Powerful Keys to Consciousness

This clip—and the transcript below—is from Harold Klemp’s talk “The Wonderful Ways of ECK” in 2005.


I’d like to mention here a few thoughts I’ve written about. One of the thoughts is: Every thought, word, or deed either purifies or pollutes the body. Now, this is very important, very powerful, because you’re dealing with states of consciousness.

At some point I got rid of all the negative songs I had in my collection. Even if there was only one negative song on a CD, I got rid of it. You have to understand, I listen to country music. And you know how country music is—they always throw in at least one tearjerker on a CD. So I cleared them all out; I gave them away. I figured they would be good for someone, because states of consciousness are different. And then I found myself listening more and more to classical music. But it doesn’t have to be classical music for you.

If, at some point, you find you need an edge for health or for peace of mind, look at what you’re putting out there, or what’s around you—what’s coming in. Look at whatever your form of music is, or your form of news—whatever ways you let the external world into your internal world.

Because what’s coming in is going to go back out there. And then it bounces like an echo; it comes back. It goes out there, and it comes back. And so it strengthens and eventually has a very strong influence on you. And this influence can be either beneficial or harmful. So the choice is yours.

Every thought, word, or deed either purifies or pollutes the body. It sounds like a simple statement, but it’s a powerful one.

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