A Seemingly Coincidental Chain of Events

By Harold Klemp

An ECKist in California was preparing to move to another state. Her son made arrangements to rent a truck to move her belongings. In his conversation with the rental agent, he mentioned that his mother was looking for a real estate agent in the area to sell her home. The rental agent just happened to know someone.

That very afternoon the ECKist went to visit the real estate agent. She liked him right away and felt comfortable listing her home with him.

A question came up later about the real estate transaction, so she called his home. His wife answered and said he wasn’t in. As the two women chatted, the agent’s wife began to tell the ECKist about something that had happened to her daughter. She had tried to discuss it with relatives, but they wouldn’t listen, preferring to brush it off as mere coincidence.

The real estate agent’s daughter had fallen into a coma and had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance. The doctors found that her lungs were filled with fluid. They placed her in the intensive care unit with plans to drain some of the fluid from her lungs the following morning.

Throughout the night the mother sat at her daughter’s bedside. Sometime during the night, a priest walked into the room. He sat down and began to talk with her. She asked him who he was and where he was from. Though a Catholic, she didn’t recognize his name or that of his parish.

The priest talked with her for a long time, looking intently into her eyes. Just before he left he said, “Your daughter will be healed. She is in God’s hands.”

In the morning the woman asked one of the nurses, “Who was that priest who came in here last night?”

The nurse looked confused. “Nobody came in here last night,” she said. Anyone who is familiar with hospitals knows that the intensive care unit is carefully monitored; visitors are only allowed in with permission. The nurse had seen no one come in.

The woman never did find out any more about the mysterious visitor.

When the doctors examined her daughter that morning, they found no trace of fluid in her lungs. All symptoms were gone.

This unexplained healing was especially meaningful to the real estate agent’s wife, who herself was suffering from multiple sclerosis. Her daughter’s experience gave her hope for her own recovery. Being able to talk it over with the ECKist helped her to realize that a power beyond the limited knowledge of man and science could intervene here on earth.

The ECKist had come in contact with this real estate agent’s wife through a seemingly coincidental chain of events. Yet through this experience the ECKist began to see the hand of ECK working through her, reaching out to give an understanding about the ways of Spirit to someone who had never heard of ECK before.

Excerpted from Unlocking Your Sacred Puzzle Box, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 6.

12 Responses to A Seemingly Coincidental Chain of Events

  1. Tim Ginn says:

    Thank you for this beautiful story. As a long time Eckist it’s easy to take for granted all the little miracles that happen every day. I find it helpful to say thank you for all the little and big ones each day. The thought has occurred to me more than once: imagine all of the miracles that happened that I am never aware of.

  2. Mike Omoighe says:

    IN TIME OF NEED, MAHANTA is always with us. A beautiful experience. Being a ready channel for the MAHANTA, the ECK and the SUGMAD is a Blessing indeed. Thank you for sharing.

  3. ARLENE FORBES says:

    What a wonderful story—thank you. I know the Eck masters visited the hospital—they helped my mom in her leaving this earth. I love ECK AND ALL THAT IT DOES. MAY THE BLESSINGS BE

  4. Gerald Rens says:

    I am reminded of the many experiences I had over the years.
    Thank you.

  5. HariNarayanan says:

    wonderful story 🙂 thank you so much!

  6. Lorraine Buell says:

    God is in the smallest detail. The off-handed way of finding the real estate agent–and his wife–and their daughter. What were the chances? Yes, the ‘priest’ was miraculous, but each connection was, itself, a miracle. Such sacred, you seemingly insignificant occurrences abound in our lives, if we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Thank you for this wonderful story.

  7. Passion MATONDO says:

    Merci Mahanta, le Mahanta est là.

  8. Favour Erezih says:

    Its all the Mahanta’s love for Soul. Its on a journey and may not recognise the Mahanta (the Godman) yet but the Mahanta is always with it, Soul.

    • Michael Denhard says:

      This is so interesting that it got me interested in learning more about Eckankar. In combining the guidelines of Eckankar with my belief in God my life has become so much more pleasant and uplifting. I love life!

  9. Oshomha Imomoh says:

    Such a beautiful experience!

  10. Alvena Golden says:

    Very good example on connecting the dots. I try very hard to look back through some of my most profound experiences to see if I can see how they are connected And it works this happened to get you to point a to point b and on to your destination/ goal. Thank Hu for these reminders.

  11. Diana Ramseyer says:

    Awesome story! The Vairagai often come disguised to offer help. Miracles happen all the time for those with the hearts and eyes to see 🌞

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