God Answers a Taxi Driver’s Prayer

This clip—and the transcript below—is from Harold Klemp‘s 2014 talk “The Language of Love (2014).”


Every month Sophia and a friend go from Mexico City to Guadalajara to teach a Satsang class. They’re Higher Initiates. The flight takes about an hour each way. When they arrive back home, they get a taxi.

One time they found that their taxi driver was a woman. This is very unusual in Mexico, so they commented on it to their driver. They said, “Very unusual, but we’re happy to have you.”

They started going to their respective homes. As they were driving along, the cab driver overheard them talking in back. She said, “Do you teach a class?” They said, “Yes, we do.” “A class on what?”

Right away the two ECKists, Sophia and her friend, knew the Holy Spirit, or the Inner Master, had opened the door to talk about the teachings of ECK. They said, “Well, it’s a class on Eckankar, on the ECK teachings.” Then they told about all the benefits they had personally received from their being in Eckankar. It can be anything. Sometimes it’s healing, sometimes it’s foreknowing things, and sometimes it’s helping us get through periods of pain and discomfort or just loneliness. These were things they had to draw on, to talk about.

As they were going along, the driver said, “I want to tell you a terrible story, something that happened to me.” She said she was home, and she went up on the roof to wash clothes. She had neglected to lock the doors downstairs, because she probably never did. She went up there, and maybe twenty or thirty minutes later she came down and looked around. Sofa cushions were thrown back or on the floor, and everything had been turned upside down. Their whole home had been turned upside down.

She didn’t know what to do. She had been gone just for such a short time, and burglars had come in. It was as if they knew exactly what they wanted. They took their electronic devices, they took their savings, they took her jewelry and many other things. They cleaned them out. This is probably why she was driving a taxi, because they had to get back on their feet.

So, this terrible thing had happened. Yet she expected something worse—a scolding from her husband. She feared that when he came home and he found out she had gone upstairs and left the door unlocked, he would scold her and carry on, because he was very strict and very materialistic. She thought there was no way around this. She was going to have to face the music.

But when her husband came home, his reaction was completely different. He said, “This has taught me that no material thing is worth your life or our son’s.” This was the lesson he had learned.

The driver had more to say. When Sophia and her friend told her about ECK she said, “Now I understand.” And she was crying. She said ever since the burglary, the family had been afraid to go in the house. They were afraid to step inside. This terrible fear has been gnawing at them, and they didn’t know what to do about it.

Sophia and her friend said, “Are you a Catholic?” She said, “No.” “Are you a Christian?” “Yes.”

In Mexico there’s a difference between Catholics and Christians. Mexico used to be predominantly Catholic and probably still is. But more and more people are going over to one of the other Christian denominations. So the driver said she was Christian.

Sophia said, “Good. Sing HU, and see Christ in your inner vision. Give him this worry, this fear. Give it to him. Just sing HU, and give your fear to Jesus.” The driver liked that. She said, “I can do that.”

A few days before, the driver had talked to a friend who said, “Ask your angels or your God to send someone or something to help you overcome this.” So when the ECKists came, the driver looked at this and said, “Thank God, thank God. I realize now what happened. God really heard my prayer, and he sent you.”

When they got to Sophia’s home, before she got out of the cab to go inside, they all sang HU together. Then they got out and hugged. And they wished each other well.

Through this single experience, the husband learned that there is something more important than material things; the driver learned that God really heard her prayer; and the ECKists had their faith renewed in the miracles of Divine Spirit.

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