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HU is an ancient name for God. It has been used for thousands of years as a prayer, mantra, and sacred chant to attune oneself to the presence of God. Millions of people around the world have discovered and benefited from the gift of HU.

With this app you will be able to

  • LISTEN to thousands of people singing their love for God (twenty-minute audio recording)
  • WATCH an uplifting video about the HU and how to recognize miracles in your life
  • TRY one or more spiritual exercises
  • LEARN MORE about HU

Anyone can sing HU, regardless of age, background, or religion. It is a simple technique that can be used as part of your daily spiritual practice. It has the power to uplift you spiritually for inner peace, healing, and insight.

In many spiritual traditions, sound plays an important part in uplifting the individual. HU is a key to open your heart to God’s loving presence in your life. This simple prayer, singing HU, can change you. It can open your eyes to see clearly the miracles happening around you every day.

It is a gift to you, and for anyone looking to experience more divine love in life.

This app is available for Apple and Android devices. You are invited to share this article and the app with others.

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What others have experienced

“Listening to this sound and singing it really helps me clear out my mind chatter. It’s like a huge hug around me.”—Michael and Sherry

“This beautiful song opens me up to endless possibilities, and I count myself fortunate to have discovered it in this lifetime. HU, the most beautiful prayer.”—Timi

“Always a loving sound to hear and sing. The HU uplifts me, and I feel the balance to face each day, each hour, and each moment.”—Peter


110 Responses to HU — Experience the God Sound

  1. Alireza says:

    I was an unbelievable evil but HU changed me to forsake it and be a better soul, thank you Mahanta, thank you SAT NAM, thank you Eck masters.

  2. Pele (aka Paul) Sadler says:

    How soon will the Hu app be available for iPhones?
    Thank you and Blessings to All 🙂


    Le HU m’apaise tout simplement et me libère de mes peurs. Merci .Que les bénédictions soient!

  4. anil patel says:

    HU is a universal spiritual tool, a non-directed prayer song, a very sacred sound, sung like this; HUUUUUUUU). It is open-ended, and goes right through you and on into the universe. Regardless of your religion, it helps you re-align yourself with God’s love or Divine Spirit (the Holy Spirit). When sung with a loving heart, it vibrates all components that make up each of as a unique Soul, shaking loose the darkness and mud, the negative debris of living in the lower worlds that sticks to us as we go through our day with anger, lust, vanity, greed, and attachment. It purges our sacred space allowing the fresh, clean, pure atoms of the Light and Sound of God to enter, heal, uplift, and inspire. It leaves behind in its wake, peace, serenity, healing, wisdom, and the greatest attribute in creation, love. We exist as Soul, because of God’s love. Once you are filled with this unconditional love what can you do with it? Why not give it out in selfless service, give it to the world. You are the greatest human being the world has ever seen. You are unique and of tremendous value to the universe. Don’t allow anyone else to tell you otherwise. Remind yourself of your divine heritage as Soul by singing the HU, with a loving and open heart. Since you came here in this lifetime to learn how to give and receive this love, why settle for anything less. Sing the HU and live life as the greatest adventure as you have never lived it before!

  5. Felagha Tarimobowei says:

    HU is lovely.

  6. Chiadikaobi says:

    HU chants has really helped me in all circumstances. No matter the situations am facing, once I sing the HU, help must surely come immediately. HU song has surely gives me good health and progress in whatever am doing.

  7. Joe Homsey says:

    I have to say, I’ve always been an old school kind of guy. I never thought about downloading a HU app on my phone. Having said that, I’ve been starting my day by singing HU for decades. I’ve sung HU in times of joy. I’ve sung HU to both of my parents as they took their last breaths in their lives. I’ve sung HU in incredible personal, physical pain 15 years ago and agreed to donate my organs after being told by neurosurgeons that I would die from violent spinal cord damage and severe brain stem injury. But when I woke up this morning this invitation to download the HU app was the first thing that appeared on my cell phone screen, so I immediately downloaded it. I guess it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

  8. Roham says:

    HU means the eternal song of God for the created worlds. From my point of view, whispering HU means inviting heavenly elements to enter our earthly life. Although I have not been able to mention HU every day, every time I whisper it, it has brought me a lot of experience and a pleasant feeling of blessing and mercy. It is only through the constant repetition of this divine remembrance that we can culminate beyond ourselves and our sensuality, and finally regain our heavenly place near Sugmad. Thank you, dear Mahanta, and the infinite divine spirit.

