A Love Letter to Dad

By Adelheid, Arizona

The ECK, the Holy Spirit, uses each moment of our lives to teach us spiritual wisdom, to expand our consciousness, and to open our hearts to divine love in often unexpected ways. It is up to us to open our eyes and our hearts to see and to experience.

During my childhood in Germany, my relationship with my father was always challenging. We hadn’t been close, and I hadn’t felt loved. He offered my sisters and me experiences such as little vacations, music lessons, and visits to the theater or a concert. This was unusual for families right after World War II because there was so little money. Yet our family dynamic, on the whole, was not a loving one. I was an unhappy child, lost in a big, unknown world. Growing up was difficult for me. I had major challenges. Then I found Eckankar, which brought me a new point of view. I don’t know how I would have gotten through life if I hadn’t found the teachings of Eckankar and the love of the ECK Masters.

Years later, when I was in my late fifties, I made the decision to emigrate to the United States. I needed to inform my dad, who then was ninety years old and fragile. When he heard about my plan to move to Arizona, he was furious. I had rarely seen him like that before. His opinion was that nothing good could come from the United States. “There is corruption,” he said. “There is gunfire and killing. The action movies are horrible. There is no common culture.” The litany went on and on.

I was in a predicament, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I knew I needed to live with the situation and I couldn’t help him. I was still in Germany when he translated (died) two months later.

Emigrating to another continent takes time and preparation. Another two months passed, then came the day my household belongings were packed into a giant overseas container to be shipped to the United States. I spent the last night in my home on a makeshift mattress provided by a dear friend. That very night, my dad entered my dream—something that had never happened before. He was young, strong, handsome, and obviously happy. I didn’t doubt for a second that it was my dad. He looked at me and said, “I will support you in the United States. I love you.”

I awoke in tears. I’d never been able to imagine something like this. I was speechless. My heart was pounding. Tears flowed. I was overwhelmed with gratitude I will never forget.

The first three years in the United States were tough for me. Sometimes I could feel my father’s presence. It’s hard to put into words how he supported me, but he accompanied me inwardly, which was so helpful. I felt his love, but after a few years I started to forget.

Mom suffered from dementia during her last years after Dad’s death, so my sisters in Germany cared for her in loving ways. I was still in the United States, so I couldn’t help. Because I wasn’t able to be there, I began serving as a hospice volunteer to give back to life.

Recently, a hospice client I’ll call Robert asked specifically for a German-speaking volunteer. I was free at this time, so I made a commitment to accompany Robert through his last months on earth. Little did I know what was going to happen, but it became clear the Mahanta had orchestrated this.

Robert had experienced a stroke which left his entire left side paralyzed. Unable to move, and restricted to his recliner, he watched his world shrink. One moment he was living an interesting cosmopolitan life in an important position with demanding responsibilities, speaking seven languages fluently; the next moment, there he was in a tiny, one-room world, trapped in a recliner. He needed help, and I determined to do my best.

Robert and I developed a deep, trusting friendship. This was not the usual relationship between a hospice patient and volunteer; it was a heartfelt, loving relationship between two Souls. We shared similar childhood experiences, having grown up during and after World War II. We shared our experiences at school and our moves to the United States as if we were old friends who had known each other forever. I always looked forward to our visits.

I listened carefully, but it wasn’t until later that it dawned on me there was a deeper meaning to what I was experiencing. In talking about his father, Robert showed me that my own beliefs about my father and my childhood were wrong. Many old, long-forgotten memories came back. I realized how much my father did for me, what he taught me, and what he shared with me. I had not been able to acknowledge and identify this as his love for me. One little example is how he taught me to pack a suitcase. Even today I still pack my suitcase the way I learned from him.

I was so humbled. I could see Dad and my childhood in a totally different light. I can’t express my gratitude in words. It was huge. It took my time with Robert, and more than seventy years, to fully understand and experience my love for my father.

I felt I needed to express this new love. But how? Then I had an inner nudge to write to my father, even though he had been gone for so long. I tearfully wrote about how much I loved him. “Please forgive me for making your life so difficult,” I said. “I’m sorry for being ungrateful for what you did for me and for not being able to return your love.” As I wrote, my heart opened, and I experienced a huge amount of love. It was a divine gift.

Only a few days later, Dad came into my contemplation. This is a word for the daily spiritual practice we do in Eckankar. Again there was no doubt; it was Dad. With a soft voice, he said to me, “I got your letter. I heard you. Thank you.”

My love for Dad is now absolute. There is no past anymore. We have unconditional love for each other.

My story started with a dream of my father. It continued with my friendship with Robert, and it ended with a healing experience with Dad in contemplation. All three experiences are ways the Master teaches us about God’s love.

All these experiences are reminders that the Inner Master’s words, “I am always with you,” are true. He offers us spiritual wisdom, expands our consciousness, and opens our hearts to divine love.

I’ve learned that we have to live life fully to truly experience God’s love. Yet the presence of the Master is always with us.

36 Responses to A Love Letter to Dad

  1. OGECHUKWU Eneh says:

    God’s Love is the only way to understanding ourselves and others.
    May the blessings be.

