Debbie’s Tiger Cat

This clip is from Harold Klemp’s 2014 talk “Doing Our Part.”



Dream Kitten

ECKANKAR, Dreams, KarmaBy Harold Klemp

A woman had a female cat for a pet.  They had lived together for eleven years, and there was a very strong bond of love between them.  Eventually the cat died, and the woman missed her very much.

About a year after her cat had died, the woman had a series of very clear dreams.  In one dream, someone told her, “Your cat is going to reincarnate on Monday, July 31.”

When the woman woke up, she said to herself, That dream was very nice.  But I live in an apartment in a big city now.  I don’t know how my cat is going to find me.

Then she had a second dream.  In this dream someone handed her two tiny kittens. Read More


Lessons from Chloe

By Alexander, Arizona

Animals are Soul and capable of being channels for the divine, often in powerful ways, just like humans.

A case in point is Chloe, a big, sixteen-year old Russian Blue cat, who translated last night. She came to us in Seattle, from a shelter, full of fears and anxieties that she never seemed able to shake. Her natural reaction was to find a dark, secure place to hide from life: an underwear drawer, a den in thick vegetation. She ate in excess and in a panic, and then vomited on the living room floor. Her spirit was troubled. I used to think that it was our mission to help her heal. But then realized that was merely vanity.

And yet, she had an enormous capacity to give love.

When my wife was going through a “dark night” that came after a job promotion turned out to be hollow, Chloe understood the situation. She came to her each day in bed and lay almost on top of her head and purred so loudly, that it was like the Sound Current—a rolling wave of love. This only stopped once the problem was resolved. Read More


A Little Black Kitten Heals a Broken Heart

ECKANKAR, Pets, Love, FreedomBy Harold Klemp

An elderly woman in England had a cat named Scrap that she had to have put to sleep.  This was a very great loss for her.  Our pets become our very close friends; when they leave there is a great emptiness in our lives, and we don’t know if we’ll get another pet.

During one of this woman’s empty days, she looked out her window into the garden and saw a little black kitten. Somehow it had jumped over the six-foot fence into the backyard.

“I don’t want to start feeding this kitten,” the woman said.  “It probably belongs to someone else, and it should go home.”

But she put food out because the kitten was very hungry. Read More

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