The Secrets of Health and Harmony

By Harold Klemp

This story is about “Matthew” from Ghana, and how he learned the secrets of health and harmony.

For two days, Matthew had been bedridden with malaria, and he took medications to help him get through this. Then he tried a healing technique. He thought, Being an ECKist, I’m going to try something. So he envisioned, or imagined, some of the ECK Masters helping him heal the rest of the way.

ECK, guardian angel, Harold Klemp, Rebazar Tarzs, spiritual healingWhile he was doing this, a strange thing happened. Suddenly it wasn’t his imagination anymore. Three ECK MastersKata Daki, Rebazar Tarzs, and Lai Tsi—were there in person, and they began a healing process.

After this had gone on a little bit, Kata Daki, the female ECK Master, looked at the other two and asked, “Do you think he can be told the secrets of the healing process and longevity?”

Well, they went back and forth on it, talking it over, weighing the pros and cons: Was it a good idea to tell Matthew about some of these things that are generally not known? Finally they agreed. “Yes, we’ll tell him.” They started to explain.

This was the first lesson: Health is harmony. To maintain harmony, one must guard the three entrances—the mouth, the ears, and the eyes. The ECK Masters advised Matthew to check what entered the mouth and what came out of it. He was also to watch closely what his ears heard and how he processed this information. Finally, he was to observe carefully what his eyes saw and how that affected his emotions.

The Masters’ second lesson was about longevity. They said health is self-discipline. They said that the ECK Masters who’d been granted longevity, as these three have, worked at it all the time. They had to work at it to maintain harmony in their being.

And the way one maintained good health and stayed in harmony with the ECK, they said, was to continually practice the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, in one way or another. There are a number of different ways to practice them so that, in the end, you become the HU Itself.

Excerpted from The Master’s Talks in A Year of HU—2017–18.

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