A Spiritual Healing for Depression, by Singing “HU”

This clip—and the transcript below—is from Harold Klemp’s 2014 talk “The Language of Love (2014).”


Sarah was living with her mom, Miriam, and Miriam was fighting depression. For no reason at all, she would just burst into tears. A waterfall would come gushing out, and there she was, just crying and crying. Sarah felt really bad about the whole thing, and she asked the Inner Master, the Mahanta, “Mahanta, what can I do to help my mom?”

So she chanted HU aloud. Then she talked to her mom, and she kissed her mom. And guess what? You guessed wrong. Her mom became angry. She did not like that. Don’t touch, keep away. So it didn’t help.

This happened several times, and Sarah didn’t know what to do anymore. She wanted to help her mom, but she now knew not to talk or touch. So the next time, quietly, inwardly, Sarah began singing HU. She sang HU six or seven times or so. Her mom stopped crying. She just stopped.

Everything was going OK. Sarah had come into the kitchen to help her mom make lunch.

Then about half an hour after Miriam stopped crying, she looked at Sarah and said, “I wonder if my depression is due to the diabetic medicine I’m taking.” Sarah went online right away and checked it out. Sure enough, this was one of the effects that this particular medicine could have.

As some of you know, when any kind of medication is prescribed, you may get sheets listing contraindications and side effects. If you’ve ever read some of those things, they’re terrifying. And you don’t want to take anything.

But sometimes it’s just a question of, OK, do you want to lose your eyesight, or do you want to take the meds? Take the meds. That’s how it goes. Sometimes you can go back to the doctor and say, “I’m having this reaction. Is there another med you could recommend?” This, too, is always an option. Or, “Can I cut back? Is that an option?” There are so many options. You can try this or that if you want to get past the depression or whatever your particular problem is.

But what Sarah learned from this experience was it’s possible to be a pure channel for God and for the Holy Spirit and for the Inner Master without having to do anything outwardly at all—except for one thing: to sing HU inwardly with a pure heart. This must be with a pure heart. And by pure I mean you don’t try to force the outcome by saying such things as, Make my mom not feel so depressed and so sad anymore.

Because, as her mom was feeling this way, that had left Sarah confused and hurt too. She didn’t know what to do or say.

But through this experience Sarah also learned more about the three true spiritual states. I’m referring to the true states of Soul when It reaches the Soul Plane in full consciousness. These three states are Seeing, Knowing, and Being. Seeing, Knowing, and Being. Because in the high, high state there is no physical body, no material body of any sort. Therefore, the vision is not limited to peripheral vision or anything the optometrist would dally with here. None of those constrain Soul when individuals reach the Fifth Plane, or the Soul Plane, in full consciousness.

The language of love. Seeing, Knowing, and Being.

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