  9. Anthonx Ugwoke says:

    I recently opened the HU song app on my Android phone and I wished I had it on my Android phone all this while, because the benefit of singing HU along on my Android phone is so wonderful, l cannot quantify the benefit of the experience I am having since then, it’s awesome!

  10. Nkoyo Bassey says:

    Hu uplifts, reforms, and guides. Singing Hu opens your heart to Love and to see things clearly. Singing Hu will help you to realized who you really are. Hu can help you resolved your Karma gradually, thereby helping you to grow spiritually. Hu has become a part of me that I can’t stay a day without singing this love song to God. Sing Hu always. May the blessings be

  11. Neil Redsell says:

    I have the HU ap on my cell phone and have listened to it many times. Also, numerous times I will HU along with it and find it very uplifting as I drive to my customers location. A most wonderful gift and thank you so very much for making this available. May the Blessings Be

  12. Dale R Cariveau says:

    One can only experience this precious gift! If fear or lack of interest stops you, then you are probably not ready for IT anyway!
    May the Blessings Be!

  13. Inès AGUESSY says:

    Je fais chaque jour l’expérience du HU. Cette prière m’apaise dans les moments difficiles. Que les bénédictions soient!

  14. Caitlin says:

    I have been experiencing chronic insomnia for about two years; that seems to be at its worst during the Winter, and when there is very little sunlight in Pennsylvania.
    I was very frustrated in my research, being unable to pinpoint a physical/biological cause in my particular situation, and solution. I’m not stressed, depressed, or anxious. I exercise 4-5 times a week, 60-90 minutes a session, and also have a solid yoga and meditation practice. Along with engaging in healthy whole food plant based diet for over a decade – and being surrounded by a completely loving and supportive friends and family unit; on paper, it seems like I should be sleeping like a baby. But I wasn’t.
    I stumbled upon this page yesterday, changing my search words to “insomnia spiritual,” and it brought me here, and the chant “HU.” I’m very familiar with chanting “Om,” in yoga practices, so I was more than open and ready to try. I was NOT prepared for IMMEDIATE RESULTS!!! I slept so soundly through the night, only waking up once. And when I did wake up, I internally began to chant “HU” in my head, and fell asleep easily again.
    On top of that, I not only feel well rested, I feel so happy and energetic. All past grogginess gone!!! I’m incorporating “HU” into my daily practice now. I can’t wait to see what other wonderful energies come my way.
    Thank you so much for being here. 🙏🏼❤️

  15. Jose Moises says:

    Hermosísimo sonido. muy gratificante saber que a través de él, uno se conecta directamente con Dios. Pueden las bendiciones ser para todos.

    • Ed Bird says:

      Translation is: Beautiful sound. very gratifying to know that through him, one connects directly with God. May the blessings be for everyone.

  16. ARULDOSS says:

    It looks like an ordinary sound of Primitive nature. It does not look like even a mantra. It is easy to ignore. But when you practice it with full of love in our heart, with a true feeling of being closer to God this sound does magic. It melts my heart and feeling of going somewhere beyond the mind, beyond my true self. Being like I am more than what I am, so lovely Sound. Thanks to this teaching and the Living ECK master to this wonderful gift.

  17. Eguonor Shokare says:

    HU: My guide and all. It helps me in all facet of my every day existence. What a blessing to have the HU on a platter of gold.

  18. Gbadegesin Ilupeju says:

    HU is an all purpose elixir that addresses all issues of life with spiritual understanding. Proof it to yourself by singing this beautiful, sacred and important name of God. May The Blessings Be.

  19. André Ngoie Kibambe says:

    Le Hu,c’est un son merveilleux qui a changé radicalement ma vie dans tous les sens du terme. Merci Mahanta pour cet cadeau précieux.

