The Last-time Dream

By Lynne, Crofty, United Kingdom

I met a lady about twenty-five years ago. She came to my salon of health and fitness. Three times a week, at 7:00 a.m. she would be there and doing an hour of Toning Table exercises. As it was too early for most, I would chat with her to keep her motivation up. And she told me all about her family. The result was that over the years we became firm friends. She was twenty years older than me. My mother had passed on. So it was a warm, almost friends-mother-daughter relationship.

Well, the past three years or so were hard for her. She had a fall and hurt her knee. But was insistent that Spirit would heal it. We all asked her to visit her doctor, but she had none of it. I did what I could, because now as friends I needed to cross the line of therapist. Not easy. Read More