The Sacredness of Each Moment

El and Shelley Hyndman, decades-long members of Eckankar, shared their heartwarming love story with thousands of attendees at an Eckankar international seminar in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the familiar, funny, conversational style of a longtime married couple, they brought their relationship’s sacred moments to the foreground.

Many years ago, while both Shelley and El were recovering from painful breakups, they connected unexpectedly on a sunlit beach filled with people. Although they’d met at Eckankar gatherings in the past, this encounter was intense and noteworthy.

For El, it was as if time and space disappeared. The two of them seemed to be alone on the crowded seaside. In a flash of inner awakening, El’s spiritual guide opened El’s heart to Shelley like a kiss from the Divine. El says, “I saw, between Shelley and me, the Inner Master. I had my hand in his right hand, and she had hers in his left. He took a step back and joined our hands.”

Shelley also was stunned by the tender moment on the beach with El. But, still smarting from previous poor choices in the romance department, she hesitated. Instead of taking a survey to see if their interests and backgrounds matched, she sought spiritual help from the Mahanta, the Inner Master. Assured that God loved her and would answer her questions, she asked, “Which way do I go? Which is best for my spiritual good?”

As she’d requested, the inner guidance and confirmation Shelley received were clear and direct. “This is your spiritual partner. Just stay open,” she heard as a whisper from the Inner Master.

Twelve years together and two beautiful children later, Shelley and El each had wake-up calls that signaled startling twists. El awoke from a disturbing dream in which Shelley had removed her wedding rings. That morning, without knowing about her husband’s dream, Shelley felt distressed because she couldn’t find her rings. After contemplating on the spiritual messages of the missing rings, they realized that their marital karma, all the baggage they’d each carried into the relationship, had dissipated.

Now they were faced with new questions: What if our marriage is over? But we still love each other. We don’t want to break up. What should we do next?

As you listen to Shelley and El’s delightful talk, perhaps you too will discover how relationships can nurture your spiritual growth.

What secret did the Inner Master reveal to Shelley and El that could help your relationships blossom from ordinary into extraordinary?

22 Responses to The Sacredness of Each Moment

  1. Sarah Apau says:

    Another inspirational experience. Confirmation of The Mahanta always with us if we totally surrender
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us
    May The Blessings be

  2. Rachel Adeyemo says:

    Thank you for sharing. It remind me of my own love story too. May the blessings be

  3. Santhi S says:

    That was amazing. Brought tears into my eyes! Just for love and love alone.

  4. Odje says:

    Great to read this story. The spirit is always in charge although it’s not very obvious to everyone. I think these two great Souls are working out their karma in the right place (in ECK).

  5. Brenda Solanki says:

    I have the privilege of knowing these two beautiful Souls. Each time I hear the story of their love, the love in my heart for my husband, my children, my family and for the Mahanta grows even deeper. Thank you Shelley and El for showing all of us how the love of the Mahanta for us and our love of him can be such a joyful gift in our lives.

  6. Isabelle Oulaï says:

    Merci pour votre témoignage édifiant pour nous qui sommes un couple d’ECKISTES. Merci pour ce partage d’amour. Que les bénédictions soient.

  7. Luz Adriana Morales says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story, It is extraordinary!!! It was wonderful to see it again and being able to share it with others!!!

  8. Janice Kim Cartwright says:

    All the videos were wonderful, inspiring, full of Love. Sheeley and El, so wonderful to see you again! Love in Eck for All,
    Baraka Bashad,
    Kim Cartwright [Gai’s little sis]

  9. Karen Dansingani says:

    Beautiful 💖
    Thanks for sharing. May the blessings be 💖

  10. Ada Dundun Omakwu says:

    When we truly surrender and allow inner guidance from the ECK, life becomes a wonderful adventure filled with love, grace and happiness. Thanks for sharing a beautiful story.

  11. Trudy Millman says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear at this point in time. Thank you so much Mahanta.

  12. Elizabeth, Germany says:

    Beautiful! When I stay open, feeling this HUge love for my HUsband, I am able to see that our marriage is still in the hands of Z.

  13. Bulaba Diessa says:

    That is deep and inspiring.

  14. Deinma Ateli says:

    Beautiful story with lots of lessons to learn. Thanks both of you for sharing this wonderful story.

  15. Richard Okagbare says:

    A couple of instances in which I lost significant material objects that connected me deeply to some past relationship/association and for which I sorrowed both in dream and waking states came to mind.
    Now I know better pertaining the karmic angle; thanks a lot El, Shelley and the Mahanta.

  16. Idongesit Akpabio Domingo-Inyang says:

    This is awesome!
    A million thanks for sharing your love story with me.

  17. Jo Jo says:

    Extraordinary! Beautiful spiritual goal! Loved the story.

  18. Dorothy Weiss says:

    Thank you El and Shelly for sharing your journey. I also learned a long time ago to trust the MAHANTA and follow his guidance in all aspects of my life. Miracles happen everyday.

  19. Lovedales says:

    Well, where did i sleep yesterday night? It is amazing that every story in this blog has an answer for me. I am more than grateful El and Shelley. Thank you.

  20. Ameerat says:

    They are so adorable and happy. Hmmm, a beautiful story with a lot of spiritual key points. Thank you both for sharing your love🤗🤗


    A loving story. I deeply loved it

  22. Hari Narayanan V says:

    Beautiful 🙂 Thank you so much!

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