal wave, potentially falling off one way or the other. I have followed my Heart around the world, always surviving with an interesting life full of myriad spiritual challenges. My current relocation from California to France is no exception. My long-term visa application should have been decided in two weeks; it took 6 months and arrived 10 days before my departure to France. I planned for months searching out houses I could afford, anywhere in France; I spent a fortune driving to these houses, and none were right. Then I met an employee at the Roman Collisseum in Nimes who said, “just drive north”. By ‘accident’ I came to an AirBnB in the middle of a national forest. While many people told me it was impossible to makes friendships with the French, within the two weeks I spent at this AirBnB I had friends who referred to me as part of their family. I found a house close to them and bought it. (So much for planning.) However, in France, it normally takes at least 3 months to get ownership of the house, even though I paid cash. My shipping container was arriving, but without ownership and the house key, I was scrambling for places to unload my belongings. Oddly, I was granted ownership within 2 weeks, and my container arrived a week later. I still have no job, no income, and my money will run out in one or two months. Still, I find myself smiling, trusting my Heart that doors will open and I will survive. The French contact given to me by Eckankar never returned my call, so I am unaware of any Eck community nearby. I did meet a French evangelical who promptly told me she believed firmly in The Light. When I stated that I see The Light, she adamantly replied that we cannot see The Light, that it is only something we believe in. So, here I am on the edge, with no spiritual contacts, except The Sound and The Light, and the trust I have in following my Heart. I am grateful to Harold and Eckankar for giving me the path of Eck. All is well, if not constantly surprising.

  6. James Isiwu Aguwa says:

    Following my inner guidance has made me a special and unique person among others. People around me admire my ways of life but they find it very difficult to follow my foot steps due to social consciousness. Adhering to my Inner guidance has brought confidence and happiness to my life. Thanks to Wah Z for this special opportunity to study the teachings of Eckankar.

  7. Ezenwa Ewurum says:

    Today is my first time to read with heart an article form Eckankar blog. After reading this, my spirit feel renewed; my Soul is filled with bliss and courage to face the world. I am grateful!

  8. Daniel says:

    Depuis que j’ai commencer à suivre mes intuitions, mes conseils intérieurs, je ne fais que vivres des expériences heureuses dans mes affaires journalières.

  9. Waheef says:

    Am really happy to know eck thank sir

  10. Anna says:

    Thank you! So important to follow our Inner guidance!


    Recognizing my self as Soul, free, and a spark of God gives me the strength to face any circumstances everyday. Thank you Sir Harold for those wonderful encouragement to look forward to the next day.

  12. Kathy Ayeh says:

    I followed my inner guidance and had joyful and wonderous experiences from the Inner and Outer Spiritual guide Sri Harold . Thank you Mahanta you are truly assisting me as Soul!

  13. Beatrice May Banda 11326 says:

    I am so proud that I am in ECK and ECK is in me. I am able to freely say I don’t belong to any religion but a spiritual path that quides me. Thank you Wah Z and May the blessings be

  14. Heather Dixon says:

    I’m just starting to realize that following inner guidance will and is bringing a joy I never thought too much about. There is still so much worry I have from all the heartache I’ve been through. It’s hard to put into words, but I consciously worry that the heartache will happen again if I don’t try to plan everything out. Amazingly, I’m at a time in my life where, though finances are not exactly what I’d like, I have the time to really notice how to take care of myself and that it’s worth doing. Also, it comes by being much more spontaneous, recognizing what my body and soul needs and honoring that. I’d been living in such fear of more heartache that I was creating the thing I was so afraid of. The more I honor my inner guidance and give my body and soul the nourishment it needs to flourish, that gift means more than words can describe. It makes life full and vibrant. Thank you.

  15. Clement says:

    It’s joyful living above the social consciousness. I got a lot of assistance from the Inner Master. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance, Sri Harold. You’re truly the Ancient One and Guide for Soul.

  16. Morten Hallangen says:

    I am luckily 50 years old, and are not afraid to tell people that I am soul, a spark of God, and that I have learned that in Eckankar. Because now I know. There is no belief. I know The Mahanta is with me every second, every step, every breath I take, the Mahanta is there. When his love is pouring through you.. how can one be afraid? In the loving arms of my creator, I have my being.

  17. Kashwayne says:

    For me … I learnt long ago about fear and how it holds you back…so living fearless is a practice of mine in this lifetime continually…what people think or have to say about my actions, i care little because at the end of the day it will be my thoughts stirring my consciousness not the thoughts of others…Only the bold and adventurous reaches the highest on the road to God…i hold dear to that statement and keep head strong..With the Eck and Mahanta in my inner vision..MTBB…

  18. Paula says:

    Well, this morning I did listen to my inner voice and found your inspirational excerpt. Thank you does not seem sufficient enough for all that you do for us here on the physical – along with all the other souls that support your work. I will continue to work on myself to follow my inner guidance. I love you dear Sri Harold.

  19. Cordelia says:

    I look forward to Tuesday mornings with excitement. Each article I read addresses my needs and concerns at that point in time. Last week was a technique to conquer my fears; exposing the deep rooted fears I never knew I had, and getting rid of them. This morning as a follow up, I am being reminded to follow my inner guidance and intuition and never allow the social consciousness to get in the way of my spiritual growth. I am really connecting my diamonds.
    Thank you so much Mahanta for these weekly inspirations.

  20. Maritza says:

    I love you Sri Harold. Thank you for blessing us with these new blog post that inspire and remind me of who I truly am as Soul, a divine spark of God.

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