    • Ed Bird says:

      Translation: Hu is a wonderful sound that has radically changed my life in every sense of the word. Thank you Mahanta for this precious gift.
      If you install the translation application, you can simply select the text and then right click on the selection and the translation icon will appear. Click on the translation icon and it will immediately translate the selected text per the settings in the Google Translate program. This was done here on a Chromebook. Baraka Bashad

  20. Banji Akinrelere says:

    This is a good and cool way of making the HU available to the teeming Cyber-crowd, especially youths.

  21. Isaac Narh k Tetteh says:

    It open my eyes to see myself clearly things that are happening around day in day out.
    It makes me fill light and good.

  22. Tracy Teague says:

    I saw your symbol on a rock I kicked up plowing, I am very interested and excited about learning more about it. I love the Lord maybe I can help someone through him, and may he bless each and everyone of ya’ll. Thank you Tracy Teague

  23. Okpodu Emmanuel says:

    The sound connect the light between plant and man which make us accept Gods love in our lives.

  24. David Parker says:

    How cool is this!!!! So nice to just push a button and there is a rolling HU any time and any place!! I LOVE having this so handy. I remember in the old days having a cassette recorder in the car to listen to ECK tapes when driving. Now I have this wonderful HU to sing to whenever and where ever.

  25. Adday says:

    HU is the sacred name of God which I have found to be somewhat of a multi spiritual Soul vitamin… Very beneficial when used by singing gently and respectfully on a regular basis. It strengthens the union with Divine Spirit—the Holy Ghost (ECK).
    The HU App has been of tremendous value to me in enhancing the HU effect allowing me to stay in focus for at least 20 minutes of singing HU to myself serving as a background backup.
    Even when too tired to do a full exercise i listen to the HU on my phone using the app as I go to sleep for the night—aid in a peaceful nights rest.
    Thanks for this innovative application.

  26. Lucille says:

    I love this beautiful prayer to God, It is the start of each day, When times are hard I Chant HU for Inner calm and peace, When

    my life is running smooth, I still remember to chant HU because it is so much a part of me as Soul. I am so very greatful for HUUUUUU.


  27. Teresa says:

    Wonderful to use this app every day whatever the time. It is hard to find on the Apple App Store though using search terms such as HU or Eckankar as these don’t bring up the HU app.

  28. Rick Davis says:

    I internally chant HU in contemplation for a few minutes early in the day. It provides peace, and allows me to more readily connect and understand others — helping me meet all, right where they are. It provides perfection, and helps me maintain perspective and calm.

  29. David Igbinoba says:

    The HU has made me come to the realization that all is but a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.. Whether black or white.. Good or evil..all is but an expression of the Light and Sound so forgiveness and tolerance are the tent I have built for myself.

  30. Remi Adegoke says:

    HU makes life go round and meaningful. It brings wealth and happiness. I can’t do without singing this beautiful name of GOD which is greatest gift to mankind.

  31. Tamunopriye Agiobenebo says:

    The Master’s love is continually making the Journey of Soul much easier us. The Golden Teachings of ECK is brought to us at our doorsteps.
    I will remain grateful to the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

  32. Lovedales says:

    HU is a food for SOUL. In fact, I live and have my being in this beautiful love song to God.

  33. Chijioke Nwazuoke Ukwuoma says:

    I and my family can’t do without this beautiful but lovely sound of God, that make our lives enjoyable and meaningful!!! More of this is more great love to the the world.

  34. Kanzarina J Kalalo says:

    I chant HU every day for 20 minutes. I can’t live without it anymore. It is so much part of my life. If I have not chanted HU for a day, I will chant HU twice the next day. MTBB…

  35. Effiong Effiong Edem says:

    In fact HU always give me comfort and a stress free day whenever I sing this wonderful sound to begin my day. How I wish you make this pure sound of protection (HU) your daily companion. Sing HU it really help.

  36. Klaus says:

    What else can I do to get rid of my fears?

    • Jenny Staskey says:

      Hi Klaus, if you click on the Main ECKANKAR Site at the top, it will take you to ECKANKAR’s main website and from there you can find some great materials. There is a little book called “ECK Wisdom on Conquering Fear” that you might find useful. Also, under the tab “What is Eckankar”, you will (off to the right) a Free Books and Info area. There are some great resources for you to explore there as well. Best wishes to you.

