Be Yourself and Serve Life

By Harold Klemp

“Cecile” attended workshops at an ECK Worldwide Seminar and focused upon her mission: Be yourself and serve life.

Drawn to the park across from the site of the seminar, the Minneapolis Convention Center, she came upon a joyful wedding party gathered for photographs, while golden sunlight splashed the autumn leaves overhead. But the perfection of the moment was suddenly broken.

An angry bicyclist was cursing a car parked at the curb in front of the park’s entrance. It was blocking the bike lane.

The driver emerged from the car, explaining, “I’m trying to get these ninety-year-old people out of the car.” Then he added, “God bless.” Cecile guessed the passengers were the proud grandparents of the bride and groom. The harsh scolding of the bicyclist had opened the door for her to clear the air by offering an act of kindness to comfort the family.

“Here, let me help you,” she said.

Gently she assisted an elderly woman from the car to the safety of the sidewalk. Noticing the traffic had stalled at the nearby intersection’s green light, she began to direct traffic around the parked car. The driver thanked her and sped off.

Cecile was elated by her experience. She practically skipped along the sidewalk, stopping to visit with other ECKists.

After a bit, she observed the driver of the car approaching her on foot. He thanked her again for her intervention. Then he asked, “What group are you with?” He’d apparently linked her behavior to the organization at the seminar.

Eckankar,” she said, holding up her seminar badge so he could see and remember the word. At the same time, her other hand produced a HU card. “We practice singing this beautiful word, HU,” she explained. “It helps us experience God’s love directly, and it brings harmony.”

He accepted the card. “I’m pastor for this wedding, and I’m very interested in the spiritual practices of other religions. I will look into this.” It turned out he was also father of the bride.

Cecile noted how the rudeness of the bicyclist had unwittingly given her a chance to inform the pastor about HU, a higher level in his search for God.

So be yourself and serve life, as had she.

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