Bonds of Love—a Gift to Always Cherish

By Ruth, Ontario, Canada

My father was in the hospital recovering from a major heart attack when I was in my early twenties. I was not yet a member of Eckankar, and I was terribly afraid he was going to die.

After crying myself to sleep one night, I was awakened by a group of people at the foot of my bed. I knew them to be relatives who had passed on. My father’s mother was among them, making beckoning motions and appearing to say something. From this I took assurance that, when my father’s time did come, he would be met by those who loved him. There was nothing for him—or me—to fear.

Seven years later, I was married, had become an ECKist, and was preparing to follow my husband to England for his studies. Dad had become increasingly frail, and I knew I would likely not see him alive again. I was sad to go but comforted myself that he would not leave this world without finding a way to say good-bye.

Later, in Bradford, United Kingdom, I had two dreams on consecutive December nights. In the first, I was staring sorrowfully at the red-carpeted floor in the church of my childhood. In the second, Dad was saying, “I’m never going to see you again, Ruthie.”

I responded, “Don’t be silly. I’ll see you again at Christmas,” even though I had no outward plans to return to Canada for the holidays. Then a wave of love swept through me, and I said, “Oh, Daddy!” as we embraced. The next night, I was awakened by a phone call from my mother saying Dad had died peacefully.

I returned to Canada just two weeks before Christmas. And I did find myself staring at the red carpet in that church. The fact my faith in our final good-bye had been borne out did much to heal my loss. The Dream Master (the Mahanta, my inner spiritual guide) had shown me years earlier that Dad’s passing would not be a loss at all, but a new beginning for Dad among Souls who loved him.

In 2013 we had to place my mother in a nursing home. I was beside myself with grief and guilt. My sister and I had promised we would never put her in such a place. Nevertheless, practicality and medical needs won out. I was torn up inside, watching her descend further and further into anguished dementia.

My strength through that period came from the many ways the Mahanta confirmed he was watching over both of us. Confirmation came in dreams, tiny daytime signals, and in some of my mother’s own utterances. When Mom, a devout Christian, finally did let go of her physical life, I was certain it was her last step toward a far better existence in the other worlds.

Nearly two years later, a friend gave me a small evergreen bush in Mom’s memory. It was late in the fall, but we agreed that I would be very careful with its planting and watering-in. I would name the little tree Thelma, after Mom, and I would visit her regularly in those first days, with water and encouragement.

One day, while taking Thelma her drink, I reflected on Mom’s ordeal and my guilt over sending her to a nursing home. “I’m sure she forgives me,” I said to myself, “but I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive myself.”

A while later, I opened a Christmas gift bag I intended to reuse. When I reached inside, my hand  closed around something, and I pulled out a hundred-dollar gift card. On the back it said, “To Mom, from Ruth and Scott.” I must have placed that card in the bag some Christmas previously, then placed another gift on top of it. Mom must have put the bag away without ever noticing the card. I must have packed it up with her other possessions and brought it home after she died.

I interpreted this “gift” to mean that Mom was saying, “Forgive yourself.” As I talked this over with my husband, all self-recrimination melted away. I was finally at peace.

Through these ordeals, and more, I have been secure in the knowledge that the Mahanta walks with us—has been watching, guiding, and protecting everyone in my family, regardless of whether they’re members of Eckankar. This is a gift I cherish—always.

6 Responses to Bonds of Love—a Gift to Always Cherish

  1. Hari Narayanan V says:

    Thank you Ruth, Rob and Rita for sharing your stories. It is full of love and it really melts my heart.

  2. Ipungu Basila Celestin says:

    Je sent vraiment dans moi un rapprochement avec le Eck grâce à vos expériences

  3. Rob Ilechuku says:

    Being forewarned of the translations of both my parents will always be one of my most treasured memories in ECK.

    In August of the year my father passed away, I was shown that his burial had already taken place on the inner. On December 28th he passed away physically. Similarly, for two years before my mother passed away, the Master regularly showed me her passing via the dream state.

    As I was far closer to my mother than my father, I only needed a few months notification of his demise whereas the ECK deemed it necessary to give me 2 years notice of my mother’s translation. With her translation came some spiritual information: our karma was done forever. As Soul she would thus not reincarnate as either a child or relative of mine.

  4. Marty Christopher says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, certainly it’s demonstrating the giving and sharing of love of the light and sound of Spirit.

  5. Rita Nsiegbe says:

    Your stories remind me of when my parents died.
    I knew, even months before my dad passed away that he was going but I fought it like crazy. I also knew weeks before my mums time.
    On the day she translated I heard the ECK say to me, “this is it, it’s finally over, it ends today.” I knew what that meant and I felt both a sense of relief and sadness. Sad to know mum was going to die that day, but a sense of relief that she would be out of this physical body where she was in so much pain. She’d had several strokes and had Parkinson’s disease.
    A few hours before she died I sat by her bedside holding her hand as we sang HU together. My inner vision opened and I saw the ECK Masters come into her bedroom. I like to think she saw them too as I noticed she relaxed a little and even smiled!
    I am so grateful to the ECK for the love it’s brought me through my parents and in my life. I am especially grateful for the ECK Masters who are always there to guide me through tough times as they come. Thank you for sharing your story Ruth! 😃💙

  6. Carol says:

    Ruth, your loving story about your parents at the end of their lives will touch many. These can be very rich times. When my own mother neared her time to leave this life, I was blessed to see a bit of her preparations via the dream state. I felt especially close to her after her long journey through the Alzheimer’s experience. Thank you for sharing your special illuminating experiences.

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