  37. mary beth little says:

    I am so computer illiterate that even though I am on wifi I can’t figure out how to get this app on my apple phone. I am hoping Mahanta will give me some patience and guidance. I will say I love HU. I have only been saying it for 2 months and it has already brought such a sense of love and joy to my life. Thy will be done!!!

    • Jenny Staskey says:

      Hi, when you are in the App Store, you should be able to search for HU or Eckankar HU. Once you see it, you should be able to download it. You will need to click on the “Get” button or you will see a little cloud on the right with a down arrow in it. Click on that. Most likely your phone will ask you to put in your Appleid (password) . Hopefully that helps 🙂 It will start downloading after that.

  38. Samson Atotuoma says:

    The HU has remove fear & negativity from me & am now bold, courageous & optimistic

  39. De Palma says:

    Le HU à changé ma vie merci Mahanta pour ce beau cadeau


  40. alvin payne says:

    I will be joining this conducive path- ASAP. Thanks a million.

  41. Izah delsy says:

    Wow, I thank you Wah Z for given me HU the most beautiful prayer. So loving my HU song, thank you Mahanta. May the blessings be.

  42. NANCY HART says:

    Whao! this couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. recently i have been struggling with the discipline of doing my spiritual exercises at night, removing my attention from my problems while doing the exercise and keeping to the minimum suggested 20mins time frame. But with the HU app, i can now do my exercise with d group HU song on and close to my ears. It gives me the feeling that i am in community of fellow lovers of GOD, singing HU together. The harmony of the group HU song often gets my attention, so it stays less on the problems, and using the app helps me sing HU for the required time frame. THANK YOU Z, I LOVE YOU ALWAYS.

  43. Tabowei Isaac Newton says:

    This is great, its an easy way of doing Vahana.
    I love this Blog.

  44. Abigail Peter says:

    Yes, HU the wonderful name of God. I am always uplifting each time I sing the HU

  45. sunday udoukpong says:

    Most beautiful sound. Let us share it with the world.Thank you.

  46. Thangaduri Jevaraza says:

    I am blessed to have such a great Divine Power of Light and Sound “HU” which is always there to help me and lift me up from all the troubles which I go through in my daily life and the big hand which always lift me up from all the troubles I go through in my life. This give me a confidence to stay connected with the light and sound forever there is no end to it.
    Thank You to Sugmad, The ECK, The Inner Master and the Mahanta

  47. Stephen A. Brown says:

    It is a deeply satisfying experience to know that wherever we are the door of service opens to us in each moment to share the Light and Sound of God with the seeker. How can anyone truly express such depth of gratitude as exists within the HU and the ESC support of our ability to share it with those who seek its richness and the treasures of heaven within themselves? I thank the Most High each day that I have such a key to hand to the seeker to open the doors within his house of consciousness.

  48. Joseph Dada says:

    HU is my conforter. I sang HU to confort myself, it connect me with de Light and Sound of God. Thanks for greating dis HU App, it enable us express our gratitude to the Mahanta.

  49. Akosuabadu Adjei says:

    HU makes feel calm and rational when I am in deep trouble. It’s my only comfort in life! Thank u soon much Eck.

  50. H H ONAH says:

    I Love HU everytime and anywhere I stay. HU is my companion, in short, I know HU is in love with me. It is what make my life journey smooth and successful.

  51. Moses B. Nduekhe says:

    Great. This indeed is an amazing offer. ECKANKAR has actually moved into new frontiers of making the teachings available to seekers like never before. This is truly great. This exceptional offer is certainly going to bring The HU Song to a lot more waiting ears. ECKANKAR has become a world-wide Religion.

    Thanks to Harji.

    We all do know that one of the greatest gifts we could give to the world, is HU.

  52. Lucille says:

    Listening to this beautiful sound is so very relaxing. I lost my only child not long ago I could not sleep at night. My sister gave me a HU cd—I am very thankful to the have this cd. I can sleep very peaceful, I feel like I am on a cloud. I am very Greatful to all of you for all the love I feel when I listen to HU.

  53. shyam shendur says:

    Thanks with Love and Gratitude for the HU app, hoping for more apps like this.

  54. jean m says:

    The HU is the most beautiful prayer and Love Song to God. I have been singing The HU for many years and It has helped me many times.
    May the Blessing Be.

