My Life-after-Death Dream

By Philippe, Quebec, Canada

I had a powerful dream which lasted only four minutes, but it was an extreme four minutes.

The dream was about my translation, my death. I was sitting on an operating table. The lights were all on, and the room was full of machines that were all turned on. I looked to my left, and my physical body was lying on the table.

Strangely, I wasn’t scared or surprised to see my body. I realized that I was dead, but I wasn’t afraid. On the positive side, I was now free. I then looked to the end of the room. The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master was there, watching me. At his left was a door of light of a magnificent brilliance. He then invited me, with a simple gesture of his left hand, to enter the door of light.

I walked toward the door, and before I entered, I bowed my head as a thank-you to the Mahanta. When I opened the door there was a powerful sensation I’ll never forget.

Once I crossed the door into the light, all the physical sensation, emotion, and pain related to the physical plane was instantly gone. All the strings which held me to the physical plane were removed. This was the sensation of being Soul, just a Soul, a pure spark of God.

For a fraction of a second, I felt what a Soul is: a magnificent being, powerful yet fragile. Powerful for all the knowledge It has accumulated so far. Fragile, for there is so much more to learn.

It was a fabulous dream.

19 Responses to My Life-after-Death Dream

  1. Selvaraju Maruthamuthu says:

    Thank you for sharing this wounderful experience. May the bleesing Be

  2. Helena Elsina says:

    A beautiful experience. Feeling free is so powerful. Thank you.

  3. Ajuchi Azubike says:

    thanks for sharing, this is an indication that we are Soul and that death is a door way into an higher dimension.

  4. André Ngoie Kibambe says:

    Merci d’avoir partagé votre amour avec nous.

  5. Edem KISSE says:

    Thanks for sharing this powerful dream. THANK YOU!

  6. Marie-Antoinette Allard says:

    Thank you for sharing this awesome experience. My husband is no ECKist, yet he had encounters with the Mahanta in the past. Each time it fits, I tell him of the Mahanta’s everlasting presence and help. He is very ill right now. I hope from the bottom of my heart that he might have such a beautiful dream as well and experiences the Mahanta’s love and the freedom of Soul, which we all are, a spark of God. May the Blessings be!

  7. Dan Lilly says:

    Just a glimpse of IT is enough to know the truth of your dreams! A postcard from Heaven….

  8. Neil Redsell says:

    Phillipe Thank you for sharing. That is an amazing story for sure.

  9. Kirk Williams says:

    Amazing dream, a gift!

  10. adee says:

    What a beautiful and uplifting dream, Philippe! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  11. Ameerat says:

    May the blessings be. Don’t worry, the love of ECK(Holy Spirit) and the Mahanta is always with you.

  12. Nancy A. Solecki says:

    Yes, it was a wonderful dream! It takes away the fear of death. A better understanding of the Soul at the time of translation.

  13. Nancy says:

    This was a beautiful dream! Thanks for sharing it.

  14. Lucie Payette says:

    What a wonderful experience. We know the Mahanta is always with us, and this dream of Soul is just magnificent. Thank you for your love for sharing it. When my husband passed away, 5 years ago, he was an Eckist and had Alzheimer. I told him to wait for an Angel of Love, that would assist him and guide him to the light. His name was Wah Z. After he left, I saw what he saw on the other side. There was a door alright and a beautiful and gigantic wave of pure light was awaiting him. I felt relief for him. Thank you Mahanta for this experience.

  15. Chinedu Romeo Ezimoha says:

    Its refreshing and reassuring experience worth having. Thanks for sharing

  16. Novi says:

    Such an amazing dream! To feel yourself as who you truly are! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Huseina says:

    Phillipe, what a wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing.

    Reading it reminds me of what the Master has said time and over again. That “God’s love is a beautiful thing!” And it shows in your experience. When you experience it, you begin to understand that God’s love is truly “beautiful”. With no apt words to describe it. Just a feeling you can’t put into words, show or express to explain it fully. After all, each of such experience is a gift from the Mahanta to you, and you alone at that point and time. A Language of Soul from the divine spirit.

  18. Ann Marie Murphy says:

    A good reminder of who we really are. Soul, a magnificent being full of the Sound and Light of God.

  19. Dimče says:

    Thank you, Phillipe, for sharing your special experience.

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