A Soul Travel Experience Brings Understanding

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of studying the teachings of Eckankar?

Sri Harold writes about a woman who becomes intrigued with the teachings after reading The Wind of Change.

In the article below Sri Harold describes himself the way he looked in earlier years as “this man with the glasses and the brown hair.” In a dream he introduces the woman to spiritual laws contained in the “Book of Rules.”

See what she learns about spiritual freedom when the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master offers experiences specially designed for her benefit and growth.


By Harold Klemp

How many years does it take some people to become members of ECK? Sometimes we are surrounded by family and friends who are members of ECK. Other times we find ourselves alone in a remote part of the world, and there is no one else who has ever heard about the ECK teachings. But whatever happens, somewhere there is a connection.

At some point, the word comes to us. Then we say, “OK, these are the teachings I would like to look into. This is what I’d like to explore.”

The connection with ECK may come in any number of ways. It can come from a friend or a stranger who is traveling through. Often somebody gets a message in the dream state. One night somebody will say, “You need to find out about the teachings of ECK.” Then the person looks for two more years, wondering, “What is ECK?”

Sometimes people are introduced to HU, this love song to God, and wonder, What is HU?

They don’t know the power of the name or the presence of ECK, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, or Divine Spirit—it doesn’t make any difference what people call It. We call It the ECK, which in ancient Sanskrit means one, the Source.

One woman who found ECK in her own way was a member of a large family. Her sister and two brothers were already members of ECK for a number of years, and everything was going along very well for her. She had her belief, they had theirs. Then suddenly life became very hard for her and her husband. They’d been married eighteen years. He lost a number of jobs, and there were personal problems in the family. But all this trouble brought the couple closer together.

The woman felt that changes were coming; life was good, she had a good job, her marital life had straightened out. Things had settled down, but she felt as though there was a turning point coming. So she went to visit her sister, who was an ECKist.

Just before she left she saw The Wind of Change in her sister’s library. She asked if she could borrow it.

This woman had a great interest in dreams. For years she recorded her dreams, trying to understand the message that the Holy Spirit or some secret power was trying to send to her. In other words, she was trying to unravel her dreams.

Let’s Sing HU

She took The Wind of Change home, thinking it would give her an insight into some of the changes that had taken place in her life, her husband losing his jobs and everything else. Maybe she would get some sort of understanding.

The following Monday, she went back to work and asked around the office, “Hey, have you heard any news about job changes going on?” Nobody knew anything. But three days later, the personnel officer walked into her office, put a whole bunch of papers down on the desk in front of her, and said, “Do you understand these?” She saw they were her termination notice; that was the end of her employment. He asked her to sign the papers and then clean out her desk. Within fifteen minutes, she was out in the parking lot.

You’d think something like this would destroy a person, but she had a pretty firm foundation by this time. She believed that no matter what happened in her life, she was a very lucky woman because she had the support and love of her friends and family. So she went home.

For the next seven days the woman thought about all these changes that were now coming up in her life. The spiritual path had become much more a focus in her mind. She called up her sister, the ECKist, and said, “Can we get together sometime? I’d like to talk some things over.” Her sister said, “Sure, I’ll be over.” Pretty soon they were talking, and her sister said, “All right, let’s sing HU.” And so they sang HU.

After her sister left, this woman sat down and sang the HU song again very softly because she wanted to see the Light of God. But nothing happened.

That night she went to bed, and she had a dream. In the dream, this slim man with brown hair and glasses came to her, and he showed her how to Soul Travel. Soul Travel simply means being able to move into another state of consciousness. She was in a very awake dream.

Soul Travel Dream

The woman found herself in another world with this person. She saw structures, buildings, and people. She felt light and very happy. This is one of the marks of a spiritual experience: when it happens to you, you feel light and good and happy. If it’s the wrong sort of experience—where it is based on power or control rather than love—you’re going to come out of it feeling down. You’re going to feel blue; you’re going to feel bad.

The woman saw her daughter asleep on a bed. Being in the Soul body, the mother figured, I’m going to go into her body. Why not? After all, I’m her mother. I carried her in my womb for nine months when she was a fetus; I have the right.

There’s a saying that an infinite number of Souls can dance on the head of a pin. It’s true, because Soul does not occupy space. That’s how she was able to move into the physical form of her daughter. But as soon as she moved in, she came bounding back out.

Somebody had kicked her out. I wonder who.

She came back to consciousness after landing hard on earth again. There at a table sat this man with the glasses and brown hair, seated behind a large book. It was called the Book of Rules.

He pointed to the book and said to her, “Read this passage.”

The woman grew up speaking French. It seemed to her that if anything was in writing on the inner planes in her dream state, it would be in French, wouldn’t it? This book was in English, but she could read it, so she read the rule.

The rule said she could not invade anyone’s body unless she had their written permission.

She suddenly felt bad; the light, happy feeling was gone. She had a feeling of disappointment in herself. She knew that her daughter was very angry with her. But she also knew that the man in the glasses would be there to work with her and teach her whatever she needed to know. She now had this desire to learn the spiritual laws, which lead each person to freedom.

Spiritual Laws

One of the rules of the spiritual world is that you cannot take away someone else’s freedom and expect to have freedom for yourself.

Some people would call this a selfish motive; you want to give others freedom so that you can have it for yourself. Well, yes. That’s how it is. Because the Book of Rules, or the spiritual law, is very exacting. The spiritual laws are based on the Law of Love. They do not punish for the mere pleasure of inflicting pain. They do it to teach people a spiritual lesson, which is part of their entire education. A little here, a little there; a little arithmetic, a little bit of language and geography. All the aspects of a spiritual nature. So that one day Soul can become a Co-worker with God.

This is the whole purpose of Soul studying the teachings of ECK: to become a Co-worker with God. To serve life out of love, because of gratitude for the gift of life.

Excerpt from How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 16.

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