  55. Joe Salerno says:

    Although I do a spiritual exercise every day, I learned a long time ago that I can also sing HU to center myself, even silently, to help maintain my emotional balance in a stressful situation at any time.


    HU me réconforte pendant les moments difficiles,chantons seulement HU pour nous remplir nos cœurs d’amour.

  57. Anthony wisdom chukwudi says:

    Singing Hu makes me to be fearless

  58. Okome Mve evelyne says:

    HU c’est Toi c’est Moi l’essence même de toute vie.

  59. Jennifer Therese says:

    Thank you for this wonderful gift of love, I have passed this gift onto others who have been able to download easily onto their mobiles, the young ones love it and are passing this onto their friends who they know are interested in learning about this sacred spiritual tool. Well done to all who created this gift.

  60. djaho blaise says:

    I get Mahanta’s protection every time. One day at one actvity of Eck after I get one picture of my dogther, I see Mahanta’s rigth hand bihand her. What a miracle.

  61. Wellington Chima Wemedo says:

    I sing HU every morning to spiritualize myself. Singing HU can: expand your awareness; help you experience divine love; heal a broken heart; offer solace during times of grief; bring peace and calm. Anyone can sing HU irrespective of the person’s religion.

  62. Michael John Harbadin says:

    Beautiful! What a wonderful idea, brought to life by so many talented and loving Souls…many thanks, HU app team!!



  64. jennifer says:

    When I stumbled on the Hu-App I was really impressed, it’s good to see something this amazing made readily available to the world and it feels good to be a part of this wonderful path. Thank God I am an Eckist.

  65. Jasmine says:

    Hi there,
    Is there any written lyrics of the HU Song? I am Deaf, so unable to listen to any of the song. Came across Eckankar when I was given a book to read.

    • Steve says:


      The HU Song is just one word, Hu, pronounced like the name “Hugh” and sung drawn out over several seconds, as in “Huuuuuuuuuuuu…”

      If you download the app, you may be able to feel the HU song with your fingers on your phone. It sounds like humming.

      Hu is the vibration behind all sounds. It is the vibration of the ECK or Holy Spirit. So, you should be able to feel it.

    • Beverly Foster says:

      For me, HU is simply the sound that comes when I shape my lips in a circle and vocalize. I can feel it vibrate in my chest and my throat and my cheeks. It resonates throughout me, bringing me a feeling of peace. The only word is the ancient name for God.

  66. Barton S Woodside says:

    My oldest son, Scott, introduced me to the HU sound yesterday via the SKYPE Video App! Now, I wish to hear other variations for myself.
    Thank you, ALL.

  67. Arleen says:

    HU is a most beautiful sound for it aligns with Truth and Grace…

  68. Shayn Tuita - Australia says:

    Thank you for this most elegant and wonderful 21st Century Prayer…. Yes, I have found out it’s ancient, older than man, older than religion… and that it is a free gift to use whatever my religious, or any belief system I may have… and to have it portable in hand… “Beam me up”, wherever I may be…. Love within a touch of a button… to hear thousands of people chanting, and singing their love for the Divine is awe inspiring and heart opening. Thank you again with love… NB: When I am by myself…. I sing along with them to my heart’s desire!

  69. KWASI FREMPONG says:

    HU is all you need .

  70. R.Y.A. AKINYEMI. says:

    Thanks for this site. It further makes it easier for seekers to know more about the HU and much more!

  71. George Franceschini says:

    Thank you! The HU continues to be my oasis in times of need, and ever grateful for ITS gift of love to Soul and the world. A wonderful prayer anyone can use. Anytime. Anywhere. It can open the doors of divine love within for those who truly are looking for greater expressions of Gods love and their connection with IT.

  72. andre.m says:

    HU,C’est la réponse à tous les problèmes de la vie.
    les mots me manquent,en bref HU c’est la vie.

  73. david gardner says:

    The video is very loving. I also enjoy listening to the HU song. It is terrific.

  74. Ntomchukwu Ukachukwu says:

    ECKANKAR is really becoming a world wide religion. Many may not notice it but later many will remember how these wonderful openings gradually helped them connect to the Light and Sound of God. Thanks Zee.

