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ECKANKAR, Prayer, Divine Spirit, Listetning, GodAbout the spiritual art in this blog

“The Light and Sound are the two aspects through which the ECK, or Holy Spirit, makes Itself known.”

—Harold Klemp, The Awakening Soul


Many ECK members around the world enjoy expressing their love for the Light and Sound of God through the creative arts. These include acting, dance, filmmaking, painting, photography, poetry, music, sculpture, theater, writing, and more.

Throughout this blog you will find inspiring spiritual art and videos. We would like to thank all the artists for their contributions to this blog. All artists have given permission to use their art. We ask that you honor their contributions by not printing or reproducing their works.

Artist Credits

Art and photography by Allen Anderson, Dale Antonson, Joann Ballinger, Mary Ann Baxter, Joe Bellows, Sheila Bontreger, Crary Brouhard, Abbie Burgess, Stan Burgess, Mary Carroll Moore, Ben Curry, David Everett, Art Galbraith, Ilona Goin, Claude Gruffy, Sabina Haas, Raoof Haghighi, Ann Hubert, William Huddleston, Marianne Kenyon, Connie Kroskin, Jason Levinson, Rebecca Lorio, Sarah Martini, Rita Maupin, Janet McClusky, Richard McDiarmid, Ann McGraw, Dermot McNamara, Becky Morris, Valerie Mortensen, April Munson, Karen Nevis, Rudolf Nuttgens, Ed Parkinson, Sandro Pasetto, Justine Pearson, Merrill Peterson, Francine Poulin, Bree Renz, Behnaz Rezaei, Christine Robinson, Steve Runfeldt, Steve Salek, Harold Scott-Emuakpor, Guy Stevens, Pedro Tami, Sze Anne Tang, Annie Towhill, John Villemonte, Kristy Walker, Ronald Wennekes, Suzanne White, Gillian Wilkens, Ali Winberry, and Shirley Cean Youngs.

With gratitude,

The ECKANKAR Blog Team


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