  2. Anna says:

    So beautiful and loving! The power of love opens so many doors. Thank you.

  3. Mary Hansen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your letter to your father.
    I have just finished my inner HU, and decided to look at the blog and read your letter. I was born and I live in the United States I took care of my mother for the last 10 years of her life here, there were so many ups and downs of caretaking and things I felt I could have done better. I have written a letter to the Mahanta over and over again inwardly but now after reading your letter I think I would like to write a letter to my mother much love to you thank you.

  4. Kate F says:

    What a beautiful heart-opening story I cried tears of love just reading it. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Jo Jo Carter says:

    Thanks for sharing this story and experiences of your relationship with your Dad. It helps me see and understand that I can find blessings in any of my relationship with others. Beautiful lessons!

  6. BAKWO MARC says:

    Thank you for this light

  7. Franca Udemezue Onwuzulike says:

    I was getting ready for my virtual Satsang Class but stopped to read this beautiful piece of love. Thank you so much for sharing. Through the help of the Master I have realized the importance of gratitude. Our Parents sacrificed so much for us more than we can ever imagine. Often we judge them and view them with discontent out of ignorance. We are in deed fortunate that we have the Mahanta who always chooses the best of experiences to open our hearts. Funny enough, today as I was making my bed ,thought of my Dad filled my consciousness (He translated 2006) . This wave of gratitude flooded my entire being as I remembered my father’s commitment to my education. Today is sure a day for love letters. First, love letter to Wah Z. Second, love letter to my father. May the blessings be.

  8. Bill Marcus says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story of how you came to be closer to your father, who
    had passed away!

  9. Mark Wolf says:

    Our parents really serve to open our spiritual eyes. I decided that I did not want to see my father go to his grave with me being bitter. I started to recount all the things he taught me and provided our family. Even though I had been traumatized by his harshness, I found lots to be grateful for and it had made me a much better person. I had left home at 18 years old but years later when dad retired, I returned and built a home for mom and dad. They had always rented a very convenient house from the government right next to the lab my father worked at as a scientist.
    We were able to mend a lot of fences and I was at peace when my parents eventually translated. Now at 70 years of age I am amazed at what he taught me and how those lessons opened the doors for me to start studying Eckankar when the time came.
    Thank you dad for all that you gave me!
    BEing HUman

  10. Connie Butscher says:

    My husbands family is German. He and his father immigrated to Canada after the war and waited 1 1/2 years before they had enough money to send for his mother and sister. Both he and his father taught me survival in the deepest sense. Both my husband Hans and I are long time members of ECKANKAR and have appreciated deeply all the spiritual lessons learned through the clarity of keeping our balance and the great love imparted with inner and outer survival. Thank you Hans and your dad Robert.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Love through time – “I got your letter. I heard you. Thank you.”
    I am deeply touched, what if I do the same …?
    Thank you for sharing

  12. Wolfgang Schlindwein says:

    My father died on cancer in the age of 56. We got along fine. I was much closer to my mother. She loved me dearly. I was there for here in a naturally way. It means I met here nearly daily. Her mother visited her in the dream state sometimes. They were talking. Mother died several years ago.
    Today I`m 64. My life would have been rather different together with my father. Over the years I became aware of his wisdom and his way of life. He was on duty in World War II as a young man and he was in captivity in France. Sometimes I image him and we are together. We are talking inwardly. Live continues in a natural, spiritual way. He was my father and I`m in ECK. An interesting combination. We learn from each other. It just goes on…

  13. Bertram Telemaque says:

    Thank you for your wonderful story. It reminds me of the resentment I still hold for my deceased father who I felt reneged on his paternal responsibilities in the early part of my childhood and those of my seven siblings. After considering some of the lessons which were meant to be learnt through Soul’s experiences in this reincarnation, I reflected on, not only the negative events, but also the positive contributions my father had made as well.
    Thank you Mahanta for initiating this moment of reflection which has propelled me along a path of forgiveness, love and gratitude, even though my father has translated more than forty years ago.
    May the Blessings Be.

  14. Colleen Thorne says:

    Thank you for sharing and reminding me about a similar situation with my step-Dad born in Germany then came to Africa and met Mum. He raised me as his own but he was not my Dad.
    In my mid-twenties, he once again helped me in a situation I had put myself in. When I saw Mum and hubby no reaction but when I saw my dear old step-Dad I broke down and said very similar words you wrote in your letter. What a powerful healing between us. When he passed I was not able to be there but by writing a letter with the Master’s help, I felt I was then allowing them to talk about was they were both heading towards. Thank you for reminding me of my journey. Blessing for all of us.

  15. Claude Dugas. says:

    What a powerful example of the ways we receive the Mahanta’s help in aspects that really matter for us.


  16. Uno Forsberg says:

    To my father
    I had also a great relation with my father who believed in Jesus and Christianity. Still he was interested in listen to me when I told him about my belief in ECKANKAR. I borrowed him books about ECKANKAR which he read. But he always told me that he believed in Jesus. But I am glad that he showed to me that he also could read some books about ECKANKAR that I gave to him. When my father many years later died in a hospital I came to him when he had died and I took a photo of him and the photo showed a light over his body. The photo showed that the light was my father’s soul that was a bit above his physical body. It is interesting that a camera could register that my father’s soul had left his physical body when he died.

