Our Key to a Happier Life

Looking for more happiness? One place to look is your dreams. 

While you sleep it is possible to work with the Dream Master, an inner aspect of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. 

The Dream Master and the techniques in the Spiritual Exercises of ECK assist you in discovering ever greater choices for happiness and spiritual growth. 

Dreams are a key to expanded awareness and happiness.


By Harold Klemp

The Dream Master will—if allowed—help you to find your next spiritual step, whether it’s a better job, a mate, or what have you.

If you understand dreams and how they work, you can use your dreams to take the next step in your own life.

An effective way is to use dreams together with the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. What is a Spiritual Exercise of ECK?

A very simple one is to sing HU. Do this at bedtime for five or ten minutes before you go to sleep. It spiritualizes your state of consciousness.

And when you shut your eyes, just forget about your intent to have any kind of special dream. Just fill your heart with love, and go to sleep. Do this continuously, night after night, and soon you will find your dreams take on a different meaning.

Those of you who haven’t dreamed before will find you will suddenly begin to remember your dreams. They provide a key for a happier, more spiritual life out here.

Excerpted from How the Inner Master Works, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 12.

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