Why the ECK Master Clears Our Path

This clip—and the transcript below—is from Harold Klemp’s 2007 talk “It’s a Miracle!”


There are so many miracles that happen in our lives. Those of you who are in ECK just recognize the help of the Master and say, “Thank you” with a most grateful heart. You realize it’s a blessing done for some purpose.

It’s to help you on your way.

There’s a saying, which I’m just making up now: The Master goes ahead so that others may follow. And when people follow, they often say, “Gee, do you have to go over such rough stuff?”

The Master says, “Well, you should know what it’s like before I kick the big ones out of the way.”

And somewhere else it’s said: Have compassion for everyone, because everyone carries a burden. And so it is. We look at our own selves and say, “My troubles are really the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone in this life.” And at the same time, our neighbor or an associate is also carrying a burden that is equal to our measure.

Life gives us what we are able to bear, and sometimes we come to the point where we say, “Will there be any more? Will this have to go on?” At times the answer is long in coming. We almost bend under the weight like an overloaded donkey and say, “Just one more stick on this pack, and it’s all over. I’m going to crumble.”

Such is life. And when we’re through a particular experience, we look back and say, “Well, it’s a miracle!”

7 Responses to Why the ECK Master Clears Our Path

  1. Neil Redsell says:

    Thank you Mahanta for this explanation. Recently, my business took a major downturn and it has been very difficult. I personally can say that I relate to the idea “one more stick and I will crumble”. But instead when I attended one of our Eck Light and Sound services the Cleric mentioned a story about taking the problem, writing it down on a piece of paper, close my eyes and hand it over to the Mahanta. Watch him roll it up into a ball and throw it into the Eck Stream. A wonderful example of turning it over to Spirit. And you know what Mahanta “IT WORKS”. Business is pouring in the door at an amazing rate. Thank you 🙂 Oh yes and I almost forgot… After I did the Spiritual Exercise I shredded the paper.

  2. Peter E Akpokodje says:

    One only needs the eyes conscious of Soul’s divine nature to see the blessings and miracles working every moment of our lives as the ECK Masters clear our paths. Thank you for clearing my path home to God.

    In 2014, the rough stuffs seemed so much to bear and yet you stayed with my family all the way. From my wife’s surgery to our car accident (just before comprehensive insurance expired), to my car accident, and my near-death drowning experience etc. And yet you stayed with us all the way, true to your statement “I Am Always with You.” Whenever I look back at that year, I know we were and are in the loving arms of the Godman of the time, the Living Word. Thanks Sri Harold for clearing the path.

    Thank you so much Harji for the love, guidance and protection.

  3. Hari Narayanan V says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article 🙂

  4. Sheila Dixon says:

    Yes Carol, me too! May the Blessings Be.

  5. Ipungu Basila Celestin says:

    Tellement ravissant tes enseignements Mahanta

  6. Passion MATONDO says:

    Oui si le Hu n’était venu à mon secours ce serait le déclin. Merci Mahanta

  7. Carol says:

    Deeply grateful that The Master is always with me; ahead, alongside, and behind as needed! There is a great comfort and assurance in that knowledge as I walk the path home to God.

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