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This clip—and the transcript below—is from Harold Klemp’s talk “The Subtle Golden Thread of Love” in 2016.


I’d like to briefly define the meaning of Eckankar in Sanskrit, which is the classical language of India and Hinduism, it literally means “the one path.” We’ve taken the word Eckankar, and we define it as “Co-worker with God.” Then we further define it as the Religion of the Light and Sound of God, which tells how to become a Co-worker with God. And this Co-worker with God is an ECK Master.

Now, those of you who are members of ECK know that many of you are Co-workers with the Mahanta, the Inner Master, in training to be Co-workers with God. You’re in training to learn how to give the message of HU to Souls that are ready. This is what being a Co-worker is: training.

I don’t know if I’ve ever said it as clearly as that, but that’s how it is. Then, once you reach a certain level spiritually, you become a Co-worker with God.

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  1. David Coldwell says:

    The difficult times are as necessary as the easy times for spiritual attainment. One is well motivated to stay on the path of Eckankar when we know there is no other way for us. To hang in there long enough to get results can be very challenging but also necessary. Humility and gratitude go hand in hand, developing from patience and persistence.

  2. Chinemere says:

    Eckankar has changed my life for good.
    I love the Sugmad, I love the ECK and I love the Mahanta.
    May the blessings be.

  3. Roham says:

    ECKANKAR was an experience of love for me and the discovery of real life. That happened during my adolescence and changed my life. And ECKANKAR solved many puzzles for me and revealed many secrets to me, and also revealed to me the unspoken truths of many religions and spiritualities. Thank God for the infinite blessing and the eternal opening of Mahanta. baraka bashad.

  4. Ant says:

    The One Path – Beautiful – This is indeed the Path I searched for since I was a child. The perfect Path for me. The Path that encompasses – All Truth.

  5. Nancy Gaunoux says:

    In the most difficult of times and the most beautiful of times I have never been alone on this Path. Your love Mahanta lights my path and your wisdom keeps me on this path, avoiding pitfalls, guiding me home. ECK is the spiritual treasure I had been searching for most of my life. Thank you.

  6. Louise says:

    I found the Hu from Papua New Guinea people when I was missionary there from 1969 to 1972

    The people used to sing it all night long during their full moon dance. And they had a salutation from tribe to tribe with the sound « hou » that had different intonation according to the tribe.
    I was surprised to hear it at a conference at an Eckankar conference in Montreal in 1987.

    I sang Hu for two year before I joined Eckankar as a member. It did change my life and I’m grateful to have the Mahanta as my guide and protector.

    • Samson Ehijinwa says:

      Eckankar means everything to meI was living a hard and lonely life until I find ECK, and since then Life has become Heaven on Earth for me. In fact I am living a Golden Life.

  7. Felix Akhibi says:

    With love and gratitude of the heart, I thank You, MAHANTA, for this simple definition and explaination of the word Eckankar. This clarity is spiritually reinforcing, reinvigorating and reinventing.

  8. Bryan Emond says:

    …. and now we see how this River eternally flows returning, to and fro …as the Path of Spiritual Freedom. Love It.

  9. Aruldoss says:

    This is the beautiful path to God, only religion teaches you to become a Master. Soul equals Soul, I am in the training of becoming a master one day. Harji clearly says and links the one path to co-worker with God. I need to work on this every day, any how with the help of him (master) I will reach that goal.

  10. Zacchaeus Akighir says:

    Thank you Z for spelling it out to us in this clear form. As students, we have our focus on becoming co-workers with God someday, as our ultimate goal. We are all at some stage, and hope to achieve the highest we can in this life time. It is reassuring to know that whatever stage we are at, we shall surely make it under your guidance.
    Thank you for the clear definition.


    Since I joined Eckanckar and be practicing Hu, I discovered a change in my life. Am proud of becoming an Eckist.

  12. Annie says:

    Each day the Mahanta walks with me and nudges me regarding some options of actions I could choose.
    Of course I’m always asking the Mahanta into my life’s spiritual experiences.
    My training is daily, moment to moment, and can feel like I’m on a sharp point but this experience also passes and hopefully I take some of what the Mahanta is teaching, into my conscious awareness for future choices.
    My life is so blessed even when others look in and don’t think it is blessed.

  13. says:

    La manière la plus simple de définir eckankar lors du voisin en Eck merci beaucoup ami Mahanta

  14. Nanci Rogers says:

    Such a beautiful simple explanation. It helps me realize I can be a Co-Worker with the Mahanta every day- just share the HU

  15. Henk Brusse says:

    Here where I live in the last few months we’ve been to some extra special adventures that makes me feel that I am receiving some interesting training! Bush fires, fury all around, temperatures of 47, 7C, day turned into night during this fury. Yet we survived in our village, then came the rain, what a relieve….In that time Ii have learned to trust in the Mahanta more than ever. NOW the Corona virus. Our village so far is an oasis or peace and as from now always and especially now, with the social distance that is practised the inner presence of IT, the Eck and the Mahanta is very precious company. Baraka Bashad, may the blessings be.

  16. ben perkins says:

    To me one of the most amazing attributes about Sri Harold is his gentle strength. It seems to underlie him. it kind of resonates within him it seems to me anyway… I like it a lot. A quiet quality… and (but) with dependability. Our Mahanta

  17. Sherry Wolfe says:

    The term EK is one I’ve found in interesting places. In an Indian food store I saw a stack of Indian videos behind the check-out for purchase or possibly for rent. While at the cash register a title jumped out at me. It was “Dil Ek Mandir”. The cashier told me it meant “ the heart is a temple.” Ek (or ECK) there meaning “one with”. I immediately entered a contemplative state and left without my groceries! The cashier ran out of the store and caught up with me at my car, still engaged in the contemplation, to give me my bag. Nice guy! The heart IS a temple within each of us.

    I love this explanation of the meaning of Eckankar by Sri Harold Klemp. It is giving me a wonderful contemplation right now. Thank you😊

  18. Nkoyo Bassey says:

    Soul exist because God loves It. As Soul, you have to be of service to all irrespective of religion. Becoming a Co-worker with God means you have accepted to do everything in the name of Eck, the Mahanta, and the Sugmad. Above all, give Love, for Love is the keystone of Eck.

  19. Randhir Singh says:

    ECKANKAR has made me clear about ever presence of God in my life . ECKANKAR made it clear for me why I am here as it is and where I am going. Presence of Mahanta in my life has brought an ever present guide in my life. So help me God follow this to the home of God today and every day. Thanks a million

  20. anne summers says:

    ENKANKAR IN SANSCRIT I am very pleased with that explanation. I am keeping a list of wonderful notes and saying by Sri Harold. Thank you very much

  21. Joe Homsey says:

    Everything occurs for a reason. Every message from the Mahanta occurs when and why it’s appropriate for the Eck community. From the one path to the co-worker with God to the Religion of the Light and Sound…it flows out of Sugmad as a River of Truth to all. It begins with HU and continues to the heart of the universe.

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