The Dream Basket

By Harold Klemp

In contemplation or the dream state, imagine meeting the Inner Master in your home or office. He holds out a wastebasket. “Take your cares and worries, and put them in here,” he tells you.

Visualize taking all the things that are bothering you and putting them into the Master’s basket. Feel rested and relaxed as you release them into the hands of the ECK [Holy Spirit].

If something is unpleasant in your life, change it. You are the creator of your worlds, whether they are on the inner planes or out here.The Inner Master will try to show you how to make your life out here better.

By turning a situation over to the Inner Master, something is worked off, and out of it can come more harmony and balance.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, where more than 130 spiritual exercises like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.

17 Responses to The Dream Basket

  1. Paige Boutin Lester says:

    Very very useful spritiual exercise. Worked immediately.
    Baraka Bashad! Thank you Mahanta, my dearest friend!

  2. Paige Boutin Lester says:

    I was having deep poor-me-the-poor-victim feelings about a past relationship in which I stayed much too long. I believe he tried to killed me once and planned to make it look like an accident but I realized it in time. The scars from that relationship cause me pain to this day even though I know I had it coming from a past life when when I was a man and he was my servant mistress whom I would not marry. He came back to let me know what it feels like to live through daily psychological abuse & disrespect.
    Despite knowing our most recent past life when I had been the abusive one, and there were more of these back and forth that I only partially perceive, I have been unable to forgive my ex who has since translated.
    On days like today when it is so fresh and painful and I am wallowing in pain, I know this is some mental aberration and of no use. It serves no high spiritual purpose, but something else for which I lack words.
    I’d like to get on with my life and forget this stuff. As long as I hold onto it, it occupies my attention and blocks my creativity. I want to live enjoying the infinite splendor of giving and receiving God’s love.
    So, as I was feeling this self pity, I decided to see what was on the blog about letting go of the past. There I found the article and the picture about putting one’s troubles in the basket for the Mahanta to deal with as he sees fit. I decided to write about it here and by this point: Aha! Ask for help and it is there from our dear friend, the Mahanta! I feel so much better and trust that I will be able to let go of these feelings that hold me back from living in the present, loving and giving my best back to life!.
    Baraka Bashad!

  3. Arghavan says:

    Thank you Wah Z. This is what I was just looking for! I am worried about my family and I didn’t know if I could ask you to protect them; I had no clue what to look for , so I started browsing the website and first read the FAQ section, then I noticed there is a “blog”! (This is my first time ever blogging!) As I was searching, I came across this exercise and I’m happy I can try this spiritual exercise and sleep without being worried too much about them since I truly trust the ECK and I know everything is going to be ok when I know the Mahanta is there with me.
    I’m really grateful for the Holy Spirit and this opportunity.
    Baraka bashad

  4. GIDEON says:


  5. Linda Cooeny says:

    For me, this is a how to for Spiritual Freedom. Thank you, Wah Z.

  6. Winifred Kumah says:

    I can’t wait to try this spiritual exercise. Thank you Mahanta



  8. Godwin says:

    Thanks Wah Z, I will try this spiritual exercise!

  9. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for sharing with us this Spiritual exercise. Mtbb

  10. Viknesuvaran says:


  11. Netty Kalalo says:

    Will try to do it. Thank you Mahanta!

  12. Mark Stone says:

    Keeping up with a daily spiritual exercise is the key to continuing spiritual progress. Thank you, Sri Harold, for this spiritual exercise.

  13. Philomina A. Kissi says:

    Thank you for the exercise.
    I will try it.

  14. Ipungu Basila Celestin says:

    Merci beaucoup Mahanta de cet enseignement très tactile j’ai toujours eu besoin de ça

  15. Lovedales says:

    I love this spiritual exercise. thank you for reminding me about it.

  16. Ekanem says:

    Reading this Spiritual Exercise again is a reminder to practice it again. May the blessings be

  17. Anna says:

    One of my faves thank you!

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