For Truth

By Harold Klemp

The word HU will spiritualize you. It’s an ancient name for God. Sing HU on the way to work, for instance, and you will find that you have a different way of looking at the people around you and at the work you do.

Just sing HU every day. Take it to heart, and then go about your daily life.

Wherever you are, do the things that are necessary: bring home the groceries, sweep the floor. Do these things, and someday you will find that you have the secret of truth in your hand. You will have the secret of truth in your heart.

HU can show you truth.

Excerpted from The Sound of Soul.

17 Responses to For Truth

  1. Matresa DAWN Stokes says:

    Downloaded the HU app. So beautiful and deep. I listen to it everyday. It has become the foundation of all my medications. I have now begun to sing HU on my own and can hear the sound of God without the recording. It is a beautiful place of peace I can go and be with ECK. Much Love!

  2. Sapna Mukhi says:

    HU has given me and my family the strength and courage even in these hard times globally .
    , Mahanta has continuously kept us to serve all life in our field of Travel Consultant . We are very grateful to you Mahanta to keep the torch of Golden Light flowing from our office.
    May The Blessings Be.

  3. Antoinette Linda Dugmore says:

    HU a Golden Gift to the world from Sugmad, a blessing beyond words.

  4. AZU OMAMA says:

    HU the most beautiful prayer of all time and ages

  5. Rick Davis says:

    HU helps me cope with chronic pain. It sooths & helps me to love God more.

  6. Clinton Chikaodiri says:

    Indeed, Hu is the secret of my life, I enjoy the exercise daily, Thank you Mahanta.

  7. Rama says:

    I enjoy reading and learning so much about the blog. Singing HU helps me when I’m in need. Gives me lots of comfort and I know don’t have to be afraid because Mahantha is taking care of me. Thank you Mahantha. I’m always great full to you.

  8. Lyndy says:

    Thank you for this blog. I often say to myself silently or if on my own aloud, thank HU. Which is my gratitude to the ECK and for the HU and for all of life.

  9. Raphael Kari says:

    The HU works so subtly, one thing I love so much about this love song is that you can sing it anywhere, anytime. In the mid of busy traffic of humans and vehicles, when alone, while working, when confused and worried about anything no matter how small, silently sing HU to your self and you will find the needed support just in time. So simple and easy but usually with the most wonderful outcomes. It is what it is. It comforts at all times.

  10. Bulaba Diessa says:

    Thank you, Mahanta for this wonderful song. “Sing HU every day to spiritualize yourself”

  11. Dave Everett says:

    In a recent ECK Satsang class a discussion came up about “Truth.” It comes in so many forms and we experience it each day if we are open to it, in a myriad of forms and circumstances. The expression and manifestation of truth, still, shouldn’t be confused with the Spiritual principle of Truth, which is unchanging and constant. As an Eckist I seek this in each moment. It brings me to know God’s Love for Soul.

  12. Austin Okonkwo says:

    I am an Eckist but i learnt to sing HU at any given opportunity. And this i learnt from a very very dear Eckist friend and brother. He sings HU just the way he takes in air/oxygen. Thank you Mahanta and thank you Godwin.

  13. Richard Okagbare says:

    Over the years, I have come to realize, albeit slowly, that HU works from the inside, often unseen; hence many experience the blessings of HU without being concious of it. Its power lies in its simplicity (a disaming two letter sound) drawing on itself for strength. If only we can devote enough attention to it, keep pace with it as it pulses continuously through all life irrespective of the many distractions of everyday living. Thank you, dear Mahanta, for this reminder.

  14. Francois Kahotwa says:

    I like when singingHU

  15. stephanie says:

    Coming through hard times I spoke with my sister, not an Eckist. Her view is that asking to be happy in life is too much, just getting by is enough and we shouldn’t aim for more. This saddened me, was I expecting too much, should I give up ideas of being happy? Last night I sang HU and asked the Mahanta for guidance. Walking into the kitchen at work this morning a colleague was playing with the magnetic letters on the fridge door. As I watched he spelt out ‘Be Happy’. Thank you Mahanta!

  16. Carmen says:

    I love the HU.
    Often when I walk and my head is full of the day I feel like … humming and so I chant the HU for myself. It is the power battery for my life. Thank you – Have a HU day yourself

  17. Dimitar says:

    Thanks to the Blog team for reminding us of this small piece of eternal wisdom from “The Sound of Soul”. We’re in this world but not of it. Instead of being the effect of this world, however, we can bring a little piece of heaven not only into our own consciousness, but into the world around us through singing HU daily! Did not Rebazar Tarzs say, “what else do we need to say to ourselves…”?

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