A Spiritual Journey through Pain

By Joe, Pennsylvania

That had to be a plane, I thought. Nothing else could possibly be moving so fast. Alarmingly the force of the fast-moving object’s impact snapped off my driver’s seat. My car catapulted forward.

I was traveling at about sixty miles per hour on I-75 north of Atlanta, Georgia, and getting ready to exit. A couple minutes prior to impact I saw jets taking off from Dobbins Air Reserve Base. It wasn’t a plane that hit me, though, but an uninsured nineteen-year-old driving an unregistered vehicle. Later, witness reports put his speed at over a hundred miles per hour as he wove in and out of traffic.

The back end of my car moved to the right. The wheels on my Toyota Corolla seemed to grab the road surface as the car began to turn over. I knew how fast I was going. I knew the car would roll in a wild tumble. I absolutely knew that I could not and would not survive. It was without a doubt one of those entire-life-in-a-flash moments. There wasn’t time for any lengthy reminiscing. Read More


A Gentle Exercise before Sleep

Interested in letting go of what’s holding you back in your life? 

Singing HU on a regular basis increases your ability for meeting the waves of life. Members of Eckankar often sing a personal secret word (given during a spiritual initiation). Both attune Soul, the eternal spiritual being that we are, to a new level of consciousness.  

The Mahanta is a spiritual guide who teaches Soul Travel, a natural ability which allows travel inwardly, often to Temples of Golden Wisdom in other realms of existence.   Read More

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