  75. Mary Meyers says:

    What a gift is the HU! Thank you to the team who got it up and going as a mobile app–available to the world. –eternal student of Life and Love 🙂

  76. Farideh says:

    I HU every day, inwardly and outwardly, whenever I can, it heals me, it protects me, I remember the time I was taking care at night time of a very old man who was so rounded by goast and when I discovered that I started to chant hu like for hours, chanting HU helped me to protect my self against those goasts which had captured his body, because he was becoming very dangerous, and the Eck was also protecting the old man. So chant HU whenever you need help and protection, it will absolutely help you. May the Blessing Be

  77. joan says:

    Well HU is an amazing love song to all of us. I have learnt how to be my self with the help of the hu song

  78. Modeline Occelus says:

    HU is a graceful peace of love

  79. Roland Roger says:

    Super App, I can recommend to my facebook friends. Thanks a lot.

  80. Priye Iyalla-Amadi says:

    A very powerful sound indeed. What I love most about it is its calming effect.

  81. Gurcharan says:

    The most powerful sound in existence. A tool that gets you through really hard times. I do it every day in the name of the Sugmad.

  82. ola kuye says:

    HU collective of all prayers just in one word two letters H-U thank u all

  83. Kathlynn says:

    It’s wonderful to have access to this app. I can listen anywhere and share it with anyone.

  84. chizi michell says:

    The Mahanta’s love is forever flowing I tnk God I found ECK is this life time this has been my greatest joy….tnx for this gift of love the HU!

  85. Amelia Ledford says:

    So thrilled to have the inspirational sound of thousands singing their love to God with me wherever I go. Thank you all for making this happen. What a gift to the world?

  86. Joseph Tonlinson says:

    Thank you for the word and the HU. We are very blessed to have access to such wonder tools for spiritual growth. May the Blessings Be!!

  87. Paule says:

    HU is the key to open all hearts, mine first 😀 with so much gratitude!

  88. Clemsirues says:

    Hi, We are proud of ECKANKAR and these achievements. It’s actually a golden era of spirituality and the world is ready!

  89. Leon says:

    This is wonderful. Thank you to all who have helped to make this possible. Now we can whip out our phones and let people we meet listen to the beautiful Sound Current!

  90. Kwame Nyame says:

    Most beautiful sound. Thank you. Let us share it with the world.

  91. Linda Medley says:

    Chanting HU is the greatest gift anyone can experience. This word has been sung for thousands of years in many lands and will change your life.

  92. Audrey says:

    If words could only explain the freedom, liberation, courage, understanding, surrendering, and love the HU does for me. Amazing

  93. Robert Thomasson says:

    This is a GREAT app! What a wonderful idea to spread the love of the ECK!

  94. Tunde Olatunji says:

    HU is a remarkable Song of Love.
    Thanks so very much.

  95. Rebecca says:

    What a wonderful gift. Thank you

  96. MaryHelen Ferris says:

    How wonderful. I can share this with my family and friends today and at the holidays.
    Thank you so much
    I copied and pasted this announcement and shared it throughout my wee network via

  97. Pepper Martin says:

    One spiritual exercise I use is to join the chorus of Eckists Huing all over the world at that time.

    • Char says:

      Me too, Pepper – and also joining the HU in the inner worlds, all the way into the Heart of God! When we sing HU, we are joining in to the eternal and infinite Sound that creates and sustains all Life! We are doing it as aware instruments of God! HU is life-giving and life-sustaining to eternal Soul. So beautiful.

  98. Clement says:

    HU is God’s gift to you and me. Get this App! A special invite for all to the holy Alter of God.

  99. Titilayo says:

    A welcome development. We really are growing!

  100. Christiana Osagiede says:

    This is the greatest SOUND and SONG I have experience since I became an ECKIST

  101. Mightyman Aye Dikuro says:

    this is a fantastic innovation . It will open up successes for the ECK in the new generation

  102. Siva Kumar Ramasamy says:

    Feel very blessed to have such a HU App to stay always connected with light and sound. Thank you very much for the great efford. May the blessing be.

  103. Joseph I. Ozigbo says:

    A wecome development. Am happy to have additional Vahana tool.

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