  17. Modeline Occelus says:

    Merci d’avoir partagé ce message avec nous. C’est magnifique.

  18. Eva Kaiser says:

    what a lovely story, thank you for sharing. made me think of the ways I did not appreciate my parents while growing up. I had the chance to tell them I love them and received their love in return. such a gift. thank you and thank you to the Mahanta.

  19. Atulaegwu Nwoke says:

    Thanks for your inspiring story. Life teaches us in so many ways, and it may take a long time to learn the lessons, which of course you did with the help of the Mahanta. it is only important that we learn what Divine Spirit is trying to pass across to us.

  20. Justin says:

    What a beautiful authentic example of love in expression and between souls on 2 different platforms of existence. A truly blessed connection to find that healing. It brought tears of joy/understanding to my eyes. Thank you so much.

  21. Henriette Akpakpo says:

    L’Amour du Mahanta est toujours présent dans nos vies. Merci pour ces belles expériences qui montrent réellement
    que l’Âme est immortelle.

  22. Regina Kuliga says:

    Such an inspiring and awakening story. Thanks so much for sharing. It shows too, how universal and yet unique are our experiences. And too, that love comes in many forms, and once recognized only fills us with more Love. And also shows how the link withInner Master and that guidance is always opening the way.

  23. Marty says:

    The bond of Soul-Love, your experience is heartening, as a father I recognize the special connection.

  24. Virginia E Singleton says:

    I too have recognized the relief of understanding a mother who, in my case, had duel personalities. I had a lovely German immigrant father who tried, and often suceeded, to heal the wounds inflicted on my sister and me. Its so nice of you to help me remember this saga! Incidently, I had a visit from my dad a couple days later, and I asked him what he thought of his funeral. Since I had long left Ohio, I was amazed to find the room packed. He replied, “It was a good show!”

  25. charles says:

    These experiences are the ones that maintain me in Eckankar. They show me that the Mahanta have many ways to teach us about love and if one is ready, he can see God’s love at anytime and wherever he is.

  26. Miriam Olson says:

    Thank you for taking time to share this. It gave me more appreciation for the love my father showed me while growing up.

  27. Linda Walker says:

    How beautiful that you could come to a greater understanding of your father, even after he passed on from this physical life. What a lovely story of acceptance, love, and harmony with a loved one. There’s always time for healing. Thank you for sharing your heart opening story.

  28. koorosh says:

    Beautiful article about love, thank you ✨✨✨🦋✨✨✨

  29. Joe Homsey says:

    Beautiful. Such a meaningful story.

  30. Vianca Judith Cedeño Vega de Amat says:

    Hermoso gracias por comaprti la experiencia sobre todo en estos momentos. Gracias Mahanta por el amor , por la compasión , por todo, por las experiencias que uno cree que son malas y por las buena también. Es un aprendizaje eterno.

  31. Huseina says:

    Through the Master’s teachings, we all come to the realisation that LOVE is the only key that opens the door within. And the ONLY coin with which we can pay our way into the heavenly worlds.

    No wonder it heals regardless of how deep the pain, or how long it takes; as in your story above. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Amalisha HuEck says:

    Throughout reading your life experiences with your dad and your mom, I was overtaken how much similarities there is there with my life experiences. I would just reverse the roles with your dad being my mom.
    While you found connection and divine love with your dad a long time after his passing, which is fascinating
    (I did not think about the things like that being able to finally settle a long time after somebody’s transition), I found it also with my mom, but towards the end of her life.

    While still here on this earth plane, I had a chance to take care of her, hold her hand, brush her hair and we exchanged the love that was always somewhere there inside of her, even though she also did not care for me very much during the rest of her existence. She gave me life, but removed me from her life when I was about 6 months old. So, I never lived with her and an enormous need for her love was always there.
    She also had dementia. By that time she forgot a lot about past and what was the obstacle for us to get closer in previous years was not there anymore.
    I am extremely grateful for that karma to be resolved during this lifetime.

    I have not lived with my dad either, but I had some incredible moments with him when he would come to take me to spend a weekend with him. The love connection with my dad was pure, absolutely divine during our time together in physical bodies, yet strangely enough I was not by his side when he translated. I was in USA. There is a side to why I wasn’t there during the moments of his transition, which was one of the hardest things in this lifetime for me. I felt half of me died with his departure.

    Life truly is one huge lesson interwoven with multiple little ones. I loved the way you expressed yourself.
    May the Blessings Be.

  33. Cordelia UK says:

    When we love, truly love, there is no room for anger, hurt or resentment. Love is the healer. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story. It has prompted me to look into my own heart.

  34. Ann Marie Murphy says:

    Thank you for this heart-opening article! When I listen to the Mahanta, even in the smallest of nudges, I learn so much. I’m going to write my parents!

  35. Passion MATONDO says:

    Merci Mahanta pour la protection.

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